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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 01:29 pm

VIDEO | Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier vs. Zombie(s)

By Roberto Mattos:
Remember this date. Well, more specifically, remember 28 days from this date (see what I did there?). On May 15th Dustin “the Diamond” Poirier will take on Chan Sung Jung “the Korean Zombie” in Fairfax, Virginia on UFC on Fuel TV 3.

The Diamond is 4 -0 since the WEC/UFC fusion and has an impressive 12-1 record overall. Only two of those wins actually went the distance. He’s the subject of the documentary “Fightville”, which takes a look at the MMA scene in southern Louisiana.

Poirier took some time out to share his thoughts on the fight and to give us a sneak peek at his less-than-orthodox training routine in preparation for the Korean Zombie.

“He’s going to bring the best out of me and I’m prepared for that. I want that battle. I want to fight and I want to bleed and I want to learn about myself.
“When I close my eyes I can almost smell it and feel it… and I know it’s coming.”

We’ll see if this new training regime will pay off for the Diamond. I just hope he remembers the first rule of Zombieland – Cardio.


8 Responses to “VIDEO | Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier vs. Zombie(s)”

  1. ScrubJONES says:

    Poirier is good, but he does not deserve a shot at Zombie who just fucking knocked Hominick out in 7 secs. Zombie should be getting a fucking title shot, fuckin UFC not giving him what he has earned. Poirier just beat a UFC debut’r and now hes gonna fight basically the #1 contender. shit if Zombie loses by some chance im gonna be fuckin pissed.

    • Hey Yo says:

      i actually think Dustin will win, KZ hasn’t earn his shot yet just because he beat Hominick and garcia, just think before the 2nd garcia fight he got KTFO by george roop, Dustin is on a good winning streak, if anything he should get the shot first but thats why Joe Silva is the best match maker, people these 2 together to fight to see who gets the shot instead of people complaining Dustin should get it first or KZ should get it first, we’ll see who is the better man next month

      • