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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 01:25 pm

Ebersole Fires Back At Fellow Welterweight Koscheck For His Harsh Words Towards AKA

“Josh came out to AKA in 2004, but he didn’t come straight out to live in San Jose. He immediately settled into Fresno, where our manager lived in a mansion, had a private jet, and set Josh up with a cozy income-earning position coaching wrestling, privately, to groups of school-kids. Being AKA’s first All-American wrestler, he seemed to have gotten the royal treatment. That’s my view, looking back. With that, Mr. Koscheck traveled into San Jose when he saw fit.

I think AKA has some of the most talented coaches he could have asked for. Camarillo, BJJ/Judo Black belt. Javier was a world champion. Bob Cook was an undefeated MMA fighter and is widely regarded as Frank Shamrock’s best student (and he went on to train under many more talented gentlemen). Daniel Cormier came out and acted as a coach and teammate. Jerome Turcan, who handled my striking development, is a multiple time French Savate Champion and a former K-1 Finalist. I mean, he was surrounded by talented former athletes, and some of the best active athletes in his weight class (Fitch, Swick, etc.)

He couldn’t get good work in? It was there to be had. He mentioned that Javier coached him but that he didn’t learn anything. Really? I learn from BJJ blue belts whilst I travel the globe teaching and training. And you can’t learn from a former World Champion? That’s a curious comment, if you ask me, which you did.

I’m not alone in thinking he’s a dick. I revisited AKA a time or two since I’d moved to Australia. The first time, I came off of a 14-hour flight and went straight to the gym. I announced that I had a fairly serious neck injury. I had a decent spar with Fitch, who held me down and beat me up, but kept a respectable speed/intensity. But Koscheck acted like I was standing in the way of him and a paycheck. And socially, he was very abrasive per usual.

In all of our interactions, never once did he thank me for booking his 1st fight, or taking my Christmas holiday to head out and train with him (on my own dime). I think he was successful because he had a chip on his shoulder all his life. And that’s fine. But when life opens its doors to you, allows you to live the dream, maybe some class, tact, and grace is called for? Life and society has obviously stopped beating Koscheck up at every turn. I assume an educated guy like him would actually put into practice some of the things he’s “learned” about treating others as you’d like to be treated.

He’s always a bit flippant and disrespectful to Helwani, but this last interview was ridiculous. Bad attempts at humor and despite the line of questioning, he brought it back to the drama/breakup he had with AKA. He went well out of his way to slander Javier Mendez and the system that AKA has built. Very disrespectful. Koscheck was not a self-made UFC star, as he’d like you to believe. There are more guys than just me that remember him punching like a girl for a few years. He’s figured it out now, and punches with power, but he didn’t do that on his own.

If he had any problems with Javier, it’s because Javier was the only one that would conflict with him. Most of the coaches are very non-confrontational. Javier tells it how he sees it. Josh probably had a big problem anytime criticism came; and 90% of that would have come from Javier, because it was not in the nature of the other coaches. Not surprising that they butted heads. And not surprising that Kos has acted like a child in regard to his life-changing plans. Disappointing to many, no doubt. But not surprising to anyone who knows him.”

After his last fight, UFC welterweight stand-out Josh Koscheck announced his departure from his long-time training home of AKA in San Jose, Ca.

He expressed his displeasure with the coaching staff, particularly Javier Mendez and said that he has been running his own camps for years.

It’s big news when a fighter abandons his team and goes on the hunt for new training, but former AKA resident and fellow UFC welterweight, Brian Ebersole, had some comments of his own to share with vigilantemma on what it really is like to be an AKA fighter.


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40 Responses to “Ebersole Fires Back At Fellow Welterweight Koscheck For His Harsh Words Towards AKA”

  1. momo says:

    Ebersole’s story makes a ton more seance then what kos is saying.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      damn i hope hendricks knocks Koscheck face in dirt. Nothing would be better for MMA than for Hendricks to KO koscheck after he Ko’d Fitch. Then hopefully the UFC will UNLEASH Rory on Fitch and finsih him off and then RELEASE him forever this time. I believe with right matchups Fitch is 2 fights from retirement or the UFC will give him a few more Ben Saunders or Alves. Noone has gotten more hand picked matchups than Fitch. all alst year Fitch was saying he would only fight GSP. I can’t believ the UFC wouldn’t do the fans a favor and unleash Ellenberger and then Rory on Fitch. No Fitch has always avoided bad matchups and never really fought the top guys since GSP destroyed him. IMO Fitch wouldn’t even be considered top 10 if he had to fight all the TRUE top guys. Why hasn’t Fitch fought Koscheck? or Rory, or Ellenberger, or Condit, even sheilds, or Kampmann, Diego had had massive staph when he fought Fitch. why not rematch Diego with Fitch both coming off a loss. Somehow Fitch always avoids bad matchups an dnever has to fight TRUE top guys but then eh will go on twitter an d say he has CLEANED out the WW divsion an d deserves rematch with GSP. Yeah Right Fitch is 1-1-1 in his last 3 fights coming off a devastating KO ,l.oss and still preaching he’s #2 ww in world. I read a story trhe other day on bleacher report where this reporter said we have Johny Hendricks to thank for making damn sure we will never have to see Fitch fight for title ever again. H esaid he had inside knowledge with UFC brass that Fitch will never get another shot at title. There is a god, thank you. The sooner UFC gets rid of Fitch MMA will be a better sport for fans

  2. true mma says:

    Man shut up and stop shaving stupid shit on your chest to get attention. It’s sad when most people don’t know your name and they know you by the guy with that stupid arrow shaved on his chest.

