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Monday, 03/11/2013, 11:13 am

Edgar thinks GSP’s grappling will determine the outcome against Diaz | UFC NEWS


The predictions for Saturday’s UFC 158’s welterweight championship fight between title-holder Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz are starting to rain in.

Unsurprisingly, Frankie Edgar, the former UFC lightweight champion and current flyweight contender, told “Showdown” Joe Ferraro of Sportsnet that Pierre’s advantage in the wrestling and takedown departments will be the difference maker in the much-anticipated showdown.

“I think they both come in with strong cardio, Georges is the superior athlete,” Edgar said. “I think Nick would want to try and pressure him on his feet as much as he can, try to avoid takedowns, but I think – Georges, no one does it better than him on taking people down and he’s got some of the best ground-and-pound too and you will see a lot of that utilized in this fight to get the win.”

It was also reported that Edgar and Pierre have trained together in the past and share a lot of the same coaches. “The Answer” is a known torch bearer for wrestling, a four-time national qualifier at Clarion University of Pennsylvania and an assistant coach at Rutgers University.

Pierre enters Saturday with a 23-7 record. The last time the decorated fighter lost was in August of 2007 to Matt Serra. The 29-year-old Diaz is 26-8 and is coming off his first loss in 12 fights when Carlos Condit defeated Diaz via unanimous decision in February of 2012.


22 Responses to “Edgar thinks GSP’s grappling will determine the outcome against Diaz | UFC NEWS”

  1. 23-7? says:

    St.Pierre is 23-2 not 23-7 unless I’m mistaken…

  2. lordluhs says:

    Flyweight contender?? You mean featherweight…

  3. YoMama says:

    I love how people equate muscle with athleticism. Trust me, GSP is NOT a better athlete than Diaz. Muscle guys look great, and maybe he can back flip, but put him in any other sport than a combat sport, and bye bye, Diaz wins hands down. Get it straight.

    • squid says:

      ur an idiot. gsp is faster and stronger than diaz hands down. and dont say because diaz swims and cycles because he does triathlons. generally when somebody is mentioned as athletic, it’s more to do with their speed, power, strength, explosiveness, etc., not their technical abilities or amount of sports they participate in.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I agree with you to a degree. In my opinion GSP is the best all around fighter in the UFC. The real GOAT. He has all those attributes you mention. That makes him the most effective. Have you ever see GSP dominated for 4.5 rounds then get a luck out win like Silva did with Sonnen? Has GSP even lost a round since Serra I? Where I disagree a bit, is that Diaz’ abilities to run triathlons is very impressive and very endurance athleticism. But endurance is a softer ability and doesn’t work well in a fight. If a fight could last 20 rounds and if Diaz didn’t get KO’d, then he would probably win every one. Diaz doesn’t have much chance to win. I guess he has a 10% chance of submitting him, but I doubt it. Look what GSP did to Condit and Diaz couldn’t figure how to beat him. Don’t have much hope for Diaz in this one.

        • squid says:

          i actually agree with everything you just said. i think gsp’s gonna dominate most likely by takedowns and GnP. props to diaz for his cardio and heart. you know diaz is gonna bring it every fight. However, my main point of contention was with YoMama’s statement that diaz is a better athlete than GSP

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Yah I hear you. I am 100% in agreement with you on that one.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Has GSP fought a guy with testosterone levels like Sonnen had and still choked him out?

      • Yomama says:

        You did nothing to argue my position. You never disproved or even addressed my comment. Like I said, any other sport than combat sport and Diaz wins. Are you trying to tell me Diaz will beat him at running? Are you telling me he will beat him at a sport like Basketball, Racquetball, swimming, triathlon….i could go on for days…the answer will always be NO! BTW the definition below is something you should check out as well.

        athleticism (uncountable)
        The state of being an athlete, or of taking part in athletic events.
        A show of athletic prowess.

        • YoMama says:

          I meant GSP wouldn’t beat Diaz in any those sports, not the other way around.

