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Wednesday, 01/30/2013, 11:39 am

Ed Soares: Silva vs. Weidman Should Take Place In Brazil | UFC NEWS

“Anderson has never refused a fight. If you ask him to face the devil, he will take it. Why did he refuse Weidman? He simply thinks he is still not someone to fight for the belt.

“I have nothing against Chris; I think he’s a great person. But if you ask people, no one knows who he is. They’ll have to spend a lot of money promoting this fight. Anderson has more title defenses than he has professional fights.”

“Anderson has told me he really wants to fight in Brazil again. Weidman himself once told me he would be interested in the fight here. So I think that’s what should happen.”

– Manager of Anderson Silva, Ed Soares via the Brazilian Media.


13 Responses to “Ed Soares: Silva vs. Weidman Should Take Place In Brazil | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kenny powers says:

    Just make the damn fight already so Anderson can smash this fool and spider haters can jump on Luke Rockholds bandwagon

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Quit pulling the “nobody knows Weidman card” Ed, that’s BS!

    • Nick says:

      it’s true.. most people don’t. Of course real fans do, but the masses only know the big names, not Chris Weidman. I really don’t think it’s that deserving.. he just whooped Munoz’s ass and Bisping lost so there’s no one else. I say the winner of weidman/phillipou gets it

      Also Ed said Anderson never refused a fight right before he said why he refused the fight.. doesn’t make much sense

      • Sasquatch says:

        The more these guys talk about how no one knows who Chris Weidman is, the more likely people will begin to learn who Weidman is… read that in an article on another MMA site and couldn’t agree more!

    • hellaskinnyskin says:

      Spider Only has a few fights left in the UFC he said it once in an interview he just want BIG NAME fight Weidman is not a big name so he doesn’t wanna fight him if you cant comprehend that then your either really stupid or you just dont keep track of MMA

  3. Brend0magic says:

    “He’s never refused a fight……Why did he refuse the fight?” Implying he did in fact refuse the weidman fight…..Wack ass Ed Soares sucks.

    • silverfox says:

      didnt know that a fighter calling out another fighter made it a “fight” there was never an offer from UFC for him to fight weidman, Silva is in a position to choose money fights, and there isnt a single(fighter, person) or hypocrite out there that wouldnt do the same thing if they were in his shoe’s

  4. Charticus says:

    Weidman not deserving is bullfknshitt..dude is a badass w ko power. Yea let’s do it in brazil..who gives a shitt, just do it! Weidman FTW

  5. Piston Honda says:

    Ed Soares, the Don King of Brazillian MMA.

  6. Chuck says:

    I heard Anderson doesn’t want to fight Chris then wants to fight Chris in Brazil. Anderson want’s his way either way it goes. Here’s the scoop. He doesn’t want to fight Chris because he knows Chris will easily take him down and win by submission or ground and pound. Chris is the real deal and will beat Anderson Silva.Don’t be a pussy Anderson. You fought Stephon Bonner who had NO CHANCE of beating.Get of your high hourse and give this guy his shot!

    • Nick says:

      Silva’s in the matrix bro, he’s not scared. He fought bonnar to save the show. I think we can all agree Bisping is no better than Weidman, and Silva would have fought Bisping because he’s a bigger name and bigger draw. Weidman needs to step up the shit talking or something

  7. confucius says:

    chuck youre an idiot. weidman has beaten one fighter whos semi decent. he hasnt beaten a single figher in title contention. cant argue with me there. lets take a look sakara…shitty, bongfeldt WHO?, Tom lawlor shitty, maia just got a sub win after 3 years of not finishing fights, munoz was the only fight arguable to say it made a statement. Then again when has munoz been in a title mix? Let this dude fight him so we can stop listening to him cry about it and watch him go down like the other 16 people in the UFC

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