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Friday, 03/09/2012, 09:39 am

Edgar Not Opposed To Going Down To 145, But Jose Aldo Is A Big Problem

“I got nothin’ against 145 (pounds). Will I make it there one day? Probably. You know? That’s the truth. But, I just don’t wanna go out on these terms. I felt like the fight was too close for me to just be like, ‘Alright, I’m going down to 45,’ you know? You know, the reality is that when I first got into this, there was not 45, there was only 55. Actually, when I first started fighting, UFC didn’t even have 55. So, when 55 came, that’s where I fought. Then, I started doing well, and my record kinda speaks for itself. It is the plan, to eventually go down one day, just not now… Forty-five is a ways away. But, he’s (Aldo is) tough. Just because you go down a weight class doesn’t mean it gets any easier, especially when you’re fighting a guy like Jose Aldo. He’s got the power on these guys, but he’s got the speed also. He presents a lot of problems.”

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was recently on SPIKE TV’s MMA uncensored and he fielded questions from the panel on an eventual move to 145 pounds.

Often the undersized man in the cage, Edgar still has no interest in immediately dropping weight. First item on his list is to get his lightweight title back from Benson Henderson.

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41 Responses to “Edgar Not Opposed To Going Down To 145, But Jose Aldo Is A Big Problem”

  1. Wide Frame says:

    So now the truth comes out when he has his rematch.. Aldo is a beast . not to many fighters want any piece of that.

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    damn right, i think aldo would be the favorite in this superfight.

  3. 2 REAL says:

    Jose Aldo is a beast at 145. Edgar is smart not to just drop down to that weight class. I want him to rematch Benson again, and if he’s loses, then he should drop down a weight class.

  4. Jb says:

    Wow aldo is not that great. He’s gased out before and don’t get me wrong nasty but he hasn’t proven himself as a “beast” yet. Mark my words he won’t have that belt for long

    • kevin says:

      reallly not a beast yet who does he have to beat he has cleaned out a division and defended his belt 6 times

    • toneloc24 says:

      Surely u can’t be serious? He hasn’t proven himself a beast except he’s dominated every opponent they’ve thrown at him and finished a lot of them. Aldo is without a doubt a beast but I do think Frankie’s movement and point fighting style would give him problems but I would still favor aldo

    • Thom says:

      lmao aldo is the #1 beast out there

    • scooty puff sr says:

      you are dumb aduuh

    • bart says:

      Not that great? Hasnt proven himself as a beast? Wont hold the belt for long? WTF, are you serious? He has won like 8 straight fights as the champ in the wec and ufc. Nobody has even stunned or hurt him yet, he is another level above everyone he fights. He has already had the belt for a minute! He gased one time in his life and he was sick so, so what. look at all his other fights and tell me when he has got tired? Your like the 1% who thinks he isnt the shit

    • You must not Have read the article Where Anderson Silva claims if Aldo was in his weight class, silva would just straight up retire

  5. andy says:

    Seems like Frankie is in a predicament. Stay at 155 and get mauled again by Bendo or go down to 145 and most likely get mauled worse by Aldo? Seems like he went after what in his eyes will be the easier fight. Maybe he should go down 135 and have a capoeira dance off with Dominion “the dancinator” Cruz. Christ that would be boring…

  6. slacker says:

    Aldo is great in his own right. Frankie has the pace and quick head movement to take him out though. I see Edgar wearing him down by the 4th and 5th rounds of that one.

    • Xaninho says:

      Aldo won’t be aiming for his head right away. First he will bust up Frankie’s legs, that will take away his movement and his will to fight. Then Aldo will KO him.

      • true! says:

        Aldo’s Muay Thai is just sick… his leg kicks are just powerful having played soccer before… He would really present some serious problems for Edgar.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          aldos good but no need to bring his soccer skills into play, kenflo is a better soccer player than aldo.

  7. mean170 says:

    The only way i see FE not getting finished against Aldo is for him to run as much as possible. That speed advantage FE has over most 155 guys is going to disappear in a hurry against Aldo. Those kicks are coming no matter what. Once you get slowed by 4-8 leg kicks your movement is just not the same. I think Jose Aldo has a chance to pile up more UFC wins than Anderson Silva barring any major injuries.

  8. true mma says:

    Frankie knows not to fuck with aldo. Aldo has the best stand up, power, speed, take down defense

  9. Mel Kiper III says:


  10. Beaner says:

    If I trained MMA and got into the UFC I would fight Aldo. You can’t be a fighter and be scared to fight someone. They are human they can be beat remember that! Yeah Jose Aldo is good but he has his strengths and weaknesses like any fighter. Im def flexible enough to train BJJ and be able to hold rubber guard if I had enough training.

