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Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 01:54 pm

Edgar Not Moving To 145 | “I’m Saying It Loud, I Want My Rematch”

“I’m saying it, and I’m saying it loud: I want my rematch. I’m not going to have these antics or play these games. I’m telling you want I want. This is what I want. I think it’s fair. I think the fans want to see it. It was fight of the night. Listen, even if these guys want to see me get beat up, I do get beat up in a lot of my fights, even in the fights I win, so it’s win-win for everybody… I think the rematch makes sense on several levels. Not only can UFC be good guys, I think I earned it. Economically, they’ve been investing money in me. I’ve been at the helm of this weight class for two years now. I think it just makes sense for them and obviously for me. Let’s do it… I’m staying at 155. This is where I’m at right now. I still feel like I got a run left. I still want that title back… That [rematch] is what I want. I think it’s right. I think I earned it. I’m not trying to put down Ben or any other contender, but I think I earned my spot to deserve this rematch.”

Former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar took too Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” on to discuss what’s next, what he wants and why he thinks he deserves it.

It’s the rematch with Benson Henderson that’s on his mind and all the talks of moving divisions or fighting someone else don’t concern the former champ.

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135 Responses to “Edgar Not Moving To 145 | “I’m Saying It Loud, I Want My Rematch””

  1. lp says:

    I guess it makes sense, but won’t Franky be out for awhile due to injuries? If he is sidelined than put in Pettis first. If not go with the rematch.

    • aaxantonio says:

      franky lost and does not deserve a rematch, new contenders deserve a shot before he gets his rematch

      • Mike says:

        Give frankie his rematch! Nobody has ever thrown Bendo around like that guy ever, frankies half his size. Without that upkick frankie wouldve won u.d, i still think he won with it.

        • Joseph Jones says:

          You’re delusional if you think that upkick is the only reason Henderson won. He beat Edgar like a rented mule.

          After the fight Ben looked like he was going to a photo shoot and Edgar looked like a Mr. Potato Head From Hell.

          Darting in and out doesn’t mean s*** if the guy is walking through everything you throw at him. Catching kicks to the body AFTER they land isn’t all the great.

          A few takedowns that led to zero damaging blows and no submission attempts isn’t worth bragging about.

          He was thoroughly dominated. It ain’t a slap boxin’ contest, it’s MMA.

        • Casual Fan says:


        • lp says:

          Yes Bendo Won the fight but you have to look at it from a perspective of who else can challenge for the title now? I don’t believe Pettis should get the title shot yet. Frankie’s honestly the only guy i can think of as of now.

        • ben seen stars at least two times from zero damaging blows he must have weakest chin ay

  2. Popp24 says:

    I personally don’t want to see Frankie fight a 3rd rematch in a row. Let him beat a couple top tier guys and then perhaps he gets another shot.

  3. omgaghost says:

    I would be okay with a rematch, but not the fight I would want to see.

  4. Sweet game plan says:

    Let’s do this !!!! We need to get judges that understand that ( Chewbaca ). Benson doesn’t ever use lotion which makes him have alligator skin, and he nevers cuts.. Not even Pettis broke threw that dam skin and Pettis gave him some sick blows…

  5. Vassilis says:

    He doesn’t deserve a rematch because Ben clearly beat him but he should get one just so he beats him again. Not immediately though because there may be other guys who deserve a shot at the title.

  6. I don't remember my name says:

    I don’t know why he said it makes economical sense, it’s been proven that Frankie doesn’t sell ppvs, so why would the UFC risk Ben, who can sell PPVs, losing the belt to happy feet.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the rematch though, just to see Frankie get beat up again.

  7. Nick says:

    Ben clearly beat him. He was the aggressor had octagon control and out struck him and tried to finish the fight. Frankie doesn’t deserve the rematch. The only reason he had 2 immediate rematches were because the first BJ fight was really close and the Gray fight was a draw. It’s fair for him not to get a rematch because he got beat down. I would like to see Edgar/Pettis. But Ben would be sidelined for a while.

  8. Magoo says:

    Good stuff Frankie, don’t cow down to Dana’s “I think Frankie should drop to 145 bullshit” you got what it takes to get that title back at 55, hope they give you that chance.

  9. Xaninho says:

    A rematch is only appropriate when it’s a draw, a very close decision or a messed up decision. This wasn’t any of those, so I don’t think a rematch is in place here.

  10. Shawn says:

    He may have gotten beaten up and won his fights. But it was either close (his fight with Bendo wasn’t close), or he finished it. I like Edgar, I’ve liked him since he first started. I was even getting upset when he kept getting passed for a title shot, and all these “new comers” were getting it before him. But I watched the fight 3 times. And again, my views stay the same. If anything, I gave him a little more points, but he still lost in my count. Looking at the compubox numbers, how much he did or didn’t control the fight, his aggression level, the amount of damage he gave. I was watching what HE was doing (or not doing). And it all points down to that he lost that fight fair and square. And very decisively. I’m sorry to say Frankie, but someone came in there to fight, and to fight for a title. And it wasn’t you. Your performance, though admirable, wasn’t deserving of an immediate title shot.

  11. Jb says:

    You guys who say he doesn’t deserve a rematch are morons. Win or loose Edgar let Dana put him against Maynard twice. For everything Edgar has done give it to him. He looses oh well but he’s earned the rite to get it

  12. oli says:

    He clearly got beaten. An he knows aldo would destroy him so of course hes not going down.

  13. Jason says:

    Pettis vs Henderson and franky can fight the winner or Diaz miller for another shot at the tittle!

  14. Scotty says:

    Ben is just to big, to strong and better overall! If they have. Rematch I think Ben will just beat him even worse and won’t even be close! Cause Frankie hasn’t changed anything since his first fight against BJ and don’t see him changing it up.. I see Ben just getting better, changing it up and beating Frankie again! I would even put a large sum of money on it this time!

  15. t says:

    if u guys think ben clearyly won then why not give him the rematch he beat the best lightweight in history twice so why not there is no reason for benson to be scared and it will most likly be a good match

  16. Jason says:

    @T it’s a waste of time Edgar doesn’t deserve it. He lost and he needs to face it

  17. MMA MASTER says:

    For you guys that say Edgar is scared of Aldo are full of shit he ain’t scared. He deserves a rematch, he gave Maynard a rematch. I hope he gets it.

  18. Dave says:

    Give him the rematch and fuck the haters he belongs at 155 he looses one fight in 2 years and all you haters want hiim to drop to 145 well in that case Donald Cerrone should move to 145 fuck the haters.

  19. David says:

    he won because of his size and movement, he has no Chance with Jose Aldo and he know that! Benson will kill him this time 😀 if he get the rematch and i think he don’t deserve that!

  20. ramv says:

    Rematch, it’s less than what they owe him.

  21. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Give it to him! The man deserves it, and he does pretty damn well in rematches

  22. Praetorian says:

    I do not think u deserve a rematch! Your first fight with BJ Penn, u won by decision as to where you did nothing spectacular to have taken the belt from the real champ! You then won the 2nd fight by a land slide, but had you not stolen the belt there never would have been a 2nd fight. Then your first fight with Maynard, you won had a no contest because the judges knew Matnard had won, so since the UFC put time and $ on you, they had no other choice but to give you a no contest! Your a fake and phony champ!

    • K2 says:

      You’re a tard. Edgar/Maynard 2 was a draw. Edgar loosing the 1st round 8-10, then capturing 3 of the next 4 rounds. Damn you idiots need to know what you’re talking about if you’re gonna talk smack.

  23. David says:

    he think that he is on same level as BJ, NOW NOT 😀

  24. true mma says:

    Either way your fucked frankie, aldo, Ben and Cruz will kick your ass. Try out for the jersey shore.

  25. sweet game plan's mother says:

    i’m sure most people would rather see pettis vs benson than edgar vs benson. doesn’t make sense.

