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Friday, 10/14/2011, 07:20 am

Ed Soares: Anderson Only Has 4 Fights Left, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort Had Their Chance and Need To Go To The End Of The Line

“Let’s see what the big boss is going to do. My opinion is that he had his chance and tapped, he should go back to the end of the line. The same thing is true with Vitor Belfort. They’re great fighters, but they had their chance. Sonnen would make a big fight, as would Dan Henderson and Georges St-Pierre, but we should recognize that Anderson only has around 4 fights left in his career.”

Manager to the UFC middleweight champion, Mr. Ed Soares took to Brazilian media outlet, SporTV, to discuss the champion’s possible future opponents.

As I have been theorizing, the Brazilian team, is going to be hard bent to sign a contract to face Chael Sonnen, and not because they are afraid, but because of the several outlandish insults delivered by the Oregon fighter.

Dana White has promised the match up with Chael to the media and fans, but can he pull rank and make Anderson sign a bout agreement?

We should know soon enough!


199 Responses to “Ed Soares: Anderson Only Has 4 Fights Left, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort Had Their Chance and Need To Go To The End Of The Line”

  1. Jmad says:

    Ed Soares needs to shut up and let Silva speak for himself, I’m tired of this guy. Dana wants the Sonnen fight to happen so I’m sure it will happen.

    • John Jacob says:

      Very very well said

      • The Voice In The Islands says:

        I agree with “The Voice In The Desert,” who posted below that Sonnen, GSP, and Bones should be Silva’s imminent opponents. The reason Soares is talking all this crap is that he is PROTECTING HIS OWN INTEREST IN SILVA ($$$$). Silva fights Sonnen and loses, big paydays won’t be as big for Silva, translating into a smaller percentage for his manager. Edgar and BJ fought again immediately to answer some lingering questions. Silva and Sonnen should fight again to do the same, NOW. If Silva refuses, the UFC should penalize him.

        • WHO says:

          lingering questions? he tapped the 2 fights are totally different bj & edgar went to decision and the fight was very even.

        • Creature says:

          lingering questions that the majority of the fans have, that Dana has.

          and thats not who won or lost, its why did sonnen REALLY look so dominate against someone no one has dominated while in the UFC? was it because of Silva’s “rib injury” or Sonnen having elevated testosterone? If Silva is a 100% and Chael’s TRT in check, would Chael repeat what he did in rounds 1-4 or would Silva dominate like he usually does? Was the triangle a “fluke” or Silva “working the fight”, or was it Chael just being careless?

          those my friend are the questions Voice is talking about

        • WHO says:

          How is a triangle a fluke he was caught in the same triangle by Paulo Filho hes doesnt have sub defense and as far as the trt this is the same reason Marquardt got cut from the ufc all of these guys who trt treatment are cheating cunts they used before and now there levels are low the guy doesnt deserve a shot

        • SaberTooth says:

          Dumbass. get anderson out of your mouth. He got his ass whipped by Sonnen. Accept it and move on db.

        • The Voice In The Islands says:

          The questions listed by Creature are exactly the questions that need to be answered. If Sonnen played it safe in that 5th round, would he have been caught in that triangle (and if you look at it, looked like a weak triangle at that)? Does Anderson and his people have any pride in answering any of the 100s of challenges by Sonnen? Cmon Dana, make the announcement already.

        • All the VOICES SPITS THE TRUTH! He’ll fight gsp bc he is the weakest link out of the 3 .. Sonnen first mthrfkrs! I smell chicken..

    • BX81 says:

      I totally agree! Is this guy his manager or his master? I want to hear anderson silva more than this clown. Translate what he says, don’t speak for him. If anderson silva has only 4 fights left then one of the fights should be against sonnen. I find it impossible to believe silva walks around going I beat Sonnen. Any great champion would be thinking man that guy beat my @ss for 4 rounds and I caught him napping. I can only imagine if silva has 4 fights left that he would want to make one of those a decisive win over sonnen. My thinking is this of course you want to fight Hendo again, you choked him out kinda quickly. He doesn’t want him to fight Sonnen because he can actually beat silva. Either way I’m sure the fans would love to see that fight. I don’t think belfort should’ve got the title shot. Also bisping has a case for a title shot.

      • 3ric says:

        Anderson doesnt respect his fans enough to learn English and speak for himself.

        • jeremyjamesthomas says:

          Anderson actually speaks english quite well.

        • brettfcknmason says:

          you guys are all retards…
          chael sonnen didnt beat silva up one but, the two ribs silva broke the weeks leading up to the fight beat him. what the fuck to your expect to do when you broke 2 ribs, go out there and dominate one of the best grinders in the game. no you play to his strengths, let him think hes got it in the bag, and catch him when hes “sleeping”.. thats what makes silva the best. you retard. its not about going out there and knocking everyone out. and silva can speak english better then all you dumb ass americans.

        • riga says:

          thats bullshit what your saying. Why don’t you learn Portugese! people’s always bitching about Silva. Get a life. Sonnen fuckin TAPT!!!!! What does a fighter have to do more to win. Probably kill a guy, like the old days of gladiatots and shit.

      • spiritsplice says:

        Anderson would be thinking that if thatswhat happened, but it isn’t. Anderson laid down for Sonnen, the match was a work. When he’d had enough he finished it with no effort and no resistance.

    • Mike T says:

      Ed Soares speaks on behalf of Anderson. If Anderson doesn’t want Ed to speak for him, he’ll fire him.

    • BIg Persian dick says:

      I agree with Ed Soares, chael sonnen has his chance and came up short… On top of that he failed 3 steroid tests… And vigor belfort couldn’t land 1 punch in 3 minutes and got one of the best highlight real knocks used on him… As far as I know Dan Henderson had his chance too and he too got his ass whooped, gsp maybe Jon jones , maybe bisping if he beats miller..

      • Why the hell... says:

        …does Bisping deserve a shot????????? Someone validate why Bisping should be fighting for the title anytime soon, when he hasn’t beat anyone???
        (Leben the exception, but Leben didn’t have his head on straight back then)
        Make Bisping fight Yushin, Munoz, Leben again, Stann, or even Maia after the Miller fight. I think it would be wrong to allow Bisping a title shot if he beats Mayhem.

        • BX81 says:

          Bisping hasn’t matched up with silva yet. It’s the same problem with ww. gsp is fighting the same guys he just beat. Silva has yet to clear out the divison. so let him fight bisping. his last lost was to hendo and before that i really dont know but let’s see someone bring the fight to the champ.

      • Dave says:

        I guess by your logic BJ dosen’t deserve another shot at GSP if he beats Diaz… If anyone deserves another shot it’s Chael does, he beat his ass for 4.5 rounds.

        • Judoka-xman says:

          Sure, Sonnen beat Silva up for 4.5 rounds but the FUCKER CHEATED.. I hope they give Silva the fight against Sonnen so you fucking Sonnen pussys watch him get laid out in the first round.

        • Hauna You says:

          dude, you stink. damn surprise you actually have internet access, you pos.