    Not saying id win but I sure would put up a hell of a fight. If possible id throw some combo punches to get him off guard and kick him directly in the knee and buckle it. He’s def going down if that occurs and he’s not gonna be able to stand on 2. But other then that he would more n likely beat my ass lol

    • Ronnnin says:

      Shut the fuck up twat, youre talking nonesense. Even if you born again you couldnt take mathafacking favela boy Jose Aldo. Havent you seen the scar in his face? he is scary as fuck, he would rape you and eat your family at the same time

  11. Lukas says:

    Aldo is good but not a beast the guy gassed out against Mark Hominick flaked against florian and beat mendes who is a joke IMO Edgar would beat Aldo if he ever went to 145

    • Xaninho says:

      Aldo wasn’t in the best shape against Hominick and did have trouble with his conditioning, but he still won. Florian wasn’t even a real fight, Aldo played with him. And Mendes was a contender with a 11-0 record before he fought Aldo.

      Aldo is a beast and he would murder Frankie Edgar, denying that is stupid.

  12. The_Gooch1 says:

    Why do idiots translates this as Edgar being afraid to move down and face Aldo? He’s just recognizing Aldo as a bad ass. And it won’t be that easy to take the belt from him.

    Do you guys remember when he first fought BJ Penn? Penn was seen as unstoppable when he was the champ. Did Edgar look afraid when he fought BJ? No, so why would he be afraid of Aldo?

  13. Scary says:

    This is stupid!! Aldo needs to jump up and fight at 155.

  14. hypehype says:

    jose would absolutley run frankies show, then finish him with ease. we saw what happens when frankie doesnt have a huge speed advantage on his oppenent with bendo. what do you thinks gonna happen when he fight jose who is FASTER and hits way harder. bigger too even at 145

  15. Junior says:

    If I was FrankieEdgar I would be thinking 135 Jose Aldo is nasty FrankieEdgar could beat cruz or Faber

  16. jonsey says:

    frankie has balls though look at all these pussies trying cut to 170 ot 185 and coming in over just cause they cant make it,,,then u git frankie who could probly fight at 135 if he really wanted to…he could cut 20 pounds im sure….if im frankie i try set a record to hold 3 belts…thta will never be done again 134 145 n 155…

  17. Tyler says:

    No homo, but I admit i’m on Aldo’s sack right now, he’s the shit…He’s a dynamic athlete…There’s different kinds of athletes stylistically…Like there’s GSP…which is obvious hows he’s physically gifted. Then there’s like Anderson Silva, he’s athletically gifted but in a totally different way…His movement/reflexes are crazy. I think what makes Jose dangerous is he is physically a mix between both. Not to mention the ridiculous technically sound muay thai and bjj. There’s just no f’n with him

    • Shawn says:

      I would have to agree with you to a certain degree. Hominick has proven that Aldo has trouble going the distance, especially against a wrestler. That’s why I think, if Edgar fought Aldo, it would be a good match up stylistically. A wrestler who can take a beating, can easily go five rounds, and has sound striking and good bjj. Against an excellent striker, who’s fast, strong and agile, with a very good ground game, but tires in later rounds in 5 round fights. But alas, Edgar is already beat before he can even face Aldo, cuz he’s admitted he’s scared. That’s the beginning of the end. When he loses to Bendo again, he has nothing left in 155. Only logical step would be to drop down to 145. And he already beat himself with that mentality against Aldo. Sad.

  18. Shawn says:

    Man, Edgar. Your disappointing more and more. Why?! First you whine about losing a fight you clearly lost. I would have rooted for you if you won. I was rooting for you. But you lost. Now your pretty telling everyone, you don’t want to go down to 145 because your afraid to face Aldo. Wow. Never thought I’d hear that coming from you. For shame.

  19. jc1 says:

    frankie is effective at 55 because of his speed advantage. at 45 he loses that advantage. on paper he’s screwed, but i’ve learned never to count the guy out.

  20. true mma says:

    Edgar is fucked, he can’t Ben, Aldo, Cruz nor benavidez. Even if he was to beat Ben do you really think he can beat Pettis? Hell no pettis would light his ass up. Aldo would smash him too. Aldo would leg kick him, then give him a knee to the face when Edgar tries his lame ass takedown point fighting. Sorry Frankie your window closed, you had a nice run.

  21. Karddiak says:

    The fight was to close???! Yeah right you couldn’t run any further!!!

  22. Chartmonster says:

    About time Frankie came to his senses, he must’ve watched the fight and saw Benson kick his asss!

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