  3. true mma says:

    Eborsole is lucky he didn’t have to fight Rory because he would have got his ass kicked.

  4. Scary says:

    Ebersole’s a great gy, wow! what a great way to approach Josh’s negative comments. Classy and tactful will go along way now lets have these to guys fight.

  5. jc says:

    did anyone watch ebersoles last fight worst shit ever

  6. jc says:

    did anyone watch ebersoles last fight worst shit ever!

  7. magoo says:

    who doesn’t know Koschecks a dick???

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Yeah thats exactly what I was going to say EVERYONE knows Koscheck is a “DICK” and always has been. remember how he acted on TUF to GSP and his coaches. Koscheck needs to be matched up with Rory or Diaz so we can watch him get his ass kicked.

      • california grown says:

        that mop of bleached pubes on his head is hilarious
        his last fight was a joke – too bad he got the decision

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          what i think is funny is Koscheck is always talking about how he got teased while growing up cause he is half POLLOCK and half black. funny part is they showed a picture of his dad and he is like maybe two tenths black which makes Kocheck aboout one tenth black. He does kind of remind me of my half breed poodle with curly wirey poodle hair. If i bleached my poodle’s hair he would look just like Koscheck

  8. DMAC says:

    All that ever came out of Koshs mouth for years was him praising AKA staff and training partners. I guess he didn’t feel his game improving and wanted to bounce which I give him props for doing. But to slander the staff is really uncalled for. Probably trying to get guys to come train at his new gym perhaps?

    Ebersole should find a better camp to because his last fight was a snooze. He came in the UFC in a big way then I don’t know what happen….

    • Joshua C says:

      I agree his last performance wasn’t the best, but c’mon man…1 out of 3 or 4 (i don’t remember). It happens to most of the fighters, don’t be a prisoner of the moment.

  9. Axel39 says:

    Ebersole would kill kos.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I like Ebersole and his fighting abilities. Based on this article he seems very well spoken.

  11. zoeldog27 says:

    ebersole lives in Australia now ive met him and done a training session with him he came to our gym hes a really nice guy who was more than happy to work with anyone Koscheck on the other hand is a dick of the highest order and i’d love to see them fight , Ebersole did have a bad fight last time but dont let that fool you he’s a beast and he’d destroy Kos

  12. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Sound like the student became the teacher…never point fingers or four will point right back at you. I believe this man…being from the city of “NO” aka FRESNO. The place where I hear Mr. Koschek drives around town in his red ferrari (super douche’) back to his mansion. Never forget who helped you or made you! You can’t outrun the truth and I feel Mr. Koschek was moving on to be in a better place and become a better man in his eyes. I feel that he lost a little heart or love by running over people and using others by making excuses and saying that “they are all about the money”, when in actuality it was him looking in the mirror and trying to see others or anyone else and it was really himself seeing the green monster. He seems to be alot about money and promoting himself. I hope he finds his hunger for fighting again and knows only excuses in life will bring failure in the future. This Ebersole kat seems well spoken and honest. One love Mr. PENN…a warrior walks around hilo today. Hope you are enjoying your retirment and ohana. Pedro…need some more BJ news, been a while of a pic or something. Just saying!!!

  13. Joey joe joe junior shabadoo says:

    I’m proud of Brian. It is very hard to be an openly gay mma fighter. Fair deuce to him.

  14. Joey joe joe junior shabadoo says:

    Brian is a true gent and a scholar

  15. Joey joe joe junior shabadoo says:

    Yes correct

  16. Pierce says:

    Joey, you better fuckin watch what you say or I will tap you out you piece of trash. I’m a purple belt In Japenese Ju jitsu buttmunch

  17. Pierce says:

    I’m serious I can track you down with my sat nav

  18. Dick Diaz says:

    Brian Ebersole vs Josh Koscheck if Brian Ebersole gets one more win and Kos loses to Hendricks… we’ll just see…

  19. ebersole is awesome says:

    cartwheel kick, NUFF SAID NIGGAS

  20. Nando says:

    People discredit what he says because of the way he fights? That makes sense…..

  21. koscheck sucks says:

    Brian Ebersole nailed it square on the head. Koscheck is a dick. He is rude to people and thinks he is better than everyone around him and wants to blame everyone at AKA for his own shortcomings. For a guy who is so high on himself, he might want to watch his last fight with Mike Pierce. He sure did a whole lot of nothing in that fight.

  22. slacker says:

    Koscheck is a dick? Big surprise there. Yeah, he lost that fight to Pierce. He got a gift. He can’t throw a headkick without falling down.

  23. Dave says:

    Koscheck is a cheat and a dick… He should be kicked from the ufc for blatant cheating!! What he does is far worse than taking ped’s…. he pretends to be poked on the eye, he pretends to be kneed in the head and he blatantly pokes peoples eyes on purpose!

  24. Dave says:

    So to say someone is a cheat… After watching them do it, I have to know them??? That really makes no sense whatsoever!!

  25. scott says:

    You’d think koscheck might update his website, still training out of aka .

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