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Monday, 08/06/2012, 06:29 am

Eddie Bravo's MTS 42; Featuring Renato Laranja and Joe Rogan

Eddie Bravo has been a jiu jitsu innovator, and making people laugh, for as long as he has been instructing. In his one of his most recent Mastering the System series episodes Joe Rogan and Renato Laranja get, well they get…close. Rogan also talks in depth about George St Pierre’s knee surgery and more. Bravo includes some serious jiu jitsu instruction in each episode so check it out.



8 Responses to “Eddie Bravo's MTS 42; Featuring Renato Laranja and Joe Rogan”

  1. the Natural says:

    Just goes too show u in hollywood anybody can be a black belt and teach juijitsu

  2. Alex says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP fucking keyboard warrior. Eddie Bravo is legit!

    • the Natural says:

      Can u name one thing he has done besides win one submission match all juiced up

      • bertram says:

        eddie wasnt juiced up lol. you dont know shit about the guy. what has he done? well hes opened like 60 schools world wide, is one of the best bjj practitioners around, is widely respected by anybody who isnt rickson gracie or his nutthuggers, and tons and tons of mma fighters beg to train with him because hes likely one of the top 2 or 3 no-gi grapplers. grow up, hater. just cause your life is fairly garbage doesnt mean you gotta hate on someone’s who isnt

  3. Lol haters! says:

    10th planet for one, if I can count correctly that’s one more thing u havent done

  4. Jb says:

    Listen fucktard, Bravo is a beast in bjj. Rogan is also nasty. So to come here and talk shit shows how little you know about the sport. Do you even know rogan was his first student? Before he had a place to train? How long rogan waited to become a black belt? No ? The stfu, or request a natch with either one so we can all see you choke on your own snot bubbles. God this site is getting bad

  5. wild card says:

    i just want to see if the natural can take a legg kick from rogan did he not see the vidoe of rogan and gsp kick ing the bag this guy is moran never really knew bravo was a movie star i thought he was in a band and to call him a juice monkey is retarded

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