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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 11:11 am

Ed Herman: Silva is ducking Weidman

By Evan Stoumbelis
Former TUF competitor and UFC Middleweight Ed Herman sounded off in regards to Anderson Silva today. In Herman’s eyes the champ is ducking potential #1 contender Chris “The All-American” Weidman. Herman went on record as saying

“Anderson’s trying to duck him. I think it’s ’cause Weidman can beat him and everyone knows it. It sucks, there’s politics involved, there’s a lot of money on the line, and it’s sad to see the No. 1 contender not get a shot because Anderson’s camp is choosing who he wants to fight. I’d like to see Weidman get a shot because I think he can take out Anderson Silva.”

Herman’s will be facing Jake Shields at UFC 150 this Saturday.

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59 Responses to “Ed Herman: Silva is ducking Weidman”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I agree Anderson is a pussy faggot who picks and chooses his opponents. He tried to duck Chael for so long on their rematch. He knew he couldnt beat Chael also so Anderson resorted to cheating. Anderson cheated on 3 different occasions. He greased, he grabbed the shorts, and thew an illegal knee. If Anderson didnt cheat Chael wouldve raped him all 5 rounds and sent that brazilian monkey hooligan back home empty handed. But for sure weidman does provide so problems to Anderson and Anderson knows that he is too much of a coward to accept the fight.

    • p4p-king-silvaa says:

      you are a fagget that likes to watch men on top of men silva would blow weidmen out of the water you the dumbest mma fan ive heard to date

      • wow says:

        You’re 3 things are so stupid and invalid. Are you kidding me. You got 1 right and that was the greasing, the other 2 are just plain dumb and ignorance. Plus the ref wiped anderson off so its not like it helped. And grabbing the shorts? So what. it happens. Aldo grabbed the cage against mendes. Mendes grabbed his shorts. Guess what happend, ALDO KNOCKED HIS ASS OUT. Plus you better watch the fight again. It wasn’t an illegal knee. In the replay you clearly see it going into his chest. So fuck off and hop off chaels nuts. All chael has is wrestling. His stand up is horrible. He doesnt have any knockout power. Hes a bitch and even if they would called it a illegal knee, andersons still woulda knocked his ass out later

        • krafty11 says:

          He didn’t grease. It’s legal to wipe the vaseline (applied by the cutman before the fight) onto your body. Its the ref’s choice to wipe it off or not. If he were going to cheat, why do it right in front of the cameras?? And he does it every fight. This isn’t the first time this has been talked about. But I guess it doesn’t really matter now. Anderson whooped Chael into a distant memory.

        • me says:

          It’s only legal to apply it to the fighters face, not the rest of their body!

      • Xaninho says:

        Obviously you didn’t watch his last fight now did you? P.S. I like to complain about other people posting stuff with my name haha!

    • Joe Bidden says:

      First, grease was wiped off.

      Second, they both grabbed shorts.

      Third, it wasn’t an illegal knee. Watch the fight again or just take your head out of your ass.

      Fourth, fanboys will be fanboys. Stop nut hugging Chael.

    • Ryan says:

      The knee was legal. Watch the replay you idiot.

    • cheds says:

      What fight did u watch! chael grabbed shorts too n that knee was legal. Go watch the fight and then maybe you’ll know what you’re talking about. And sonnen couldn’t do shit once he was on top in round 1 just like he couldn’t do shit for 5 rounds in the first fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Kepp Fitch faggot you are teh biggets idiot to ever set foot on gods green earth. What exactly do you call showing up to a UFC title fight with enough ROIDS to jump over the damn moon. Sonnen has a 16.9 testosterone level which equates to hvaing the testosterone of 17men. NOONE in MMA history has ever been a bigger scumbag CHEATING than JUICE Sonnen. Look at Sonnen’s record and its enough said

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Fitch lover you are the biggest fucking idiot to ever walk this earth. I bet you have given more reach arounds in your life than a gay porn actor. yes we understand you like laying with men. how does it fell to being in the 1% of fans that actaully like Jon “LAY N PRAY” Fitch who was voted the most boring fighter in all MMA. says alot about you.
      YES we know your charactor who roots for scumbag cheating, FELONS. I would bet my house you have spent alot of time in prison and probably commit felonys on aregular basis.