  26. true mma says:

    Sweet game plan needs to be banned from this web site. He makes to many fucking stupid comments. It’s probrably Edgar’s biggest man crush. The dude probrably masterbates to Edgar’s picture.

  27. MJ says:

    Frankie, from a fight fans perspective is everything that is wrong with the U.F.C., it was named The Ultimate FIGHTING championship, that was the orgin, FIGHTING. When they made wieght classes, wich I agree they needed to evolve they hastely threw together a scoring system that contradicts what they started out as. You now have guys like Frankie, whos entire goal is to make contact with their strikes to score points and gat takedowns to score points.Damage should score more than total strike counts, just like FIGHTING, takedowns with no ground n pound, no sub attempts, should score less than someone on their back like Pettis v Carpet layer (guida), who was throwen up mad sub attempts, while Guida stalled from the top, go back and watch BJ v GSP 1, my greatest point for this argument. Frankie is correct the UFC does have alot invested in him, because when he fights they have to stack the card to sell PPVs.If this fight took place in a bar would anyone say they thought Edgar won?Ultimate Fighting or Ultimate scoring, I prefer to watch fighting.

  28. Casual Fan says:

    I’m just sick of hearing “I thought I did enough to earn the win.” You were a champ… you shouldn’t have to just do “enough.” A champ puts his heart out there and shows his skills and the reason why he’s champ… I’m sorry to say this, but “enough” shouldn’t be the standards to win a fight.

  29. G says:

    I dislike Edgar because I hate decision fighters, but there’s a 100% chance he gets this rematch within one year, so hopefully (this time) Henderson will finish him. It would’ve been amazing if Henderson ended it when Edgar grabbed his kick the first or second time and did a jumping, spinning kick towards Edgar’s head,” but he missed.

  30. m says:

    I’m no Joe Silva….but this lineup makes a lot of sense for 2012 LW Division.

    Edgar v. Pettis (#1 Contender Match)
    Nate Diaz v. Jim Miller (#2 Contender Match)

    Maynard v. Guida (Comeback Match)
    Lauzon v. Guillard II (Save Face Match)

    Other Lightweights in the mix this year.
    Donald Cerrone. Edson Barboza. and El Cucuy – Tony Ferguson

    Really pulling for Nate Diaz to get a shot. He’s a finisher.

  31. jason says:


    • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

      He got outstruck by like 14 strikes, got more takedowns and escaped like 3 or 4 strong submissions. He definitely didn’t get his ass handed to him. He gets hit a lot, so he has a lot of scar tissue built up on his face just like Chael Sonnen. It doesn’t take much for him to cut or swell.

      • Jason says:

        scar tissue doesnt make you bruise easy dumb ass….he had 2 cuts and his eye was swollen becouse bendo when he landed landed to HURT HIM….edgar lands to score points with pitter patter, bendo looked like he went for a jog while frankie looked like a beat hooker….
        bendo won becouse his striking was more EFFECTIVE, the takes downs edgar got led to nothing except him almost getting finished 2 times, and bendo controlled the pace…edgar lost end of story, he DOESNT DESERVE A REMATCH

  32. true mma says:

    I’m impressed sweet game plan, you can type with Edgar’s nuts in your mouth. Multi-tasker

  33. lol ok sure says:

    I don’t want to see an rematch. To me it was obvious that Edgar got beat down and lost.

    I would rather see Henderson VS Pettis. I do not favor any of these three fighters any more than the other, personally– Henderson and Pettis is what I would rather see.

    I would like to see Edgar fight somebody for the next title shot after Pettis and Henderson fight.

    I would like to see Nate Diaz get a shot at the title if he can get past Edgar.

  34. John M says:

    I think Bendo won that fight but Frankie Edgar let me ask you a question….How does it feel to have your title stolen from you and you think you won the fight…Cough* Cough* BJ

  35. JJ says:

    I’m getting tired of watching Frankie fighting the same guy twice. Lets move this LW division along and give other talented fighters a chance at the belt. This division is stack with great talent. Frankie needs to learn how finish his opponents the first time around.

