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Friday, 06/01/2012, 06:40 am

Editorial Spotlight: The 5 worst UFC fights in history | UFC NEWS

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has produced some of the most memorable bouts in the history of organized modern combat. Some of the most notable fighters in the world now reside on its roster, and inhabit the conversations of mainstream fight fans. The level of skill of even the worst fighter in the UFC is above the martial arts status quo for the most part. So how could this possibly end badly? How about when two fighters meet that have no chemistry, no killer instinct, and a burning desire not to lose – or the desire to just survive. Listed below are five of the most “must miss” fights in UFC history.

5. Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia UFC 112

Demian Maia walked in to his fight with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva with a gameplan. The problem was it seemed to the audience that he was hoping to bore him to death. From the opening bell it was apparent that Maia just wanted to survive. Sure he attempted some offense, but it appeared that Demian Maia had absolutely no confidence in his takedown abilities and it showed. The problem was that Anderson was just as annoyed with Maia’s performance as the crowd so not only did we get a boring MMA fight, but one of the worst two championship rounds in history.

In the fourth and fifth rounds it seemed the champion was okay with running around in circles and taunting Maia. It will go down as one of the least memorable bouts ever in the UFC. Silva won the fight, but the fans lost the $$$ they dropped on the pay per view.

4. Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie part 2 UFC 5

The only reason this isn’t number one on the list are the fighters involved and the relevance at the time it took place.

Ken Shamrock was one of the most respected and feared fighters in the early days of the UFC. Royce Gracie was basically the reason it existed. Both of these legendary fighters are widely known today, but their fight at UFC 5 was just as bad as they were good at the time.

From the time I started watching this fight to the end I felt uncomfortable. It was one guy holding the other guy in what seemed, to my young mind, as a position a woman was often seen doing in some of the videos I swiped from my college neighbor. Back then there were no judges, and I was left with the question of what the heck did I just watch.

It was over and we were all ready to go home when they announced there would be five more minutes of fighting. At least there was a chance that a finish could come in this overtime round? Wrong. The pair hugged like teenagers for five more minutes until it was announced a draw. It was a moral victory for Ken, but a loss for the fans who were forced to watch it.

3. Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes UFC 83

I cannot even imagine being in the stands for this one.

From the time the fight started to the end Kalib Starnes showed he had great cardio. I had never seen one fighter back pedal so much since David Loiseau ran from Rich Franklin. This fight showed a level of cowardice and fear of engagement that has yet to be duplicated. At one point Nate Quarry crossed his arms, palmed his face with one hand, and swung the other like a toddler’s hammer. He chased Starnes around the cage so much that he eventually stopped in his tracks and waited for Kalib to take advantage of the situation. Sadly that never happened and truthfully we wish this fight wouldn’t have happened either.

4. Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites UFC 97

Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt Thales Leites was the first person to go five rounds with Anderson Silva. Silva often looked bored and was visibly trying to goad his opponent. I honestly believe that the highlights of this fight were Bruce Buffer’s introductions of the two fighters.

After this fight Dana White publicly stated that he was embarassed by Silva’s performance, but still called him the best in the world. This fight was so bad that it would have been number one had it not been for the next and final stinker on this list.

5. Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn 2 AKA “The Dance” UFC 9

After finishing Dan Severn in their first bout at UFC 6 many thought this fight would see an explosive Severn return with a vengeance. Instead what we got was 20 minutes of circling.

What I want you to do is set your watches alarm to go off in 20 minutes and go back to what you are doing. When it goes off I want you to imagine two dudes staring at each other for that amount of time. Imagine typing the play by play for this fight. Circling, circling, circling, oh wait!…they look like they might…!….circling, circling, circling, and so on.

The fight ended with Dan Severn winning a split decision after about 30 minutes of whatever you would classify that as. Somewhere in the last 10 minutes they touched each other enough for a decision to be made, but the rest of it was awful.


35 Responses to “Editorial Spotlight: The 5 worst UFC fights in history | UFC NEWS”

  1. Chris says:

    Which one is number 1?

  2. Alex says:

    5,4,3,4,5 aha but I agree with the list

  3. You know what it is says:

    5 4 3 4 5 …dope

  4. Big TxCowboy says:

    you must be fucking joking about the Anderson vs Maia fight right?
    Anderson was the one running around like a bitch for 5 rounds.

    • Stephen Brown says:

      Thank You. At least someone saw this the same way.

