Tuesday, 08/06/2013, 12:16 pm

Eddie Alvarez Camp Hoping To Reach Settlement In Bellator Lawsuit

Eddie Alvarez was on the verge of fighting for The Ultimate Fighting Championship following the expiration of his Bellator contract.

When the UFC’s offer was matched word for word by the Bellator promotion all hell broke loose and he’s been forced on the sidelines to endure a legal battle ever since.

Now the two parties are apparently close to reaching a settlement.

MMAFighting got the scoop:

“We’re not there yet but hoping we can come together [on a settlement],” Robinson said.

Robinson wouldn’t discuss whether there was a chance Alvarez could fight on Bellator’s Nov. 2 pay-per-view, headlined by Tito Ortiz vs. Quinton Jackson. He also wouldn’t specify whether he was hoping the settlement would be a new Bellator deal or allowing Alvarez to sign with UFC.


6 Responses to “Eddie Alvarez Camp Hoping To Reach Settlement In Bellator Lawsuit”

  1. Where's my TRT? says:

    I want to see Alvarez in the UFC. It’s the only promotion he hasn’t been in and his level of fighting would be a nice shake in the lightweight division

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I hope Alvarez sues the crap outta Bellator for fukcing him financially. That guy would have been a millionaire if he had fought in the UFC in April. THAT is what Bellator cost him. A sharp lawyer can easily see that Bellator can’t create the PPV numbers UFC does. Who is going to buy a PPV for Rampage vs Tito??? Two has been’s. SUE them Eddie!!

  3. Kenny Powers says:

    I think no doubt the settlement will let him go to the ufc. It only makes sense. Why would he fight for them and why would they want him to fight for them after all this shit. Just let him go and go your seperate ways. Putting a fighter in his prime through all this shit is criminal. Bellator knows they will always be the minor leagues and are trying to hold on to every fighter they can

  4. Chuck says:

    The UFC did it to Randy Coture. He wanted out of the UFC to go fight Fador. They wouldn’t let him. Had him tied up for a whole year! Knowing damn well his days were numbered as a fighter. So Bellator is only doing what any other business would do.

  5. Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (roid cheat) says:

    Bjorn is and always has been a sleazebag going all the way back to his days when he was run out of boxing for FIXING fights.

    once a sleazebag always a sleazebag

    Bjorn promised Eddie he wouldn’t get in the way of his dream to fight in the UFC

    Never believe a con man/fight fixing piece of shit like Bjorn

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