  36. slacker says:

    Yeah, he deserves it. Give him the re – match. He’s gonna win too.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I had Frankie winning at least the first two rounds. Bendo had the third, and the 4th and 5th were super close.

      • slacker says:

        Really eh? I had 2 and 4th as the most decisive for Henderson ’cause the upkick, then he came real close with that sub. in the 4th.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well the up kick in the 2nd was at the end of the round. Before the up kick Frankie had Bendo on the ground on the offensive.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, that’s true. That’s why I say it’s too bad about the upkick, because he would have been up 2 – 0 decisively and in great shape to put more pressure on Henderson. Henderson was having trouble with his speedy footwork and hands.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Yeah I know but Benson is a great fighter. I don’t think Pettis will beat him when the time comes.

        • al says:

          WON THE ROUND???
          just cause you have a guy down doesnt mean you win round. did you see ben after the fight?
          it looked like he was about to start a fight. edgar has nothing for ben at all….everyone knows he will loose worse if he is given a second shot.
          i think edgar vs petis or diaz would be better and send him down a division.

        • slacker says:

          No, they don’t. He will not lose worse. He will do better. And he will win.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          That would make sense if Frankie wasn’t running circles around Bendo in the 2nd round. He was the one who took Bendo down, did some GnP (weak GnP…. baby GnP) and eventually got head kicked.

  37. Abe says:

    I thought Frankie Edgar won I wanna see the rematch.

  38. Michael B says:

    Well Frankie definitely needs time to heal and both Henderson and Pettis came away clean, so why not have Bendo vs Showtime II and give Frankie the winner of Miller vs Diaz for #1 contender? That’s my two cents anyhow

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Pretty good idea, it’s just Frankie won’t settle for that. At the end of the day Dana has the final say so of who fights who. Frankie might get screwed on this one even though he gave multiple back to back rematches. He of all people deserves one and after this rubber match, no more unless they are earned or controversial.

    • Stevo the great says:


  39. slacker says:

    Yeah, that makes sense too. What is the injury report on Edgar? How many weeks off training?

  40. Mike says:

    Edgar is a beast. It went the distance, so he deserves a rematch. If he got KTFO or subbed, then he should have been forced to work his way back up. BUT, this is not the case.

  41. Michael says:

    How do people think that henderson isn’t a point fighter? Who has he finished in the UFC? No one. I also want to know how people don’t think it was a good close fight. That fight was close and it was good and I would love to see it again. I really can’t figure out who won just by watching it but saying clearly its henderson you’re wrong. It would have been clearly if ben ko, tko, submitted, or completely dominated which none of that happend. Does he deserve a rematch? Yes no doubt.

    • Smooth says:

      Who has the UFC LW Champion Benson Henderson finished in the UFC? No one. Who has he beaten DECISIVELY? Edgar. Guida. Miller. Bocek. Guida and Bocek are tough to finish. Edgar and Miller have never been finished by anyone. And although I don’t care for Miller at all, he is one of the best fighters in MMA ! Henderson beat him so badly; I enjoyed every single minute of that fight. So what he hasn’t finished a fighter in the UFC. That’s why the judges are present in the arena: to judge in case the fight goes the distance. Henderson is the champ until someone beats him. And so far, no one has been able to do it in the UFC. Deal.

  42. slacker says:

    Henderson got lucky. No upkick – he loses.

  43. dougie says:

    i think edson barbosa is the next anderson silva in this division. he makes pettis kick look like an average kick compared to his spinning wheel kick against a tough well rounded fighter like terry etim. Pettis will get owned by barbosa. who agrees? i think edgar deserves a rematch because he gave two rematches when he was champ. just let him get it. if benson can beat him once, he can do it again as the champion.

  44. Mike McMack says:

    Ben will beat Frankie again, this time it he’ll leave not doubt. Frankie does deserve a rematch but I think he should move down to 145 or even 135. At 135 nobody would be even close to in his league.