        • jerome says:

          @henry, how the f@ck do you say above levels=no advantage?? Clearly you are ignorant because above levels means your body heals faster, you don’t get as tired and you have more strength. You are a moron man, when training, I wish I was stronger i could train longer, I wish I could train longer because I would become better, but when I train, and when I fight I fight without the help of any drugs, i don’t even take supplements unless it is strictly vitamins, I do have a legit reason for trt and I know mine is legit because I have been tested 10 times and each time the doctor says I need trt therapy, but guess what numb nuts I am NOT a cheater, in the fight world you use what GOD gave you, not what the doctor prescribes to make you bigger or stronger, or even equal to other people, it is man-vs-man, not man-vs-man&doctor. I have never used steroids and I NEVER will, I won’t even use cortisone injections on my surgically repaired shoulder or in my knees, I fight through the pain and deal with it. Not cheating my a$$ dude wake the f@ck up and quit kidding to yourself

    • Alex wagner says:

      Wtf…..Ed soares is A.Silva Manager he is suppose to do the talkin for him !! Vitor has 1 win as does Sonnen. There are bigger fight more deserving of a shot!!!

    • riDICKulous says:

      u need to shut up too! u dun even know either of them. or shall i say they dun even know you!

    • riDICKulous says:

      go lick Dana’s balls

  2. oyston says:

    I think they sonnens big mouth will be his big downfall he had his chance back of the queue roid head.

  3. rondo says:

    Fk Ed Soares he’s a wind bag,and a dodger,we all want Chael/ AS.make it happen Dana

  4. Voicein the desert says:

    Soares is sounding more and more like Vadim these days. He comes off as if Silva is scared to face Chael again.

    If Silva has 3 or 4 fights left, here are the only fights that make sense in order for Anderson to prove he is the best ever:

    1. Chael Sonnen: the only fighter to manhandle him. He is the only wothy middlewight at this time. Bisping and Miller already have to tango.

    2. Georges St-Pierre: the most complete fighter in mma. GSP has all the tools to beat Silva. Silva’s size will be the equalizer. GSP has run out of legit contenders. This would be a graet fight. Wether you love or hate GSP.

    3. Jon Jones: I would make this fight in late 2012 or mid 2013, once Jones defends his belt 3 or 4 times. Come on. Who does not want to see this fight?

    4. Whoever they can find at middleweight

    • Ruckus says:

      You know, I actually agree with this. I wouldn’t mind seeing him against these three opponents and the winner of Bisping and Miller. There’s 4 interesting fights, including two superfights.

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      I like those, but here is what has come out of the Silva camp.

      A rematch will Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, or a first fight with GSP do not interest them, and Andy has stated many times that he will not go up to 205 and fight Bones Jones….So here’s is my question, besides those 4, who is a big fight for Anderson?

      Does he not want to be put in bad positions for the rest of his career?

      Does he want to just fight guys he can easily beat?

      I bet anything, that as soon as Bisping and Mayhem fight, Anderson and Ed Soares will be the first people on Dana White’s line begging to fight the winner.

      Most of the stuff that Chael says is bullshit, but one thing he said that is true, Anderson only asks for fights that he knows he can easily win.

      The only two people at MW that ever gave him any sort of trouble were Chael and Hendo, and he refuses to give either one a rematch.

    • Alex wagner says:

      Have u even watched UFC…

  5. SanSooRob says:

    Lol typical sonnen trying talk his way into a fight lololol
    Like water bitch !!!!

  6. fight chael anderson says:

    sonnen disrespect silva big time!!! if i were anderson i will fight sonnen before i retire!!! soares is making anderson looks like avoiding sonnen!!!!

  7. Robsta says:

    Ed and Anderson are clearly scared of Chael. I can see why JDS left this clown. Does any other manager in MMA talk out of his ass with an ego like Ed’s? Anderson is the goose that laid the golden egg for this moron and he’s scared of that goose getting dominated, AGAIN. Next time without the hail mary triangle.

    • Jay says:

      hail mary triangle? He got wrist control and had that triangle on and tight in a couple seconds. That is what legit bbj blackbelts do when you sleep on em with 2-3 mins left in a fight and get sloppy. That has been chael’s weakness his whole career. Anderson is a champions, champion he was pushed and put into the worst positions and still found a way to win, that is what champions do WIN!

      Other than that comment I agree with what you said.

  8. Mun4 says:

    Hurts to see that silva only has 4 fights to go…. Well i agree with those fights (sonnen 1st, if he wins then GSP, then jones, then a rematch with one of those 3 if he lose 1 match)

  9. cruz says:

    this jerk off just wants silva to fight bums his last 4 fights because he wants him to stay with the belt when he leaves he is a bitch

  10. Xaninho says:

    Soares is right. Why give Sonnen what he wants? He had his chance, cheated using PED’s and still lost….After that he kept giving MMA a bad name by disrespecting an entire nation(Brasil), disrespecting Silva’s wife and turned a serious sport into WWF, so back in line with that bitch ass.

    People who think it has anything to do with being scared are clueless. It’s about who deserves a shot. And right now Sonnen should pull a number.

    GSP or Jones won’t happen, the guy is 37. Should he really go up or down in weightclass at this age? That makes no sense at all.

    Plus the fact Jones is just 24 and a huge 205, so age advantage plus weight advantage. And Silva carrying around more weight which slows him down won’t make it a fair fight.

    • Robby says:

      Dan Henderson goes up and down a weight class on a daily basis…what’s the difference with Silva?

      • Xaninho says:

        That’s true, you have a point there, but Henderson has been doing that for years so he’s used to it. Silva would have to start doing that at the age of 37. Silva’s fighting style will lose it’s effectiveness carrying around the extra weight.

        So unless Jones drops and GSP gains weight, I don’t think it would be a smart thing for Silva to sign those fights.

      • 3ric says:

        Silva is a pussy thats the difference.

    • Ruckus says:

      And let’s not forget Randy Couture. Champ in two different weight classes and he was way other than Silva at 46. Silva is what 36?
      Silva wants a legacy? Pfft, here TRY and match this guy’s achievements:
      Most Championship reigns in UFC history (Five times)
      Most Championship fights in UFC history (Fifteen times)
      Oldest fighter to win a title in UFC history (43 years, 255 days)
      First fighter to hold Championship titles in two weight classes.
      If Silva the fighter wants to leave a legacy he’ll take any fight the UFC throws his way, INCLUDING the Sonnen fight AND he would take on at least one superfight challenge. If Silva the money business savy guy listens to his manager he’ll fight chumps he can beat the next 4 fights and retire on top without any real challenges. Purely from a fan’s perspective, that’s the smart coward’s way to go.

    • coldbloodedtony says:

      id rather win the title once and never lose then win the title 5 times and lose it 5 times i love randy but you cant really compare them silva has been granted the title of p4p king of mma not because he won the belt a million times its because he won the belt and hasnt lost it so so you can compare title fights that randys been it and say he was in 15 title fights how many of them has he lost silva hasnt lost at all in the ufc no title fights no super fights chael came realy close but tapped personally i dont care who silva fights let it be chael hendo bones whoever but when the smoke clears silva is still the best

    • Andri says:

      Sonnen was on TRT and failed on his paperwork…

      And pull a number, who else at that weightclass deserves the shot more? He Dominated Anderson for more than 20 minutes, winning some rounds 10-8 in the eyes of some of the judges.

