Saturday, 08/24/2013, 01:11 pm

Eddie Alvarez Asks The Media To Step Speculating On His Bellator Contract And Settlement

Recently there has been speculation in the media regarding my settlement with Bellator. The settlement is involved and complicated and contains many contingencies,

The terms of the settlement are confidential and neither I, nor my representatives, are going to release these terms to anyone. The speculations, which have been printed, are just that, speculations, and could not possibly be completely accurate as the settlement is over forty (40) pages long.

I would suggest that these speculations are helping no one, and respectfully request that they cease immediately. All I want to do is fight.

In an exclusive statement coming out of, Eddie Alvarez squashes the previously reported rumors about his two-fight settlement deal with the Bellator Fighting Championship.


5 Responses to “Eddie Alvarez Asks The Media To Step Speculating On His Bellator Contract And Settlement”

  1. jdog says:

    OMG, get it right!!! STOP NOT STEP

    BJ, if you are out there get some quality editors or at least make it mandatory that before ANY article gets published two of your writers have read it, one being the original writer and another one to check his work. It makes your website look bad bro…

  2. mike says:

    I doubt there are two editors working on this web sight. What do you think this is, the Maui News? The Big Island Chronicle, the Honolulu Advertiser? I’ll bet BJ Pays one guy 1500 per month to run this websight. Thoughts?

  3. Drew says:

    This dude and bellator are irrelevant all around. Dude isnt even top 5 .

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