    • Marc says:

      honestly, that fight should have never even happened. Maia was not even in the same league as Silva. Silva toyed with him, bating him to engage, but Maia was far too timid to do anything but try to survive. Not sure what fight you were watching.

      • Stephen says:

        Seriously, Dude. You can’t fault Maia in any way during that fight. He was pushing forward the whole time (even throwing hooks from his knees at one point). Get off Silva’s dick and watch the fight again. If you’re a champion you should finish the fight as quickly as possible.

        • Marc says:

          I actually think you are the one who should watch it again, he started pushing in the end of the fight (4th and 5th rounds). And i’m not blaming Maia, my statement was that he was not on the same level of Silva (and there is no way you can deny that), and that the fight should not have happened. I think that Silva tried to make a statement, but went about it totally the wrong way. I just think Maia had no place in that ring with Silva.

        • Marc is an IDIOT says:

          If Silva was so much better than Maia then the fight should have never went 5 rounds! If your daddy Silva was so great he would have finished Maia within the first two rounds, not make a mockery of the sport for 25 minutes. Watch the fight again, this time with your head out of Silvas ass, and you will see it was Silva that was running the whole fight.

    • Ben Clemons says:

      I agree… seems this writer is putting the blame on Damien when I thought it was an Anderson Silva debacle!!!!

      • Gerald says:

        really it was both. Silva came in to prevent his takedowns and Maia never used them. Silva wants a good fight and he knew Maia was afraid. besides who wants to watch a fight that ends in the first round every time.

    • Ryan says:

      While Maia was laying on his back hoping that Anderson would leap into his gaurd for some stupid reason.

    • Eric says:

      EXACTLY. I was wondering wtf this nut hugger stuff the author was trying to shovel us. I still dont understand why people respect Anderson and think Chael is disrespectful. Anderson is probly the most disrespectful fighter on the planet.

  5. david says:

    what about the houston alexander kimo slice fight? that was pure shit too haha

  6. DP713 says:

    I dont know I would rate Arlovski vs Silvia 3 the worst ever. I have never seen 2 fighters that close to each other and not throw a single punch.

    Its hard for me to call the old UFC fights bad or boring, its what was promoted. The guys that came in knew they had to find a way to play Gracie’s game and win because there was no way to make the fight a boxing match for long, and they rarely if ever stood anyone up from a stalemate. Severn was just as bad and was harder to control in my opinon. Guys like Keith Hackney, Marco Ruas and Don Frye were the first guys to make fights exciting.

  7. the original steve says:

    can you count?

  8. Stephen says:

    Who wrote this shit? On Maia v Silva: Maia came to fight and Anderson show-boated/ ran away the entire fight.

  9. Dan Hallberg says:

    I still haven’t forgiven Silva for that Maia fight, and the press conference afterwards where he pretended like he fought hard.

  10. brad t says:

    I agree, I thought #4, #5, #5, and #4 were pretty lame. lol

  11. Bigfan says:

    Anderson vs Maia was 80% Anderson’s fault.

  12. josh y says:

    Yeah aa timmy 3 was brutal. First time i ever fell asleep watching a fight

  13. Adam says:

    Figures Andersons on here twice… the maia fight was all his fault… can’t wait to see him get whooped again come july 7th

  14. Fedor says:

    Great writing. The numbers 2 and 1 don’t exist here. Outstanding.

  15. william says:

    Top 5 worst articles: BJPENN.COM
    1) All of them.

  16. Fuck You says:


    I think you meant Royce Gracie made the early UFC fights exciting?


  17. Hank says:

    How about Hughes vs Renzo? I still get pissed of when i think of how Renzo reached out for help to get up from Hughes. And got it… That match saw more gloves touching than actual strikes landed.

  18. Ben Clemons says:

    This writer is an idiot…..that’s all….thanx!

  19. Zach says:

    Lol best mma fighter in history has 2 on this list

  20. Mike Rios says:

    lol i got no degree for editing or anything like that but i think i can do better than these fools who “write/edit” these

  21. Nolan says:

    Kimbo vs Alexander is way worse than any of those

  22. Chris says:

    GSP vs Hardy. GSP vs Koscheck should be up there imo. I was live for GSP vs Hardy and almost feel asleep on multiple occasions. And I’m sure everybody would agree all of Fitch’s fights are strong candidates to make this list

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