  45. Joe Mama says:

    go to the end of the line Frankie

  46. 808 says:

    You can expect a lot of Frankie Edgar resentment, seeing how this is BJ may have put his two losses against Edgar behind him but a majority of his fans have not.

    As for the fight, it was a blast. Both fighters brought it and my money was well spent. I saw it as a razor close decision and I’ll explain why. To get things started, I believe one good topic for debate is how things are scored, especially round 2. I had Frankie controlling for most of that round until that brutal upkick. So my question is, would a judge give it to a fighter who dominated for most of the round, or would the fighter with that one significant strike take it? I had whoever winning that round to be the winner.

    Second, there comes the debate regarding the damage. Now it doesn’t take a genius to see who looks more banged up, but cuts and swelling are not the tell-all damage meters. They’re usually the result of glancing blows, scar tissue, genetics, or even the gloves. Edgar remained consistent throughout the fight, so I can’t help but doubt the actual damage dealt. Hell, I began to doubt Henderson’s stopping power. The man weighs upwards of 180lbs and he couldn’t put away a tiny 155lber.

    Lastly, we have the five minute rounds. If you counted this fight as one long twenty-five minute round, Henderson takes it easy but that was not the case. Even though Henderson won his rounds decisively, there is no denying that some of those were Edgar’s. The UFC needs to take a lesson from other MMA circuits and adopt a new round/scoring system. Too much controversy, too much talking.

  47. Weezy says:

    Edgar needs to move down the fans are tired of seeing rematches with him. He clearly lost the fight and needs to stop thinking he won

  48. this kid earned his title i think he deserves at least a little respect and i dont even like the little cunt

  49. Chartmonster says:

    Too many damn good LWs out there to worrying about one lil Frankie Edgar.

  50. Chartmonster says:

    It was hilarious when FE’s team picked him up after the fight..everybody knew he got POUNDED!

  51. Karddiak says:

    I don’t want to see a rematch and surely I don’t want to hear the corner of Frankie saying:” Keep scoring,frankie,keep scoring”again. It should be keep fighting or go finish him you’re the champ!!!

    • Jesie says:

      100% you’re right sir! its annoying hearing from his cornerman to keep scoring! thats the game plan i dont want to see for a fights. thats why i still like Bj Penn he always come to finish fights win or lost.

  52. Patrick says:

    Two matches that should be excellent
    Diaz vs Miller
    and am looking forward to Stephens vs Cerrone both game fighters
    future possible matches
    Guida vs Maynard
    Ferguson vs Stout but more likely will be Barboza
    Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon
    The whole pettis/edgar debate is a toss
    option Pettis : Edgar should move to featherweight
    option Edgar: Pettis should get somebody like Maynard becuase he is the last contender and would test pettis and take him to deep waters.

  53. SallyDavis says:

    Enough with rematches for the Lightweight Championship. Give other people a chance. The division is too deep to have people constantly waiting to get a crack at the belt

  54. Jonas says:

    I truly hate all theese useless rematches. I think UFC really need to look themself in the mirror and see where they are heading when applying this. It such a waste of time for the whole division.

  55. nlovan says:

    i say give him the rematch, the first go around was competitive and entertaining, pettis still needs to beat a top contender IMO, give him maynard or i wish diaz was available i think him and showtime would be SICK!!! Cant forget about barboza either, the man is 4-0! this division is so stacked its rediculous, cant really go wrong matchmaking here, hella contenders out there…

  56. Thom says:

    Fe needs to fight Pettis and EARN his shot, he got dominated.

  57. Boring says:

    I think Edgar needs to take a rest, he has been in some very tough fights lately. As far as a rematch goes I don’t think it is necessary cos as a neutral, Edgar lost the fight. The reasons why he had to have rematches was the fact that he lost them fights especially the first 1 with BJ, but because there was no significant damage visible on him he was given the fight by the judges for looking busier. A bit like what Bruce Lee said in enter the dragon “The Art of fighting without Fighting”. LOL

  58. DLo says:

    I’m not an Edgar fan, but I say give him a rematch so that he and everyone else can see that Ben’s win wasn’t a fluke. Edgar doesn’t deserve a rematch, but he should get one. Edgar is not a finisher, nor does he even try to win a fight. He’s just mad because the judges in Japan didn’t fall for his antics like the previous judges. He’s crying over having to fight rematches, but those were well deserve rematches, but give him his rematch because if he manages to squeeze out enough points to fool more judges, he will not be able to be Pettis.