      Who should fight Anderson before him? The only one that might actually pose a threat is Mark Munoz.. Thats one fight, who else? Michael Bisping?

  11. T.DADDY says:

    sounds like some one dont want to fight Sonnen again…lol.. if theres a rematch i think Sonnen might win that shitt

  12. Ninjaman says:

    Ed gets paid to take care of his clients financial well being. he’s a smart guy. What Ed wants is not what you or I want. he cares about how his client will make money for them and him.

  13. Nikei Helm says:

    Don’t everyone forget Travis Luder he was getting the best of Silva also&also lost via triangle…but no one talked of a why should Sonnen get a rematch after one fight..the winner of Munoz vs Leben should fight Sonnen then the winner of that should fight Silva…Sonnen lost far and square and needs to work back to the top…period!!!

  14. TRUTH says:

    Ed Soares is the reason I hate Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida! Yes as a manager protecting a fighters legacy that’s excatly what you want to do, deny the fans the fight they want to see. Thanks douche bag!

  15. BigJoe says:

    You guys should try to understand the big picture here. Anderson Silva has 4 fights before the retirement. So it’s pretty clear that he wants to make the most money out of it.
    So if we’re talking about huge fights, it’s ok to assume the other guy who will fight him will make a lot of money too, right?
    So if you’re Anderson Silva, why will you give Sonnen the possibility of making TONS of money, when him insulted you big time, including your wife and all that shit??
    So, to accept this fight you have to make at least 4 times what the scumbag will make, right?
    Ed is just setting the picture for his fighter make even more money, AND HE’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
    You guys should stop thinking this is about COURAGE, LEGACY, and etc… it’s about a awesome fighter that can make a lot of money doing the right choices.
    Stop whining…

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      Okay you jackass. You say it’s about taking the biggest fights and ,making the most money?

      What fights are going to make Anderson more money than Bones Jones(who he has publicly stated he will not face), Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, or GSP(all 3 of which Soares just said Andy won’t face)?

      You want him to fight fucking cans like Fedor is now? Is that the kind of fighter Silva is? He should be fighting fucking Wanderlei SIlva and Dennis Kang now?

  16. Voicein thedesert says:

    Many fighters got their rematch: Rua, BJ Penn and others. Nobody can argue that, after battling Silva to a near victory and making Stann (top 10) look like like an amateur, Sonnen is the most deserving middleweight out there.

    Plus, it gives Silva a chance to prove that the beating he took at UFC 117 was a fluke.

    • MMA Fan says:

      Don’t understand people that make arguments like this… If you tune back to the end of UFC 117 Dana White clearly said at the post-fight Press Conference that Sonnen had the re-match. That’s it, he had it!

      He then blew it by testing positive for PEDs, getting in trouble with the Feds for fraud, and running his mouth which is why the CSAC suspended him indefinitely and had it not been for Dana’s lobbying he would still be suspended…

      Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I’d like nothing more than to watch Silva prove that the Sonnen fight was a fluke due to a naggin injury and him not taking Sonnen seriously, which if you think about it, who the hell knew who Chael Sonnen was before the title shot and all the smack he talked to hype the fight. But when thinking about it from the competition stand point, Sonnen fought an injured, under-trained Silva, put him on his back for 4.5 rounds and got tapped like a little bitch. So why would Silva want to compete with this guy again??

      • Mike says:

        So the p4p best fighter in the world let a “nobody” dominate him for 4 and 1/2 rounds?

        I’m proud to say, I called that fight perfectly, except I was off by a round(Chael wins 3 rounds, Silva finishes in 4th), so if you’d actually done your research, and didn’t let your fandom blind you, you would’ve been able to see how this fight would go.

        I don’t understand all these Anderson fans, y’all believe he’s the best right? His legacy is a bit tainted right now by the Chael fight. Right now, a great deal of people believe Chael is the better fighter. A real fan would want Anderson to give Chael a rematch and prove the first fight was a fluke(it wasn’t, imo, but we’ll see), not give the excuse, “He’s a cheater, he doesn’t deserve a shot.”

        Silva should want to fight this guy, if he truly believes he’s the best in the world. Prove to everyone that fact. Otherwise, my respect for him is honestly going to go down a bit. What other fights is he going to take at middleweight? Bisping? Yeah, that’ll be an interesting fight(/sarcasm)

        • Mo says:

          Sonnen a better fighter? Because he can take anybody down at will and grind out a decision?? Look at their records, all of Sonnen’s victories in the UFC were by decision until he fought Stann. Silva dominates people standing up, not in missionary position like Sonnen. Being a better points fighter is another word for a scared chump, just ask Fitch. Ultimate FIGHTING Championship. Not Ultimate Wrestling and let me lay on top and pretend I’m actually hurting you Championship!

      • Fox says:

        i mean if you watched the sport and more than just ufc you would of known of him he was doing the same thing in wec bring the fight to his opp and taking them down and beating them up now as champ its your job to study your opp no matter how many fights you have you still do it and if you dont trained for everyone fight with you all you deserve to lose i dont care if i like you or your my favorite fighter you should lose and i dont want to hear bout his injury he had bruised ribs man up you got ppl playing football with fractured ribs broken toes and they still out there and ppl need to stop acting like silva had him down and submitted him only reason you tapped him out was because instead of being a bitch and running the whole last round he kept on beating that ass if he decided to play it safe silva wouldnt even be champ right now

    • Fox says:

      that was different rua got a rematch because everyone including dana white said that rua won the first fight so lyoto asked for the rematch to prove to everyone but it didnt go the way he planned.BJ penn got a rematch because well he was the best lw and as long as he held that belt you couldnt say no and to let you know alot of the champs have rematch clause in their contract that held the belt long so lets say condit beats gsp he would be granted another match

  17. wc says:

    Chael “manhandled” Anderson when he was on ROIDS and Anderson had an injured rib and he still got choked out and armbarred! He’s a pathetic loser who insults his way into fights he doesn’t deserve. He has also been convicted of fraud. He’s probably still using illegal steroids and just not getting caught.

    • Voicein thedesert says:

      There you go! Let Anderson Silva prove that the outcome would be different if he is healthy and Sonnen tests negative

      • wc says:

        When you say “outcome would be different” you seem to think Chael won. He lost while cheating, how pathetic is that. Why should he get another chance when there are fighters who work hard and don’t cheat out there and he already took his best shot with the roids and choked. If he tests negative it will only because he found a way to cheat again. How about a winner take all, that way Anderson can beat his A$$ and this loser doensn’t gain financially from his big mouth.

