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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 08:50 am

Eddie Bravo Debuts Combat Jiu Jitsu – Full Fight Video

Forged through a partnership with 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo and the U of MMA, Combat Jiu Jitsu is best described as NO-GI Jiu Jitsu with strikes allowed on the ground. Working along side CAMO (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) and the CSAC (the California State Athletic Commission) this new sport held its first event on May 20th, 2012 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA. Watch the full fight here:


24 Responses to “Eddie Bravo Debuts Combat Jiu Jitsu – Full Fight Video”

  1. I really hope this catches on for us BJJ guys who really don’t want to do the full on MMA stuff. BJJ is completely different once you start getting hit, game plans change instantly. I honestly don’t see how anyone could hate on this. I would sign up for a fight in a heartbeat if this comes to the Bay Area (CA).

  2. DMAC says:

    So because pure jiu jitsu guys don’t want to learn stand up Eddie created a outlet for them, I can dig it! Powerful Eddie Bravo.

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Great way for pure grapplers to slowly transistion their way into full on MMA. I think Bravo’s got a winner with this.

  4. nEWVArO says:

    Plus marijuana use is encouraged in combat JJ

  5. jbeamazing says:

    maybe palhares could get a combat win

  6. Hendo says:

    whats the song at 11:30

  7. B-rad says:


  8. Scott says:

    I like the concept but I still prefer regular MMA.

    • DTaylor says:

      For sure, but it could lead those stubborn jits guys to MMA. I know I’d give it a try if it shows up here in Oregon.

      • Why do we have to be stubborn? Maybe SOME of us just like the idea without having to transition to MMA. In tournaments I’ve always thought “what if i could hit this guy” (on the ground) so i think its an amazing idea. I guess i shouldn’t expect people who have never done BJJ to understand.

    • DTaylor says:

      For sure, but it could lead those stubborn jits guys to MMA. I know I’d give it a try if it shows up here in Oregon.I think wrestlers getting into it would dominate though, just like they did in MMA (like Tito). Great takedowns, GnP… Definitely for wrestlers.

  9. Runem says:

    This is horrible, its like traditional UFC lay n pray. You guys need to get Brovos cock out ya mouth, i know you admire the guy but he can say just about anything and you would agree with him. If he comes out and says “ok here’s a new sport, you have to bring your girlfriend to me and i will fuck her, then thats it, its over”. You would have geeks saying its a great idea too

  10. MMACRAVER says:

    I liked it, strikes on the ground will let them open up more submissions.

  11. lex walker says:

    It would b was up if they had cjj tournaments by belt level

  12. kade says:

    @runem stfu prolly some geek sitting at your comp jacking to youporn commenting on forums wishing you had guts and skills to compete this is great idea by Eddie learning jits to transistion into full MMA I would love to do this come to imboden Arkansas bravo lmao or jonesboro ar bring rudem with you ill wreck em

    • Runem says:

      kiss my ass bitch, if u want to do mma, just do mma. This is just mma without striking on the feet, its nothing revolutionary…..whats next? some guy invents kickboxing where u just stay on your feet and are in a cage? call it combat striking

  13. OKWTEV says:

    I think this could be a huge advantage as a training tool. It could really help the JJ/BJJ guys get comfortable with stand up. What I mean is they can not worry about being taken down and GnP. They will have a great defense and strategy for that already and they can stand and bang as they wish. Could be a great training tool with these matches but we will see.

  14. Nolan says:

    listen guys, when looking down on it from UFC yeah it can seem like a step down and dumb. But look up at it from traditional jiu jitsu. It’s a step in a good direction

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