    • Big Show says:

      you are the dumbest guy ever

    • Koolwa says:

      Dude was fight were you watching. The grease was caught by the ref, so no cheating there. pulling shorts never caused a knock out, or submission. (Super gay statement) and the knee was to the chest. Get some glasses, take a class or 2 learn something about the sport, and get off the couch. Freakin Maroon!!!!

      • Macheetah says:

        Dude what english are you speaking? “Dude was fight were you watching”? “Get some glasses, take a class or 2 learn something about the sport”?

    • bunkylomax says:

      yeah Anderson would smash you! your the only pussy on here buddy..stop hating and fighter will never accomplish anything these guys have except for typing a lot of bs on here tough girl

    • Matt says:

      Oh my God here he goes with his ignorant cunt rhetoric again. Dont you get it not even your warm lil cunt Chael thinks Anderson cheated you dumb fuck. Get over your dumb fing cunt obsession, you got that cunt?

    • santos says:

      you should go hang ur self. i bet ur racist and got picked on by blacks when u were younger. thaats why u made such a dumb ass remark about monkeys. also i bet ur upset that tito didnt pick ed either.

    • There’s the mystical illegal knee only Silva’s haters can see again. It’s all on film and clear the knee goes right into his sternum. And still these jokers keep insisting it was illegal.

    • CHE says:


    • hell yah he likes to duck fighters till he has absolutely no choice n is forced by dana to fight em. chris weidman is gonna take that belt sooner or later just wait n watch it happen. the guy aint invincible n will lose his belt to weidman guaranteed.anderson lettin his camp pikk n choose his fights is like a man lettin a woman run his life. he cant make his own choices??? what kinda champ is that to not fight the #1 contender??? whatta disgrace. hes wantin to fight anyone else except the contenders. hes done with the rest now fight who gets the next shot, the fighters who deserve the shot.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Totally agree here, no doubt the spider is ducking Weidman because he knows he will lose.

  3. Zack says:

    He thinks weidman can beat Anderson and I think I can knock out big country lmao they need to stop trying to do what Chael did. If u want a title shot fight someone in the top 5. As much as I hate sonnen he would stomp weidman.

  4. Sidekix says:

    Stop crying about the knee its been looked at and was a leagal knee.

    At the end of the day though anderson isnt the one who gets to pick his fights he can campaign all he wants and i think they will put him against weidman cause everyone is screaming for him.

    • Quitcrying says:

      Silva can’t duck him being mw champ, but silva can make weidman wait around for about a year. Silva is a pussy faggot and if the refs did their jobs correctly he would be out of the ufc plain and simple. Silva wants to vacate the title to fight a much smaller gsp who has no chin. Matt Serra ko’d that pussy, it was prolly Matt serras first career ko.

      • Me says:

        Common GSP is the biggest threat out there (Except Jones, & Any Hw’s)
        He has great wrestling, Can control fighters on the ground and has a nice BJJ; Not saying he will sumbit Silva or even beat him but he has the best chance as we all know Silva’s only weakness is his wrestling)

  5. jbeamazing says:

    Andersons camp knows Weidman. has the best shot at beating anderson not saying he would but he has the best chance and some how andersons ego doen’t think the number 1 contender should get the shot because his name isn’t big enough and that might be the case in Brazil but any real fan knows Weidman. is a problem for anyone in the ufc

  6. maurice says:

    wow. when yushin, vitor, and chael all fail…the haters got to lean on the next great hope. weidman looked outstanding against munoz. it was literally a flawless victory. he posses some serious threats to silva. but lets be real, munoz sucks and couldnt even carry silva’s jock strap. if and when silva fights weidman he will embarrass him the same way vitor or bisping would embarrass weidman. if silva beats weidman everyone will say, “weidman was inexperienced, overhyped, etc etc. lol, b4 the munoz fight not a damn person even thought about a silva/weidman matchup. imo all weidman did was just prove that he might be legit, and just how overrated munoz has always been. lol, u same ppl r the ones who thought for some weird reason MUNOZ could beat weidman and anderson. hahahahahaha. there is no legitemite number 1 contender at mw at the moments and thats a fact. munoz is a sorry mma wrestler with some of the most overrated striking ive ever seen. any one with half descent technique can expose munoz, like maia, grove, yushin, chael would have, anderson would have, hammill, etc etc. get off his nuts ppl.

  7. mma88 says:

    It’s funny how so many fighters use the Sonnen tactic of bad mouthing Silva in hopes of gaining attention. Silva just defended his title against the Number One (still is the number one contender) just a few weeks ago.

