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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 09:15 am

Early Estimates Show UFC “143: Diaz vs. Condit” Did Around 400,000 Pay-Per-View Buys

While we will never know the truth of the matter, the lone source for UFC pay-per-view figures has and always will be, Mr. Dave Meltzer.

When people talk of buys, stating this PPV did this amount and this one did that, it is all based on his industry intelligence. The UFC never confirms figures, nor do the broadcasters, however, Meltzer’s time in the PPV business has gone on way before the UFC existed and therefore his estimates and contacts are widely considered as valid and on point.

With that being said, here is what he said via his subscription based newsletter about UFC 143: Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit.

“Based on preliminary trends, the show looks to have done in the range of 400,000 buys, which is more than I would have predicted. The key seems to be the Prime Time show, with so much talk stemming in particular from episode two, but also episode three. Most of our indicators, from the web site poll, to the newsletter poll, had a higher volume than expected as well. Because the show had no undercard, and really nothing was even promoted hard but the main event, it’s clear that Diaz’s win over B.J. Penn and his antics involving GSP have made him a draw. The interest in this fight was because people smelled GSP vs. Diaz and saw this as step one in the story. The strongest markets per capita look to have been Edmonton, Las Vegas, Calgary, Albuquerque (Condit’s home city), Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco (Diaz is from Northern California), Montreal (GSP’s home market since he was to face the winner), Halifax (GSP strong market), Phoenix, San Antonio and San Diego.”

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11 Responses to “Early Estimates Show UFC “143: Diaz vs. Condit” Did Around 400,000 Pay-Per-View Buys”

  1. Matt says:

    War Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    That’s why asshole Diaz will never be champ. GSP pulls in close to a million PPV buys every time he fights. It’s just business. That’s around 40 million, not 18million with 400K.

    • James Toney says:

      yeah I’m sure JDS sells move PPV’s then Brock….thats why Brock is not champ. Fuckin Asshole

    • tim says:

      Thats why if you rewatch the GSP vs Hughes fight and how it all was scripted with commentary and selective replays.. you almost would think it was rigged to let GSP be champion for the canadian market. Im not saying it was rigged… but if your rewatch it, youll mabey see what I mean. Key word is rewatch.. not use your memory of the event.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Yes, it could be anywhere from $18,000,000 to $22,000,000 depending on how many HD buys there were because that is $10 more. But you have to take into account all the sports bars, restaurants, etc. that carried the fight. They have to pay significantly more money due to copyright law. You buy at home, it’s pretty much personal use. You’re showing an event like that to the public, you’re essential paying for a non-exclusive license. So the number would be much greater than even $22,000,000.

  3. kevin9999 says:

    Who gives a shit

  4. CanILive says:

    condit vs. diaz II on the way….

  5. learntoread says:

    With GSP out, Penn out, the UFC will miss Nick Diaz in their WW division, being that there are currently no names at WW that would get even remotely close to 4 hundred thousand PPV buys as the Main Event.

  6. Alex Daas says:

    I watched this event in a popular movie theater in Fairfax VA, the theater was half full, it was this particular theater’s first time airing a UFC event. … and by the way, everyone except a small group was shocked at the decision win for Condit, i heard gasps…

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