        • 3ric says:

          WC you are a complete ignorant idiot like the rest who call “Roids” There is no “Roid” test its a Testosterone test and his Testosterone was .10 higher than what the commision considers normal. The normal must have been measured from the pink shirt wearing Silva and that makes it obvious why Sonnen’s testosterone tested higher because hes more of a man. Higher Testosterone does not mean your on “Roids” !!! Whoaaaa roids whoaaa fucking idiot.

        • Andri says:

          Jesus fucking christ all you fucking chael and anderson nuthuggers.

          Fuck… Who gives a shit about all that stupid crap. Do i think chael will win a rematch.. I would give him.. say 55% maybe 60%.

          All this internet warrioring “CHAEL DOMINATED HIM FOR 20 MINUTZ” or “Lolz, Anderson fought chael injured and still tapped that bitch out!”

          Stop being freaking retards, we won’t know who will win the rematch unless it happens. The Chael – Anderson fight was one of the most memorable in recent years, why the flying fuck should we not want to see round 2?

  18. Random Person says:

    Chael will get it because everybody will be watching. It’s too much money to throw away. Anderson will fight Chael again; unless he does refuse and gets fired. I think he is afraid to fight Chael again, he is afraid of his record being tarnished…

  19. I.m a Silva Fan.I want to see rematch with Sonnen.Just to shut the Sonnen fans up.I think Anderson’s english is good enough now to be able to speak for himself.Fuck Ed Soares.Soares makes Silva look bad imo.

  20. Duane says:

    Anderson Silva is scared? haha, you guys are as dumb as your screen names you hide behind. Fool got choked out and now needs to climb back PERIOD. A win over Stann now title shot, please!!!! The win was impressive but i don’t think he should be granted what he wants, when he wants. Give him another guy and if he performs like he did at 136 i got no problem with a rematch.

    • Calvin says:

      yeah but who will silva fight ykno theres really no one but sonnen plus someone needs to shut him up

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      They were billing Sonnen vs. Stann as a contender match.

      this just goes to show how weak the 185 division is, & how they HAND PICK gimme fights for silva.

      We have Ed Soares literally saying “I don’t want Silva to fight the toughest guys available”.

      • EdSoares'sBalls says:

        The only 4 fights that make sense for Silva(and they are big money fights) are GSP, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, and Bones Jones, and Anderson/Ed Soares have publicly stated that they will not fight any of them.

        Chael Sonnen is full of shit, but he is right on one thing, Anderson is a coward, and only calls out fighters he knows he can beat.

  21. Lex w says:

    This fight is goin to happen and chael will will b the new champ

  22. Brandon Wheaton says:

    I’d be scared to put my poster boy against the guys most likely to beat his ass also lol.

  23. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen should fight Mark Munoz and Vitor Belfort first. Then he can claim the next shot.

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      Why? He was just in a Number 1 contenders fight that he won.

      I bet anything that if Brian Stann had won that fight, all of you Silva diuck chokers would be screaming about how brian Stann should fight Andy as soon as possible.

      • Xaninho says:

        Cause it’s a 1 fight winstreak..There are other contenders with longer winstreaks, so they deserve it more.

        • EdSoares'sBalls says:

          Who stupid? Who else in the MW division deserves a shot over Chael?

          Bisping has fought the bottom of the barrel for the last year, and that’s the only other guy.

          So name one guy who shoul get the next title shot over Chael Sonnen, WHO JUST FUCKING WON THE NUMBER 1 CONTENDERS FIGHT.

        • Xaninho says:

          Mark Munoz, Dan Henderson, although a douche but Bisping too.

          And Sonnen should have been cut for using PED’s. Just like Marquardt been cut.

        • Xaninho says:

          And why the name calling? Have I called you stupid or anything else? You’re lucky you’re behind your keyboard and not in front of me pathetic little keyboard warrior

        • Voicein the desert says:

          Are you sane or do you enjoy getting some attention?

          Sheeesh, get off the internet kid. You should be in school.

        • Xaninho says:

          ran out of delusional ‘facts’?

  24. SETH COLE says:

    If he doesnt take the fight he loses the title ! End of story. This goofy bit*h needs to just STFU and let the Fighter Fight !

    • Xaninho says:

      So if you can’t beat the champ in the octagon, you should insult him and make the UFC rob him from his belt?

      Sonnen is a whiny, megalomaniac bitch that tapped out. He’s talking about if that fight would have been on the streets..Bas Rutten had a sensible comment on that, he said:” If it were on the streets, there wouldn’t have been a referee to stop the fight before Sonnen got choked out”.

      • Rusk says:

        If it had been on the street there also wouldn’t of been a ref to pull chael off Andy every 5 minutes, he would of been beaten to death long before the hail Mary triangle

        • Xaninho says:

          Beaten to death? He didn’t have a scratch on him. Sonnen hits like a girl.

        • Andri says:

          What were you looking for, bruises? On a black guy?

          Anderson looked absolutely miserable after that fight. And you are really clueless if you thing Chael is a megalomaniac.. If anything he has serious self confidence issues.

      • Xaninho says:

        That would have meant no resting for Sonnen either you wanksta. So it wouldn’t have lasted that long before he would’ve gassed out and got choked the fuck out! and tapping like the bitch he is, would’ve been no option!

        Now shut up and let the grown men talk!

  25. Tim says:

    Money Talks!! I’m sure Dana will give Anderson an offer he can’t refuse…

    • Mike Hunt says:

      If Anderson fights Chael and loses,which he will,whats left for his last 3 fights? No ones gonna want to see him against GSP without the title,so yea Soares is protecting his cash cow, Anderson Silvas days are numbered.

  26. mike f says:

    Why would Silva not want to fight Sonnen? Sonnen is ranked usually 2 or 3 ranked mw in all mma publications. The fight would do huge ppv numbers, leading to more money for Silva, and he could finally silence the man with a dominate performance. It honestly sounds like Silva doesn’t want to fight him because he knows he may lose.

  27. Jaime Lopez says:

    F@#$ SONNEN, back to the end of the line! She tapped like the bitch she is…

    • DBKlein69 says:

      yea back to the end of the line cuz anderson is afraid to fight him again. lol at all the silva nut-huggers they are just terrified of a rematch! ha lol keep crying cuz its gonna happen

  28. DeepSeaGod says:

    Ed..Please don’t turn MMA into boxing. You are not a Promoter! Thats the beauty of the UFC. GO AWAY!

  29. jimmyp22 says:

    speaking as an mma fan and not a sonnen fanboy, if anyone deserves another shot at silva its chris leben, lets face it after he lost to bsiping got a ban for drugs he had to work his way back up from the bottom, he has matured so much as a fighter and a person since then, i used to hate the guy and im still not a fan of him, but i now respect him, where as sonnen comes back from a ban and his fraud and what does he do, try and talk his way into a rematch, he needs to grow up and just let his fighting do the talking like what leben has done

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      He got knocked out by Stann, and then knocked out Wanderlei Silva…That deserves a title shot?

      You are a giant, dumb piece of shit.

      • Xaninho says:

        Sonnen got choked out and then submitted Stann..That deserves a titleshot? It’s a 1 fight winstreak.

        And again you talk big words from behind that keyboard. You have as much class as Sonnen has. So what’s the deal? he taught you to speak like that while you had his dick in yo mouth?

