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Eddie Alvarez Losing His Cool Over UFC / Bellator Negotations | MMA NEWS

If you haven’t been following along, top free agent, Eddie Alvarez is in contract limbo waiting to make the move to the UFC.

The Bellator organization is doing what they can to halt that move.

Little is known about what is going on behind the scenes, but reports have been that Bellator matched a UFC bid which could keep the lightweight star under the promotional banner he wants to leave.

Here is what Eddie recently stated via his official twitter account.


17 Responses to “Eddie Alvarez Losing His Cool Over UFC / Bellator Negotations | MMA NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    why the FUCK would you want to be in Bellator?

    • Axeholes says:

      The ONLY reason Eddie would choose to stay in Bellator at all is to get the belt back from Micheal Chandler, BUT that’s just about it.

      As far as “matching” UFC contracts, Bellator better “exceed” UFC contracts if they hope to keep Eddie Alvarez.

      I wanna see Eddie enter the UFC while he’s young, and the competition in the UFC is fierce. Some many better fighters and fights at his weight class if he’d fight under the UFC banner.

      • David M says:

        It’s not up to him he has a shitty contract with Bellator that gives them the right to match any contract offers so that they can keep their franchise star. Everyone asking why he doesn’t want to be in the UFC, should know that of course he does Bellator is posturing to keep him.

    • Jackson says:

      If you READ his tweets you would know he does not WANT to be in Bellator, he wants to go to the UFC but Bellator has the right to MATCH any contract and if they do Eddie has to stay with Bellator. The only way for him to be in the UFC is if Bellator just lets him go (which they clearly wont) or UFC ups the offer to the point Bellator can’t match it! Thats his only way out….!

      • Will says:

        So if Bellator offers more he can’t go to the UFC for less or even the same pay?

        How is this legal? And who would EVER sign a deal like this?

        • Miles says:

          It’s not an unusual clause, and the person who would sign it is the person who wants to fight for a living. Nearly all fight promotions riddle their contracts with clauses like this, i.e. fine print that benefits the promoter at the fighter’s expense. (UFC contracts are frequently referred to in the business as “slave contracts,” because they suck so bad…one example is the “you can be cut at any time for no reason with no appeal” clause, and another is the “we own the rights to your likeness when you sign with us” clause, which means that the UFC can sell your likeness in a video game or on a T-shirt and make millions off of it and not pay you a cent. On and on.)

        • Jackson says:

          The majority of fighters sign it.. only way they get around that is if they have substantial star power when entering the deal. That gives them more leverage to negotiate on the terms…

  2. mmascrapahz says:

    i think alvarez shuld stay at bellator lol i myself like alvarez but every fight i see him in..he tends to get dropped alot..and in the ufc alvarez may not be so lucky cuz the ufc lightweight class is stacked with stonger and better fighters that will most likely finish alvarez if he gets for example cerrone,pettis,benson,lauzon,aldo (if he gets past edgar) can finish alvarez…

  3. Time To Wrestle says:

    Alvarez should stay at Bellator. He has hard time with those guys there. The top 5 at UFC would kill him. Can you imagine what Edgar would do to him. DOA.

  4. RaJah says:

    Doesn’t Eddie have the ultimate decision on who he’s fighting for?

  5. Jacare says:

    no he did’nt

  6. Drew says:

    Dude is not even top 5. I bet ya guida could beat him

  7. Jason says:

    Actually it is smart for fighters in lower promotions to have that matching clause in their contracts why?.. Because a fighter like Eddie is known to be in the top 155 lbs he demolished everyone who stood in his way in bellator and that gave him more recognition by the UFC. So now his contract is up and the UFC wants him.. instead of him going to the UFC and getting paid peanuts the UFC actually has to compete and bid for his services making him a higher paid fighter.. Good for him.

  8. Sasquatch says:

    Come on Dana buck up and through some more $$ on the table!… we’ve got to see Eddie in the big show!

    • dogfart says:

      theyll match anything ufc offer him
      worst thing with Bellators contracts is that they are locked for up to 2years after contract expires so they cannot join an org for 2 years after leaving bellator unless bellator have 1st refusal and signing you back.
      Dana smashed rebney about it a few months ago as its potentially what was gonna happen with Lombard but ufc out bid them for silly money

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