        • squid says:

          “generally when somebody is mentioned as athletic, it’s more to do with their speed, power, strength, explosiveness, etc., not their technical abilities or amount of sports they participate in.” “gsp is stronger and faster than diaz hands down” <– those are my exact words and that's why i'm saying gsp is a better athlete than diaz: because he's faster and stronger. how is that not addressing your argument? your argument: diaz is a better athlete than gsp because he's better at more sports. that's what ur trying to say, isn't it? obviously, we both have different definitions of what an athlete is, but are both right.

          ath·let·ic (th-ltk)
          1. Of or befitting athletics or athletes.
          2. Characterized by or involving physical activity or exertion; active: an athletic lifestyle; an athletic child.
          3. Physically strong and well-developed; muscular: an actor with an athletic build. See Synonyms at muscular.

          i say athleticism = speed, power, explosiveness, etc… you say it's more about the amount of sports one takes part in. fair enough, i think we can both agree to disagree. however, my question is, how do you know diaz is a better basketball and racquetball player than gsp is? you need to back that statement up and show me some proof before i believe that. and it better not be diaz saying,"i'm better than gsp at basketball and racquetball"

        • squid says:

          also, i agree that having large muscles does not necessarily translate into more athleticism. what i meant to say (and should’ve said) in my earlier post is that i believe athleticism encompasses many aspects of physicality, especially when dealing with movement/displacement. to me, it’s not just strength, power and speed. it’s also agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance, as well. i would say diaz takes the cake when it comes to coordination and endurance, but gsp isn’t that far behind in those categories. however, gsp definitely wins in the strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and balance departments. those are the reasons why i say gsp is a better athlete than diaz.

        • Yomama says:

          You think GSP is more flexible? lol

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    To be honest ill be going for Diaz but I think GSP will have another smothering win unless Diaz can pull a sub off his back as unliklely as it seems its possible. Gargoyle Wrestling as far as endurance/cardio being a “soft ability” you couldn’t be more wrong there, GSP used it to beat BJ Penn in the second meeting Penn was tagging GSP until St Pierre held him against the cage tiring him out then had his way with Penn. Overeem was beating Bigfoot until his cardio gave way and he was ko’d by what many call a lesser opponent if anything endurance/cardio is probably a wrestlers biggest advantage because its alot more tiring to have a guy in top position, trying to defend punches and subs from the bottom takes a lot more effort. And for your “true goat” if he is the best p4p why not take the Silva fight and don’t throw bones Jones into the conversation because you said GSP was the goat, some of the reasons given by St Pierre was that he can’t drop the extra pounds he would need against Silva but I thought he was the most athletic guy in MMA getting rid of a few pounds couldn’t be that hard for the sports best athlete surely, the night he beat Condit he was asked if he would fight Silva his response was that he wanted a couple of weeks to celebrate the win and relax he wanted time to talk to his team yet only about 2-3 days later he comes out and announces not only is he not taking the fight with Silva but he’s skipping the #1 contender in Hendricks and going for Diaz and the way they justify dodging Hendricks is by saying “Diaz is the most disrespectful person ever, deserves a beat down and GSP begged me for it blah blah blah” when it was probably more like “I can make more money off Diaz before Anderson serves me my own arse” because GSP did ask for a huge amount of money to fight Silva saying Anderson could really hurt him cutting short his career doesn’t sound like he’s too confident to me. In my opinion I think St Pierre is the most manipulative fighter in the ufc

  5. 123 says:

    nah, George St Pierre has fought every1 the ufc tells him to & has basically cleared out the welterweight division & if he went up a division like Anderson Silva has done a few times now.. he would probably stay there & clear out that division too.. Anderson Silva is the manipulative one, in my opinion hes calling George St Pierre out because every1 wants him to fight Jon Jones.

  6. Edgar says:

    You guys are horrible at writing articles. I’m normally not one to complain, but Edgar being the flyweight contender? GSP having 7 loses? There comes a point when the typos become gross misinformation. Seriously, how hard can it be to proofread what you’re typing? It’s a common thing to do that anyone who passed middle school should know how to do it. What a disappointment.

  7. Jay says:

    I imagine Gsps game plan to be a mix of Condit when he fought Diaz with late round take downs added and when Benson fought Nate. Hope Nick pulls it off tho.

    • squid says:

      i could not agree with you more on how the fight would go. but, how sick would it be if gsp actually engaged in an all-out brawl with diaz? lol. i know that’s highly unlikely because gsp is not stupid enough to take chances like that, but there’s always a chance… and one can only dream… here’s to nick pulling it off!

  8. car dee oh says:

    Massive Edgar fan purely for his heart, but GSP’s grappling is going to win him the fight like Edgars did against Aldo…

  9. Montano says:

    What!! 23-7. No one proof read this shit. GSP is 23-2.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    I agree with Jenkins,good input.

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