    I guess Dana knows that Edgar is more than capable of beating Ben and that would be the end of his two mega fights.

  59. Scary says:

    The first comment posted by m is dead on! Let’s do it.

  60. Nutter.Wiv.aBaseball Bat says:

    frankie won rounds 1,2 and 3 and 5,not on opinion but on how mma is scored! rematch please!

    • JAC says:

      Look at the fight Metrics Frankie didn’t just get out damaged he got out struck and in order for someone to gain points from getting a takedown they have to establish a dominate position on the ground and thats something that was rarely seen in that fight.

    • domP#1 says:

      Good Joke Edgar got destroyed, he didn’t win one round, he took henderson down a few but he was right back up. Just because edgar pitter patter punches people doesnt mean he should win in a fight, Hendersons face compared to Edgars… Even Ali was fast and powerful edgar is just fast, he lost and petis deserve the shot next. It wasn’t even close enough for an immediate rematch imo

  61. guamy says:

    that is very heavily an opinion.He didnt win any of those rounds if you ask me. i had it 4 rds. to 1 for ben. frankie does deserve a rematch since he granted bj and gray one. im not very excited to see a rematch nor was it that close of a competition, Ben wooped that ass and was never in any danger.

  62. guamy says:

    well maynard drew him in the 1st so he had to rematch that but he still gave BJ his rematch as it was a close call.

  63. Tapout a Warrior says:

    I do not wish to see another back to back fight featuring Frankie the Decision Edgar. No offense but when he is on the card I tend to be less enthusiastic about seeing it. I was more hyped about Bader vs Rampage, unfortunately Quinton showed up instead and ruined it for me. Huge Rampage fan but he has not been the same since the Griffin title loss. I hope he goes all in or bows out, no shame in either. Dude is a favorite of mine hate to since him struggling. Edgar I do not believe earned another shot make him fight Pettis for #1 contender. Miller vs Diaz should get a go to very soon also. both options sound good to me. Henderson vs Edgar 2 I have no interest in. My 2 coppers.

    • jonsey says:

      i agre with u fully…but i feel rampage has nt been the same since pride days when nh slamed…he had 2 shit fight with eastmen and dieing chuck which were poor fights really they were bith past fhere prime..then he fought ok against hendo and just got the win…rampage said i a interview that in pride they did not check for roids but he did not use them..i believe he did use them that was why he was ggreat at slams..he has not had really nice sllam since,,,and pride not checking yor blood musft be true cyz soon as fedor bro try fight anotherhe got baned with hep c…an edger i also am never exited his fights..only guy morre boring with same style is dominic cruz///edger should not get rematch all th rematch he had ggive were fights that he should have lost but stole the decision..benson clearly smashed frankie unless u a frankie dck rider faggot

  64. workhorse says:

    on how mma is scored? you’re right. you better go hand your mma scoring cards to the judges. frankie needs your help!!!

  65. MMAnalyst says:

    Glad he’s not flip-flopping between weights, but even if he fights a few top contenders first – they would’ve been title defenses anyhow – so he’s gonna fight the same dudes likely – no biggie. Rematch or not, he’d likely have to fight Diaz/Pettis/etc.

  66. GreenTeaBagger says:

    White’s got a point; how much damage can this kid take from bigger opponents? It would make more sense for him to be a bigger, stronger 145 and possibly dominate that weight class.

  67. kimok says:

    BJ got a rematch because Frankie didnt do shit in their first fight, and Grey got a rematch because the judges scored it a draw. No rematch deserved for this fight, look at Frankie’s face compared to ben’s……………no rematch needed. bye bye Frankie.

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