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Saturday, 08/18/2012, 10:15 am

Edgar Happy To Help Nate Diaz Prepare For Benson Henderson Title Fight | UFC NEWS

Having spent 50-minutes of cage-time with the current champion, former champ, Frankie Edgar, has voiced his commitment to the Gracie family on Sherdog Radio and offered up assistance to the man who is next-in-line, Nate Diaz.

Check out what Edgar had to say:

“If Nate would need my help or would ask for my help, I would love to help him out. We got some work in last time that was really good. If I could help him out, of course I would.

I just think that Nate comes forward so much, I don’t know how Ben will deal with that…Nate’s length. He’s got great, great jiu-jitsu. I feel the wrestling edge will probably go to Ben, but if you look at Nate’s last performances, he’s gotten so good everywhere. He fought Jim Miller, and Jim Miller couldn’t take him down. Jim Miller’s a pretty high-level wrestler too. I think Nate’s definitely a great match-up for Ben.”


29 Responses to “Edgar Happy To Help Nate Diaz Prepare For Benson Henderson Title Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. dothraki says:

    This sounds like Frankie wants to learn from the Diaz’s and Cesar. Get their inside tricks.

    I doubt they need help nor would accept it as FE is a possible future opponent.

    • @GetEducatedMMA says:

      i doubt edgar will be a future opponent, he’s more likely to drop to 145 now… im pretty sure he is for sure now. besides, i like nate alot more then ben, id love for nate to get all the help he can

    • TrigenicKin says:

      It’s not that, it’s just that Frankie and Nate both follow Gracie lineage. Nate even said he wanted Henderson to win because he didn’t want to fight Frankie out of respect for Ricardo and Renzo. But now, there’s no issue.

  2. Matt says:

    Oh was Frank going to teach Nate how to run and become a point fighter? They’re both punks

    • 757 says:

      Dude you are a dumb fuck. Trigenickin is correct. They both are Gracie fighters. Point fighter KNOCKED MAYNARD OUT prior to Henderson. Your boy and Maynard were twice as big as FE and couldn’t stop him. Look at the list of fighters he has beaten. You ignorant 15 year old dick head get off the site stupid ass until you know what your talking about…..BTW YOU ARE THE BIG CRUZ fan….the biggest point fighter ever. You ass

      • Bear says:

        Were you touched by a department store Santa Claus as a child? Because you think everyone is a kid and you have some obession with dicks and asses.

        • 757 says:

          ok bear roar fu

        • 757 says:

          Only big fat lazy guys are nicknamed bear. I know come back and tell me you would kick my ass bla bla bla…fact is you couldn’t run around the block if you had to.

        • Bear says:

          Ok I may be a big guy I played defensive back in college but trust me, my cardio is good Yet you seriously got some issues buddy. But you know I’m not into these pissing contests especially online with some cyber-wanna-be-badass you can say what you say but it means nothing

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

          1. Extreme Profanity will not be tolerated
          2. Vulgar, Sexual and Racist remarks will not be tolerated
          3. Fighter Bashing will not be tolerated

          3 simple rules to clean up this forum.

          Anyone in violation of these 3 simple rules will result in their post being removed and/or their IP being flagged/placed on a list for moderation (could take up to 2 hrs before your post is shown)

          Please do your part to help keep this forum/site clean and a place for positive,constructive,insightful,knowledgeable MMA discussion.

          Thank you

          BJPENN.COM Moderator

        • GRT 3000 says:

          that’s 90% of the posts in here.

    • Andersunsaliva says:

      Ben Henderson’s last 6 fights have been decided by points. Edgar has at least knocked out Maynard while defending the belt.

  3. Paul Harris says:

    Somebody get Edgar a waaambulance

    • GH says:

      Someone get you a fucking brain, a bag of jokes that aren’t a 15 years outdated, and some elementary level reading lessons. Nowhere in this article did Edgar complain, he simply said he’s be willing to offer assistance to Diaz if he called on him for it.

      Piss off, you and all the other dickheads who try to discredit Edgar as a “boring point fighter” yet rave over guys like Maynard and Henderson…between the three, guess who had the last finish? Edgar.

  4. LOL says:

    yeah make a decision fighter out of Nate…Cause that is what everybody wants to see.

  5. scouser says:

    hendersons gonna need a bigger boat :) nate will beat his ass badly :)

  6. 609 says:

    I highly doubt Nate will reach out to Edgar. Nate’s style works for him and I think he will use his usual gameplan against Ben. The Diaz brothers never go out and ask for help so I don’t see them starting now.

  7. Dee says:

    Sounds like bitterness. He can’t finish the guy, so he’ll pray for his downfall and do whatever he can to see the guy lose. It sounds like wining. Saying that, I do feel Nate will take it from Ben. Ben’s boxing is horrible. He may be able to get away with his Taekwondo and wrestling, but he has to improve on his hands. Jiu Jitsu wise, I think they’re both pretty even.

  8. Jordon says:

    Edgar is a good fighter. I hate when people say that “so and so is just a point fighter”. If you dont like how somebody fights, then stop them. If you are unable to, then shut your fucking mouth. Same with people hating on Fitch. Now, i hate him too because he is super boring… But it is ridiculous. If you dont like how he fights, then stop him. I mean, people love to talk, but the bottom line is he beats everybody he fights (nearly). I feel that if his style can negate the style of others, he deserves the win. Now, if somebody elses style is able to negate his, then they deserve to win. It’s very simple people.

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    damn, these quotes make Edgar sound so bitter… lmaooo whatever; i thought he lost all his first 3 fights with BJ, Gray and Ben.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He lost the first one to BJ, but I’d say he won the last one with Bendo. I’m a Bendo fan too, but I just can’t watch the fight and objectively say that he won. oh well, whatever.

      • Dick Diaz says:

        for sure, Bendo lost that last fight to Edgar. but I for one am glad he got robbed in a fight that was a bit close because now this division can finally move forward and be exciting again.

  10. Bendo says:

    Im gunna kick diaz ass

  11. Bjj BB says:

    Sorry edgar!! No1 wants to learn how to slap, tap and run. Or learn how to take a guy down and do nothing while down there then after losing a fight all u talk about is how u felt u got more take downs and thats how u won the fight! Nate is an animal and hits you to knock you out or when he takes u down or he gets taken down he’s trying to submit you, in other words he’s trying to end the fight so go2 145 with that bullshit edgar and tell dj pauly d to walk in on your next fight playing some fist pumping music to get the judges going and maybe, just maybe they will give you the nod on ur bullshit slap n taps and half ass take downs!!

    • 757 says:

      Wow slap and taps. Maynard has a glass chin then, and Henderson was knocked down in each fight against Edgar. Slap and taps. The average joe on this site wouldn’t be able to take those. Come on I watched Frankie when he first came up and he has been a good hard fighter always. I met the dude in person and he is a really cool guy and very respectful.The whole Jersey shore thing doesn’t belong either. He is a professional and a very tough competitor…..just as Gray Maynard or BJ Penn or Tyson Griffen or Ben Henderson who had him hurt in the second round and couldn’t finish him. What’s up with that?

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