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Monday, 07/08/2013, 04:09 pm

Ed Soares Believes Anderson Silva “May have taken it too far this time.”

Ed Soares, longtime manager of former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva, spoke to Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting earlier today regarding Silva’s loss this past weekend to Chris Weidman.

A shocking result, Silva –who had never lost a fight since debuting in the UFC- was knocked out by Weidman in the second round after getting caught with a left hook to the jaw. Weidman finished the fight with an unanswered combination on the ground before Herb Dean stopped the contest, making Weidman the new UFC Middleweight king.

Silva’s “clowning” style of fighting was on full display, and many believe that the former champion’s lack of respect for his opponent may have finally led to his downfall- including Soares.

“I think he went out there and was taunting him and doing certain things Anderson does once in awhile,” Soares said. “There’s a possibility he may have taken it too far this time. And unfortunately he wasn’t able to walk away with the W.

“You move left when you should have moved right, and your night can end. Unfortunately, Anderson has a tendency to walk on that tightrope of taking risks. It’s part of the reason people like to watch him fight is because he takes those type of risks. Unfortunately, Saturday night didn’t go his way.”

Despite Weidman’s brilliant performance, which saw him come close to submitting Silva via heel hook in the first round, many rumors among MMA fans persist that Silva’s demeanor before, during, and after the fight indicated that he did not want to win; Silva’s lack of enthusiasm for a rematch being one of the main focal points.

Soares, however, believes that anyone questioning Silva’s desire to win the fight is dead wrong.

“People have all these conspiracy theories,” Soares said, while also noting that he believed Silva would win the fight by knockout. “It’s stupid. It’s nonsense. Yeah … I plan to get knocked out. C’mon. Who plans to get knocked out like that? If he was planning to do that that, why wouldn’t he just have tapped to the leglock? C’mon. I’m going to plan to get knocked out? That’s ridiculous. Anderson doesn’t like to lose, he just got knocked out. Take nothing away from Chris Weidman. ‘Oh, that was a lucky shot.’ Well, you know what? 100 percent of the punches you don’t throw, don’t land. He threw a punch and it landed.”

Soares later went on to say that once the dust settles and Silva has spent time with his family, the team will decide where “The Spider” goes from here. Though a rematch seems likely, that may not necessarily be the case.

Whatever should come in the future, Soares made sure to remind listeners that life goes on.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Soares said. “The sun came up today. It’s a beautiful day today. We’re healthy, our kids are good, are families are good. … Everything else, you just roll with the punches.”


99 Responses to “Ed Soares Believes Anderson Silva “May have taken it too far this time.””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    More accurately, It was actually Silva’s eyes that “rolled with the punches”…

  2. Shaun Frost says:

    To be honest I never liked the taunting so much maybe if it was a tiny bit would be fine but he takes it way to far all the time and I am glad some one capitalized on it. The anderson silva I loved watching was the one who destroyed chris leben and rich franklin with his skill using accurate punches, awesome kicks and brutal knees. Not the guy who acts like a clown

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I totally agree with you Shaun. I was a fan of Silva’s after he took out Leben and Franklin. Anderson had a great pedigree at Pride as well. But then I saw his real character and realized that he is a douchebag. Using feigning is one thing but his clowning just let me know he was a joke and the UFC fed him softballs so they could build their brand in Brazil and the USA. MW has been the weakest for along time until now. Silva should have gone to 05 long ago and be champ there, But the landscape there was too tough for him. RIP. Now if he rematches and beats Weidman, then I will have more respect for him. But until then, he does not deserve respect from gentlemen.

    • squid says:

      i agree the anderson that fought chris leben and rich franklin needs to come back. that hands down act won’t work anymore.

  3. Steven Thurman says:

    I agree, the whole conspiracy thing is so Stupid and annoying, and gives Silva fans such as me a bad name. The whole theory about him “realizing he couldnt win after the first round, so he just clowned around the second” is pretty ridiculous to. MMA needs smart fans. haha

  4. Apollo says:

    He once smashed a white kid to become champion, and has been mocking other white kids ever since Cote. Yeah we get it he can juke and jive, but American soil on the July 4 weekend, that’s too far. Let him fight Evans who would clear his clock just like Weidman if he pulls that stunt again, but not in Brazil, Evans would get bumb rushed by the crowd.

    • MMA ELITE says:

      U retarded…. typical KKK redneck! He’s black so what? Jon Jones, Jose Aldo etc all black champions…. We r naturally gifted in physical sport. Athletics, basketball, football u name it. Don’t get butt hurt coz a black dude been kicking yo ass. fuckin dickhead!

      • Max says:

        you should like a bigger racist than Apollo though…

        btw i don’t dislike silva cuz he’s black, I dislike him cuz he’s cocky and he proved it saturday night when he got knocked the #### out

  5. 123 says:

    Id love to see a no1 contender fight between Anderson Silva & Vitor Belfort.. in Brazil.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    he ‘MAY’ have taken it too far Ed?! he got ktfo dude, the word may doesn’t factor in.

    Ed needs to tell his boy to quit pissin’ around & just fight. He’d still be champ if he wasn’t showboating out there.

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