    GSP has not fought in over 450 days, so much so that they now have an interim title. And no one says he is ducking someone.

  8. y0y0 says:

    Shut the fuck up with that Weidman has the best chance. They said that about Chael the first and second time, Okami, Belfort, Maia, Cote, Henderson, and they all got there ass beat.

    • JiuJitsuRules/BJJWhiz says:

      You know chael lost cause he fucked up not cause Anderson fought good he was fighting horrible he was even getting outboxed by chael only reason Andy won was
      Cause that spinning back elbow and thank god cuz I bet $100 on Andy and when I saw the first round everyone knew he was fucked, but he ended up getting lucky!

      • Tapitout21 says:

        You’re an idiot…rewatch the fight silva stuffed sonnens first shot in the 2nd stunned him with a jab and then Chael tried the back fist while he was still dazed…silva was on his was to victory and would finish weidman faster than he did vitor

      • Dee says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. Sonnen was done. Even if the spinning backfist was a mistake, he himself stood in the upright position and scooted his back to the cage instead of laying back and kicking. I believe he was daze. When you’re daze you do stupid things. Sonnen gave his best, but he can’t beat Silva. Even in the 1st fight that everyone talks so much about, Silva landed the harder shots and did the most damage even from the bottom. In 7 rounds Sonnen won 2. In the first fight, he dominated the champ in the 1st round and in the 2nd fight he mounted him but that’s about it. Wrestlers think just because they take a guy down they should win, and in this sport yes that’s true; however, in the real world and in the minds of real mma fight fans, we classify that as “lay and Pray.” That’s for guys who can’t stand up and lack submission skills, but are hoping to hold a guy down long enough until time expires.

  9. Dave says:

    Who the fuck is that guy? nou everybody talking about the champ, i saw master of talking and saw also whats happen…

  10. DJ Serious Bizness says:

    Ridiculous. So Weidman beats Maia and Munoz and now he can beat Anderson Silva. You hillbillys need to lay off the meth. His wrestling’s good but his striking is sub par. His stand up defense needs MUCH work. I like Weidman but Anderson Silva will beat his brakes off like all the rest of them. Guess these rednecks gotta cheer for somebody

  11. maurice says:

    i think weidman should fight 1 or 2 more top guys just to solidify his position. weidman in my mind is talented and has potential, but rushing him into a silva fight is just stupid. this is anderson silva we’re talking about. its funny that ppl STILL think silva weakness is wrestling and submissions. when in reality silva hasnt been subbed in years, and his last 2 fights he stuffed (okami and chael) the 2 best wrestlers at mw takedowns. so far when forced into prologned ground fights silva ALWAYS subs his opponent. fuck it, give weidman the title shot. weidmans going to find out within seconds of the opening bell that SILVA isnt MUNOZ.

  12. mmahawk says:

    Why is Ed Hermann even talking? That guys is so far out of the conversation….so you’re Weidman’s buddy….of course you’re gonna say that.

    Someone mentioned that everyone says they got the tools to beat Anderson….tell me, of all the guys he’s faced, and BEATEN, who has the recipe? Who’s the guy?

    Hendo: Tapped out.
    Vitor: Foot to face KO
    Okami: Beaten senseless
    Chael: Tapped and then KO’ed the second time around.

    Each of them has an excuse too….but fact is they all got beat. Fact is, since coming to the UFC, Anderson is undefeated.

    Hate if you wanna. It’s okay to hate…but don’t make stuff up cuz you hate a guy. Accept that even though you hate Silva, he’s beaten all challengers. Can he beat Weidman? Yeah, he can. Will he? Put them in the cage…let’s find out.

    Weidman is pretty good. He beat Munoz and Maia…I’ll give him props. But Silva is Great. To be a Champ in anything in this life, you got to be more than “pretty good”.

    And the fact is, all the guys I listed who Anderson beat, ALL of them are better than “pretty good”.

  13. A.James says:

    Silva would fight Weidman if anyone knew who he was.

  14. If Weidman is ever unfortunate enough to get the shot he’s begging for it will look like Silva-Maia or Machida-Bader. Anderson will toy with him and make him look like an amateur.

  15. Ryan Prieur says:

    Who is Ed Herman to talk shit about Anderson Silva? like i have said before, i respect anyone who gets in a cage and fights, but come on man, you will never do half as much as silva in the sport of MMA so STFU man!