        • steve says:

          what you retards dont understand is chael sonnen is the only person to ever manhandle silva like that he was gonna get an immediate rematch without having to face anybody. he got caught for a couple things got back in the ufc with a strong performance. he is the most deserving of a title shot. if not him who might i ask

        • EdSoares'sBalls says:

          Shut the fuck up. Jesus man. You’ve had your dumb fat ass handed to you on this thread multiple times by multiple people, and now you are commenting on every one of my posts?

          Get a fucking life. Lol.

          If I was ‘standing in front of you saying these things”, yo uwouldn’t do shit, because you are a GIANT FAT PUSSY. Kinda like the one you were squirted out of so many years ago.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s ass handed to me by ignorant people, denying simple obvious facts. Trying to come of smart by saying other people are dumb and stupid without having real arguments to prove the delusional, ignorant comments you’re making.

        • Xaninho says:

          Oh and about that standing in front of me stuff….I don’t mind you thinking I wouldn’t do anything. Others were thinking that too…

        • SaberTooth says:

          Hey HO – you causing trouble and fights everywhere you troll don’t you? You are about 10 years old aren’t you. Go to bed before I tell your mommy your picking fights again. You obviously don’t have the grey matter to win. Geez your dumb as a stump.

        • Xaninho says:

          Snaggletooth why are you still trying to respond to my posts? Still trying to look smart saying I’m dumb with that “witty” ho thing….

          You’re less than nothing. I’m not even mad at you, cause you just don’t know any better.

  30. Johnny says:

    Fanboys are hilarious. You guys are forgetting that Chael also talked shit about how Yushin “beat” Anderson before and there was no way that Anderson could beat him; Anderson destroyed Okami. Chael wins 1 fight after losing and wants an immediate rematch? Chael is bitter because he lost; that’s why he talks shit about Brazil; Anderson’s wife; etc. If there’s anyone that doesn’t have any’s Sonnen. He’ll see when his career is almost over and the masses all switch on him.

    As for Hendo…he’s got some things to do in LightHeavyweight before he can start complaining about a rematch. I love Hendo; but he got beat fair and square. As did all of Anderson’s opponents. Some of you just can’t accept the fact that he wants to CONTINUE his legacy instead of fighting the same guys again just because they’re whining.

    • Roofgod says:

      Only a wrestler can beat Anderson. I don’t care about the dodging this guy or that guy. Jones, Sonnen or GSP are the only ones who have a chance to beat him. If Anderson is truly afraid of anyone it should be Jones. Anderson walks around, (or reportedly so), at 220. Fighting at 205 would not slow him. Hendo is too slow to compete with him. He should fight GSP as a legacy builder, whom he should finish by strikes. Sonnen next only because he has to hate that guy. Anybody who insulted my country and wife like that would get a prompt ass whippin’. Finsh his carrer with the ultimate match up against Jones. The only way he beats Jones is by striking, if he wins that fight, he goes out with 2 belts and then considered the greatest ever!

    • Rusk says:

      Lol every one hates chael or thinks he’s funny as Fuck so when the masses change every one will love him or think he isn’t funny?

  31. soredogg says:

    It has nothing to do with Anderson not wanting to fight Chael, or anyone else for that matter. This is just business and marketing at this point. Supply and Demand… Silva’s camp knows the people and Dana want to see the fight with Sonnen put together, so he’s going to play some hardball with the UFC here and get as much money out of it as possible.

    I do hope they are able to put the fight together because it would be a great catchup again, but all the money, behind the scenes negotiating, marketing and all the pre-fight hype just takes some of the fun out of these fights sometimes. Understandably, these guys are worried about their careers and financial well being in the future, but as these guys become more famous, the fighting takes a backseat to the business. While I still enjoy the big match ups like this, over the years I have become a bigger fan of watching the under card, preliminary fights, and TUF to watch young guys that are still so hungry to make a name for themselves that they leave it all in the cage for next to nothing!!!

    In the end, it’s all about the money, and I have a feeling that with as much hype that is surrounding this fight, they’ll definitely get it put together!!!

  32. Jackson220 says:

    I agree that Hendo got beat fair and square and didnt dominate anderson! But he smashed Bisping who was in the contender scene and earned another shot against Silva!

    As for Chael, I honestly think Anderson doesnt want to fight him because there is a large possiblity that he may lose! I mean anderson won the fight but he didnt beat him!! And he said he wasnt feeling well because of a rib so he couldnt perform properly, so why wouldnt he want to prove to fans and to himself that when he his healthy he can run through Chael the same way he has through everyone else! Chael is the only one worthy of a rematch at this point in my opinion! If Hendo dominates shogun the way he did Fedor then there is no way you can dominate him a rematch either if he wants Anderson!!

    I agree completely with voice in the desert, Chael rematch, GSP, Jon Jones and then either Bisping/Miller or possibly Hendo or whichever middle weight deserves the shot!

    Personally I think it should be Chael first and then the next contender! I dont know what GSP’s story is but he may be afraid of the fight or he wants to move up and stay at middle weight permanently!! That could take a long time. Personally I think he should move the way BJ did just for the title fight and stay at Welterweight. Jon Jones and Silva may happen for GSP I reckon!!

  33. Mike McMack says:

    No matter what anyone says Chael deserves a rematch. Vitor doesn’t but Chael does, it was a fight worthy of an immediate rematch. GSP isn’t eager to move up in weight to fight someone much bigger than him and Hendo can fight the winner of Silva vs Sonnen 2. Soares is making is sound like he wants to duck the fight but I know Anderson isn’t afraid of anyone, he beat Sonnen once and he’s more than capable of doing it twice.

    I mean who else is there at 185 that hasn’t fought Anderson and is worthy of a shot? Sonnen is the true #1 contender Soares needs to shut his mouth and let the fight happen. Anderson has to be wanting this fight after all the crap Sonnen has talked, I want to see it because they both have unfinished business. Oh yeah…this fight belongs on UFC on FOX 2, it would be the biggest rematch in UFC history and it would really draw ratings for the FOX network.


  34. Mike McMack says:

    Hey, does anyone else other than me hate how Anderson does that taunting crap in his fights? I think it’s really disrespectful of him to do that but he’s the best in the world none the less.

  35. Joe says:

    lol 4 fights left???
    not if dana makes chael vs. silva happen first then his amount of fights dwindle after that beating

  36. steve says:

    anderson silva will do whatever he can to duck sonnen and henderson

  37. lol read this on another site forgot to bring it out. shows how scared anderson really is that hes afraid to give the only 2 mw’s worth fighting a rematch. i bet he wants to fight bisping 4 times lolololol

  38. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen fanboys need to realize that Sonnen is a passed station for Silva. He said he’d submit him and he did. Nothing more to prove than that. Whether it was in the first minute or the last he got choked out and tapped. So take a number and get back in line Sonnen.


    • steve says:

      see you’re an idiot. you really want silva to fight guys hes gonna walk through or do actually want to see him challenged? who else in the middleweight division is there for anderson? don’t say bisping because bisping would get destroyed by anderson.

      • Joe says:

        he took a number… and that was brian stann… and walked through him, after being laid off for a year,

        sonnen deserves another chance, not because of his talking, because of his abilities and chance.

        out of everyone in the MW division who do you guys think deserves #1 contender??? stfu

  39. retards says:

    Hendo has to beat shogun ( then I see a more justifiable rematch if he can), pisbiing has to beat Miller( and even if he does he still doesn’t deserve a shot), gsp has to beat condit and Dana already said if Diaz wins he gets gsp next. Jones has to beat machida and if rashad wins his next fight Dana will NOT deny him his deserved shot next. And Munoz has to beat leben( and I think Munoz is the only other one that has a real case for a shot if he does, but I think winner of leben/ Munoz. Should fight winner of Miller/ pisping.

  40. retards says:

    So that leaves only the ppls champion cheap sonnen who has offered to leave the ufc forever if he loses. So here’s Anderson’s chance to show us he can actually beat Chaels without getting his face beat in for 23 mins prior to pulling a triangle Gouda his ass right before losing in a pathetic performance. AND he has the power to remove cheal from the ufc forever or prove he’s a liar.

  41. VanDamme says:

    How quickly people forget that Chael was ON STEROIDS when he TAPPED out to AS!!

    What do you think would have happened to Chael if he had come into that fight with a bruised rib and Anderson was on steroids?!?!? Something for you Chael nut-huggers to think about.

  42. retards says:

    Chael was on TRT, he was also on TRT when he fought staNN and hell be on TRT when he retires Anderson silva. And Jean Claude vanndamm was/ is a massive coce head. Cocheads are cool but not ppl with low test ( for watever reason) who treat it with testosterone replacement therapy like Henson or many others are low down steroid using drugggie cheats

  43. retards says:

    *hendo. And chael got in trouble for lack if disclosure of his medical conditions and treatment not for being on synthetic testosterone to treat his MEDICAL condition which they never even tried to dispute the legitimacy of because he had /has proper documentation and adequate reasoning for the necessity of such treatment Wich is perfectly legal within the ufc and will continue to be so regardless of of ur ignorant acusations and blatant man love for a.s. who u neglect to acknowledge admittedly took prescription drugs (Vicodin, peecocet … ?) Wichita was a necessity to take due to his legitamate medical condition of the time vs okami. And chael has pfroof as to the severity of his condition unlike the spider who nobody really knows how bad his rib even was hurt or if it was even injured at all?

  44. BBQ says:

    Fuck I have to laugh at all you dickheads making excuses for Anderson.. HAHAHA about the broken ribs and him waiting until the fight was almost over to win. He got the shit beaten out of him for 4.5 rounds then got lucky, when Chael got sloppy. That’s what happened !! There’s no conspiracy theories, broken bones or fight plans to get bashed for 23mins before deciding to win the fight.. You’re delusional… He’s ducking the fight. You stupid fucks

    • aaxantonio says:

      who has to make excuses? CHAEL LOST. lucky? you think that is the first time chael has got tapped? and it was the armbar not the triangle that made him tap, and that wasnt andersons first sub either, he tapped ludder who is a bjj blackbelt, your retarded, chael doesnt deserve a shot no matter how much shit he talks, if i start calling out anderson should i get a shot at the title? no thats retarded

  45. kirwan says:

    how is chael going to beat anderson seriously? he landed 300 punches in that first fight,made silva carry his weight the whole time,and loss. Has anyone seen chael fighting any differently? no. predictable and boring. yea give him a rematch so all these stupid pro chael/ pro american dim wits who know nothing and should go back to watching wwe can finally get a taste of what a real fighter is capable of. people say,bj got a rematch with edgar, shogun got a rematch with lyoto why not chael? coz he was stopped!!! chael was STOPPED!!! made to tap!!! thats a clear cut loss so get over it. it goes to show sonnen has fans that are like sonnen.

  46. C5 says:

    lol you cant deny that sonnen LOST the fight, a W is a W whether he got rocked or wrestled or dominated for however many rounds. Right now the fight that makes the most sense is sonnen. the next fight “smart” would be gsp but i highly doubt that will happen because hes still iffy about changing weight classes. gsp isnt “ducking” the fight cause hes scared, he wants to take time off so he could adjust to middleweight which would be long after anderson is ready for him. and the jones fight makes sense but i doubt that will happen. this whole weight changing thing isnt as easy as some people make it seem

  47. smooth says:

    my god the people that say anderson is a pussy are just stupid fans and don’t understand the spot…..anderson want fight GSP cause GSP want gain the weight he wont fight Jon jones cause him doing that effects Alot of his team mates…..why do everybody want to see the champ lose after there going for them to be champion…fucking asshole are starting to do it with jones now….guys i train with anderson silva coaches and Jon jones coaches…..and this is why we think fans are stupid….you fucks just want to see fights its a spot a business…beside a fight get a clue…oh and Chael is a joke he lost ounce now he trying to talk his way into a fight with a guy who well beat him again if that fight happen i say this let guys be champ in they own weight classes and enjoy joy the dame sport ( ALOT OF YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID )

  48. Big J says:

    Sounds like they’re scared of Sonnen!

  49. Major Mouthpiece says:

    Everybody keeps saying chael was using steroids and everybody is wrong TRT is different from steroids but anyway lets remember silva got hurt 5 times in the fight against chael he’s knees almost buckled with the first punch and beat him into a pulp I was there that night! people screamed sonnen all night. them so called broken ribs had nothing to do with that fight. That’s what they said to protect his aura. Everybody knows to beat silva you gotta pressure him like dan did the first round, like travis lutter did the first round u stand on the outside u get demolished same thing with bones jones u gotta get in they face. he want 4 fights i’ll give em to him

    1 sonnen
    2 cung le
    3 hendo
    4 jon jones for the LHW title then retire with 2 belts case solved

  50. Justa Thought says:

    OPINION: I don’t think Chael deserves a rematch either. Silva vs Sonnen was not some split decision loss. It’s not how you start the fight, it’s how you finish the fight. Silva was setting Chael up for that Triangle since the 3rd Round Regardless of what happened for 4.5 rounds, when the fight was stopped Chael had Tapped. Since were all MMA fans here no one should need to be told that tapping out is losing a fight.

    FACT: Even if Sonnen were to beat Silva in a rematch he would still just be plain old Chael Sonnen. (Loved by thousands of teenagers that are impressed by tough talk and ignorant behavior.) Anderson Silva howerver would still be and always will be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. Sonnen Fans: Don’t get mad about things that are out of your control.

  51. raul says:

    Wow…….voice in the desert….ur nothing more than an Anderson Silva hater…..u have no mma knowledge whatsoever

  52. Robert J says:

    Anderson is a Chicken. Needs to fight Sonnen to prove he is not scared like it looks like he is.

  53. King Gareth says:

    I think what Chael Says is funny. I laugh when he talks about Anderson and the Nogs doing bjj in the bedroom. That said, I would also laugh if Anderson never gave him a title shot again and taunted him about it. If I was Anderson I would just get Sonnen back by ignoring him and keeping him from the belt.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Let’s see, so you think AS can do whatever he likes because he’s the King, huh? That’s not how it works dude. AS is nothing but a lowlife fighter who hits people, and in Sonnen;s case gets pounded on for fun for a living. He has NO say. He just shuts the F up and walks to the cage like Uncle Dana tells him too. He has no moral value whatsoever. This is kicking each other’s ass dude, Not a Michaelangelo sculpture. Get your pee brain out of the sissy ass martial arts bullshit. There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO moral value with fighting. Grow a brain cell little boy.

      • SanSooRob says:

        Of course you say that lol your not a martial artist. Your a new mma fan that grew up on pro westling lol all sonnen fans are Wwe fans at best lolol

        • SaberTooth says:

          Yah and Sonnen would WWE your face into the mat and you would learn that it’s actually real. Then you would run home crying to your mommy and watch Enter The Dragon for the 10,001 time while sucking your thumb. Then mommy’s little man will start feeling better.

        • Xaninho says:

          Oh Snaggletooth! You’re such a tough guy!

          on that keyboard….

        • Fortyb4five says:

          no he’s just some loser who sits on a computer forum all day with no martial arts experience.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Is that the pot calling the kettle black? You and your lover Ho are gayboys who have zero lives and zero intelligent comments. I think I want to kick your ass. Where do you live punk? Bring that other Ho with you I’ll dispatch the both of you. That’s only if you two aren’t 10!! You are 10 aren’t you?

        • Fortyb4five says:

          I live in Franklin Pennsylvania…do something bitch ass keyboard warrior.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Calm down gayboy can’t you take a ribbing. No, Ok you are 10 aren’t you? Let’s see if you can follow this. Pay close attention. I know you are pretty stupid, but you talk tough on this forum and you call me a keyboard warrior? Now I may be but what does that make you? You are sooooo stupid. I know I know, it’s tough being 10 you just don’t realize how stupid you are at that age. I’ll bet your mommy really likes you and feeds you well doesn’t she?

        • Why Can't We.. says:

          …all just get along? Love, Peace, come and visit Hilo, Hawaii. Get in touch with nature. Love your fellow neighbor. You would definitely be surprised at who is writing this!

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Your the one calling people out over the internet saying you’ll kick their ass haha. Your sad go to bed.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Let’s see if you can follow this Einstein. I completely manipulated your little pee-brain comments by provoking you. You see it worked great. It is the reason I KNOW you are 10 years old. It is exactly what Sonnen does to Silva to get an emotional response, JUST LIKE YOU. Have you gotten it yet? You probably don’t even realize that you have been run over, backed over then run over again do you? Don’t play with the big boys you are way too sensitive mommy’s boy. I’m starting to think Ho might be 11 cuz he hasn’t been biting the bait like you have. I didn’t think it was possible, but you actually might be dumber than Ho.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Who’s emotional here? lol if you get emotional over someone over the internet thats sad. Don’t play with the big boys? You sound so stupid. Its not even worth replying but I just can’t resist. Crawl back into your moms uterus where you belong.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Foreskinb4Five – Dude. Is it actually possible for someone to be void of any brain matter like you? Kid you are stuuuuuuuupid! You know I thought you might be qualified to pick up my dog’s shit, but now I don’t think you are.
          BTW: I am in your mommy’s uterus right now.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          I dont care that im feeding your troll ass. Its funny.

        • SaberTooth says:

          FINALLY Foreskinb4Five. you are starting to get it. Those 2 brain cells are maybe starting to rub together. Quit taking everything so personally. You act like a little sensitive girl sometimes. This is for fun, Dude because none of these opinions on this forum or any forum is worth shit!!!
          BTW: I’m still in your mommy’s uterus, over and over again.
          BTW2: Wrestling completely RULES the fight game. (And I am totally serious about this one).

  54. aaxantonio says:

    thank you Ed for saying what we all think, chael does not deserve a fight with anderson, if talking shit got you title shots j.browning would get one every ppv. if chael beat silvas ass for 4 rounds why didnt silva have one cut? not one bruise? that is because chael is soft, he got fist like marshmellows, all these losers get they ass’s kicked and cry they want another shot, thats bullshit, silva vs gsp is possible, silva vs jones will not happen, jones has to many guys to beat before the ufc would do that fight untill he clears his diviosion and by that time silva might be retired. who ever wins bisbing vs miller should get the shot, palhares and munoz should be considered too.

    • Creature says:

      Did you not see silvas face and head? even though hes black which makes seeing bruises much harder, it was obvious. he had bruises and welts on his face and head. And i guess Silva doesnt have a chin, since Chael’s “marshmallow” fists rocked silva and had his knees buckling and back peddling up against the octagon in the 1st round..rather your blind, or you just didnt watch the fight and are repeating what others are saying like a tool

  55. Creature says:

    His next fight has to be Chael.. theres no one else worthy of a title shot right now, Bisping’s best win is over Leben who is arguably #10 MW at best, hes still at least 2 wins away. Vitor’s only win since the Silva KO is Akiyama who is 1-3 UFC (IMO 0-4 thought Belcher won) so hes a no go, Miller is in the same position as Bisping. Belcher needs a few more fights. Theres Munoz if he gets past Leben but hes only beaten 1 top 10 MW in Maia. Not exactly a list of contenders..

    Then theres Sonnen, who is only on a 1 fight streak, but is 4-1 in his last 5 fights, wins over 2 top 5 MW’s (Marquardt and Okami) and a top 10 MW (Stann). And in the loss, was the Silva fight where he made Silva look like a amateur up until the triangle. Say whatever you want about why Silva looked like crap, doesnt change the fact that Sonnen did something never before seen done to AS in the UFC.

    Yes he did get submitted, lost fair and square, tapped after saying he never would. He rebounded after over a year off and made Stann look like he needed to be on the prelims, same way he did to Silva. So since the only other true contender (Hendo) already has a fight, Sonnen is the only logical choice, He deserves it more than anyone else at MW.

    • aaxantonio says:

      your a fucking idiot wat do you just wait fo chael to speak then repeat it ? do you think that makes you look smart? chael is a retard and so are you for repeating his every word , retard

      • Creature says:

        LOL funny how you are calling me the retard, and saying im just repeating what chael said, when i dont recall him saying all of that? please by all means show me where he said it. Hey if im an idiot for posting FACTS about chaels recent competition compared to the rest of the “contenders” at MW. Thats fine by me. Im just curious what that makes you? the person whos arguing against FACTS. Oh yes thats being mentally handicapped, were you born with down syndrome or just hit in the head really hard with a bat when you were younger?

  56. louie says:

    yeah if i was andersons manager i wouldnt want him to fight chael again either because the first fight he was getting handled like a rag doll until he caught that submission

  57. SanSooRob says:

    You bunch of turds lol you call Saying in a guys gaurd
    for 4 rounds a ass kicking waaahaaaa sorry all you baby nuts fans
    sonnen going fight vitor and get ktfo.

  58. zack says:

    Chael should fight vitor to see who gets the next shot. Although I really wish gsp would man up already

  59. Dustin says:


  60. thenamesodee says:

    Sonnen is a loudmouth cock who was beaten by a far better Mixed Martial Artist!! Yes It’s MMA not fucking wrestling, how is it a flukey win? A.S said he would submit the bitch and he did!!! He even wore his BJJ Gui on his entrance ha. Fuck Sonnen! I hope they fight and A.S makes an example of him and highlight reel ko him after teaching him a striking lesson or even do a “Griffin” on the prick

  61. King Gareth says:

    I would like to see Chael fight once more before he gets Silva. He is a legit #2 but he just came off a long lay off and one more fight before Silva wouldn’t hurt. I would like to see him fight Belfort or Maia before Silva.

  62. Xaninho says:

    Eventhough Sonnen doesn’t deserve it. Silva should grant him the rematch. Just to teach him a lesson and humiliate him. And to shut up the ignorant fact denying Sonnen fanboys.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Ho, Ho, Ho…..didn’t you know wrestling rules the fight game? Still thinking differently? It’s so tough being in your world isn’t it? Your comments adds no value to these discussions. Are you 10? Are you mad at me yet?

      • Xaninho says:

        Snaggletooth you make me laugh. Not cause you’re actually funny, but because you think you’re smart en witty.

        Don’t you realize you don’t have any sensible comments to make? No real arguments that will make people think: “hey that guy know what he’s talking about.”

        You try to win a discussion by calling people names and keep repeating they’re 10 years old. Saying they have no martial art skills and don’t know anything about it.

        Well, let me tell you this…I am from the Netherlands and have about 20 years of martial arts experience in Taekwondo and Thai boxing, of which I competed on a National and International level for over 15 years.

        You Snaggletooth..are nothing. A vessel filled with air, no content. I know, I probably made you cry, you just realized you just don’t matter.

        But you and Sonnen can cry together in a corner about missed opportunities in life.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Nuff said, Your soliloquy(look that up smart guy) proves you are a nerd and gets his ass beat every time. Well dude. I am a wrestler and boxing with 5 mma fights in a real cage. with one defeat by submission. All others are wins by KO or TKO. You wannabe fighter. Taekwondo is a bitch discipline with air punches and Michelin man pads. Thai boxing is inferior to real boxing.

          Ho – There is alot of gays in the Netherlands so you must feel good. Now I know why you are a Ho.

          Finally, let’s talk about meaningful discussions about fights. Your supposition that Silva gets pounded on for 4.5 rounds by Sonnen and then gets lucky and ties up a triangle to win proves that Silva is a better fighter!! You are a real idiot and you have ZERO common sense, therefore, no value to these discussion.

          I’ll now school you in this forum as no doubt I would do in a cage. People with real objective analysis abilities saw that a superior fighter in Sonnen completely dominated and manhandled an inferior fighter in Silva for 4.5 rounds and then Silva got lucky and got a triangle on him. What any non-Ho person saw was that Silva in fact is NOT the best Fighter but in fact Sonnen is.You seem to think that Silva ALLOWED Sonnen to pound on him for 4.5 rounds just to prove that he, Silva, is superior before he decided to finally dispatch this guy with a choke. Is that your supposition?

          You Ho are a fool. You funny and pathetic.

          But you know I might be wrong and you might just be the shitz!! So are you the shitz?

        • Xaninho says:

          Snaggle, Snaggle, Snaggletooth….There you go again. A REAL objective analysis from an objective person would have contained the fact Sonnen was on PED’s.

          Ofcourse lay ‘n’ pray bitches like yourself want to bury that fact under a thick layer of bullshit.

          If you would have any ability to understand what you’re reading you would have known I never said Silva wanted to wait for the last 2 minutes before submitting Sonnen. I said he was out to submit him, ofcourse Silva would have liked to make Sonnen tap in the first round.

          Sonnen did very well and made Silva work for it. So Silva had to keep trying, which he did and finally he took the opportunity to do what he was planning on doing…Make Sonnen tap.

          It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first or last minute. The fight lasts 5 rounds.

          If Sonnen would have knocked Silva out in the first minute or last minute by some lucky shot, you would be screaming and yelling it’s not fair if Dana White gave Silva a fast rematch.

          You have obviously no clue about the different disciplines and tournaments in taekwondo. So I will explain: yes there are tournaments with the pads and headgear, but also with just gloves, mouthguard and a cup.

          As a wrestler you’re just used to grind on men in a tutu, so don’t try to talk about getting hit with or without protection..

          Boxing being superior to Thaiboxing…please you’re cracking me up! Let’s see which boxer can take 2 or maybe 3 lowkicks in a row…This statement of you alone leads me to think you have no idea what competing in a ring or octagon is about. In other words you’re full of it.

          Well now I have manhandled you with mere words. I will not grant you a rematch and will be ignoring you.

        • SaberTooth says:

          So Ho – So what you are saying is that you are the shitz?
          I tell you what bitch. Visit the Greatest Nation in the World, USA and visit God’s favorite place in the Greatest Nation in the World, Texas. Walk into all the gym’s in North Texas and let them know that you are the Ho from the Netherlands. Then I will shake your hand and buy you a beer and then I will grind your little gay ass into the mat and punch you tell you tap and send you home to the Gayest Nation in the World. And there will be no hard feelings, we can be friends afterwards.
          In the meantime, save your nerdy comments for the dumbass’ like yourself. You have ZERO intelligence. It must be hard living in your world.
          You’ve got a weak mind and you don’t have the stamina to keep up old man with a 10 year old brain. So do you or don’t you HO?

  63. Taimanglo says:

    To all of you favoring Chael Sonnen and saying that Chael won that fight and will win if there was a rematch. No matter how you think the fight really went, Chael Sonnen TAPPED. Now Chael Sonnen Had a choice tap or Go out like the real champion he says he is. If you Actually think Chael won that fight you are delusional. IMO Anderson spared his life, if you wanna get mental.

  64. Creature says:

    GSP has said he would be willing to fight him.. just said it would take about 6 months to properly add enough weight to make the jump, and then about 8 weeks for a good camp. and Dana doesnt want 2 of his bigger money makers and poster boys for their divisions sitting out that long just for one fight. Dana is Business 1st, fans 2nd.

  65. Anderson needs to stop picking on WWs bc he’s looking like a fkn pusssy and who the FK is hiding now! Is Jon jones in his future.. doubt it! What a fkn faggott.. told ya he’s a FRAUD! P4p fkn pussy! Let see what Dana has to say about this bs..

  66. DBKlein69 says:

    cuz that pretty boy never got his ass handed to him for 23 straight minutes. get over ur obsession with gsp just cuz he made ur boy bj quit on the stool. yes, if ur anderson, u wanna fight guys smaller than u. u dont wanna fight a guy who already ragdolled u. and u sure as hell dont wanna fight a kid who would make a highlight reel at the expense of ur face. keep ducking chael. everyone knows andyboy is a scared little bitch

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