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Friday, 10/19/2012, 12:02 pm

Ed Soares: In Brazil Anderson Silva Is Bigger Than Kobe Bryant In America | UFC NEWS

“He’s bigger than Kobe Bryant and LeBron James here. He’s bigger than that there. It’s crazy. Every time I go there, I don’t think it can get any bigger, but he seems to get even bigger. He went from a guy who was a top fighter in the world, a top pound-for-pound fighter to just about everywhere he goes, everybody’s like, ‘Hey, champ, you’re the greatest. You’re the best. Can I get you this? Can I get you that?’ It’ll get anybody a little bit tripped out. I think he’s kind of filling into the shoes that he’s become. I think he’s doing a great job with it. He’s really kind of come full circle. I think he’s handling it very well. He’s kind of back to his roots. It’s very nice to see because there were some times when it started getting a little crazy.”

Team Blackhouse manager and founder, Ed Soares, went on record over at recently and discussed his star athlete Anderson Silva.

During the interview he revealed that Anderson Silva is basically one of, if not thee, most famous man in his home country of Brazil.

The pound-for-pound king may not be the UFC’s biggest draw despite all his accolades, however according to the testimony of Soares, he is a hero in Brazil.


16 Responses to “Ed Soares: In Brazil Anderson Silva Is Bigger Than Kobe Bryant In America | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bastos says:

    Big silva fan and supporter but labron and Kobe are bigger stars around the world than silva is in brazil. But happy to see silva catching up

    • Jasplanet says:

      Anderson is more known worldwide too compared to lebron anyways, and kobe is on the same level as AS as most. The truth

    • Mike says:

      Anderson silva is way more known around the world than Kobe Bryant and Lebron James! Fighting is world wide and shown in most countries, (Europe, Middle East, Serbia!) Basketball is shown in the U.S. and no one cares about it except the yanks, along with American football and baseball!

  2. Srs says:

    Nope. In Europe hardly anyone knows LeBron.

  3. thats gay says:

    anderson silva would fuck up lebron and kobe at the same time so i think he should be more known

  4. Xaninho says:

    lebron and bryant are worldfamous in the US. In Europe basketball is not that popular. Especially in the Netherlands football(soccer in the US) is number one and then it’s the different forms of martial arts.

  5. abraham says:

    who the fuck is ed soares to say this shit fuck ed soares

  6. Josiah says:

    dana white is more famous! war dana!

  7. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    Good ol Ed Soared licking the dribble off Anderson silva’s burger king emblazoned pecker

  8. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    Good ol Ed Soares licking the dribble off Anderson silva’s burger king emblazoned pecker

  9. jean says:

    Dunno anythin about Lebron and Bryant… Am European. Basketball is ridiculous here

  10. Tapitout21 says:

    I would say silva is known in more countries worldwide but Kobe and Lebron are known by more people

  11. jondoe says:

    U guys are either trolling or drinking the ufc kool-aid way too much…..I love mma but it is crazy to think AS is bigger than Kobe in U.S….Kobe is a household name worldwide…. AS only known in combat world

  12. danielrchargers says:

    Basketball is lame.

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