  16. @GetEducatedMMA says:

    this is stupid. Hermans a nobody, and so is Weidman. He beat maia, who was going downhill in his career at the time, changing from a grappling master to what was more like an amatuer kickboxer, and an out of shape munoz. How does that make him deserving of a shot against the greatest fighter of all time? Silva hasnt lost once in the UFC, and a fighter with one win against a top 10 guy is going to beat him? Some of you fans like that fitch nut hugger are the most uneducated fans in the history of MMA. and even if Weidman could beat Silva (ps he cant) he hasnt done shit to deserve it. So all you idiots STFU and GTFO!

  17. Me says:

    Common seriously? You guys believe that Silva’s camp is ducking Weidman? The camp is asking for GSP, a much more experienced and a much more complete fighter then Weidman and quite frankly a guy that poses much larger threat then Weidman, So to say Silvas camp is ducking Weidman is retarded.

  18. True MMA says:

    @ keep Fitch forever your a fucking idiot. Seriously your a fucking idiot.

  19. Dee says:

    Who is this guy? To show you how he’s a nobody, the only way he can get people to pay any attention to him is he has to mention Silva’s name while holding an American flag, and people still aren’t mentioning him. lol We’re talking about everything but him.

    Also people are saying Silva is ducking Weidman, but Weidman was called out a few weeks go by Vitor and he ducked him. Refuse to fight Vitor! Who does this kid think he is? Weidman would rather wait till next year to fight Silva than fight someone in September. Nevertheless if Silva is ducking him it’s his prerogative. He’s the world champ that has successfully defended his title multiple times and is getting ready to retire. He should be able to fight whomever he chooses for his last fight not some twitter punk whose biggest headline was on fuel tv.

  20. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Blah blah blah, tired of Silva haters, ya’ll are annoying. Of course he’s going to be choosey with his opponents. His time is coming to an end whether he loses or not, that’s a fact. This maybe his last contract, and he only has a few fights left on it. Why waste your last few fights fighting people like Weidman who didn’t even earn a shot? He wants big fights, he doesn’t want another Maia or Leties fight. They were both thought to be able to beat him because they had a good ground game, and guess what? Silva literally ran circles around them without even so much as attaining a scratch. If I was in his position I wouldn’t want to fight some nobody who just rose the ranks in ONE fight. If Weidman can prove himself before Silva retires, give him the fight, not that Weidman would stand a chance anyways.

  21. scouser says:

    silva can fight whoever HE CHOOSES! he has proven it time and time again he really is the best. as for herman lol ed who? does his opinon even matter?
    weidman would be lost in andersons world.

  22. Dante Niro says:

    what the fuck is goin on in the world today? LOOOLL
    Ed “nobody gives a shit who u are” Herman calls ANDERSON SILVA out for ducking wiedman
    CM “is a punkass bitch” says dont reward endorsment deals for drunk driving? hahah
    (maybe he forgot the 3 legends jones smashed to get consideration)
    and Jon “Biggest Bitch” Fitch calls BJ PENNN a coward??

    O M G …. this shit is fucking retarded .. all of it. Ed needs rehab like his parents
    CM punk…. dear lord dont get me started
    Jon Fitch.. i pray i see u around one day faggot! nerve of that hoe to call BJ a coward
    only guy who moves up or down to fight the best around!!

    fuck all yall

  23. When the fuck will people learn that Silva and his camp have NO SAY in who he faces? They are just stating how they feel! At the end of the day it is up to Dana, Lorenzo and their match makers! Silva hasn’t ducked anybody and anything heard otherwise is just nut hugging pillow talk…

  24. me says:

    Who gives a fuck what Ed Herman has to say??? His claim to fame was being choked out in a mounted triangle by Demian Maia!

  25. me says:

    Who gives a fuck as to what Ed Herman has to say??? His claim to fame is getting choked unconscious in a mounted triangle by Demian Maia!

  26. g00db0y says:

    silva vs weidman? c’mon son! no one will buy that PPV event cause nobody knows who the hell weidman is! forget that fight! make this happen instead….GSP vs. Silva! now that’s the fight people would see and buy!

  27. True MMA says:

    This fuckin clown Ed is going to kick the shit out of Shields.

  28. rcs says:

    Remember when Ed took a picture holding a flag to get fans… good times

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