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Saturday, 03/29/2014, 12:28 pm

Eddie Bravo on Gracie Match: If I Beat Him Twice, It Removes All Doubt

With the upcoming rematch between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3, the jiu-jitsu world has been buzzing and wondering how the two veterans of the sport are preparing for a rematch that has been 10 years in the making. Bravo spoke with Luke Thomas from to talk about facing Royler Gracie again after all these years.

“In my eyes, if I can beat him twice, that removes all doubt I got lucky the first time. As long as he doesn’t crush me and beat me really quick and I put on a good, valiant effort and I throw some heat on him; as long as it’s a good, entertaining match, in the long run it might not matter who wins or loses. I think them most important thing for jiu-jitsu is, this is an opportunity to take jiu-jitsu to the mainstream where it should’ve been a long time ago.

Yes, I want to win. Yes, I’ve trained like a madman. I’m stronger than ever, my cardio is better than ever. My jiu-jitsu is better than ever, thanks to Jean Jacques Machado. I want to win. I’m going out there to win, but the most import thing – for everybody, for the sake of jiu-jitsu – is we put on an exciting show, a show that people can’t stop talking about.”

Metamoris 3 takes places today at 4:00 PM PT.. Reserve your stream ticket here.



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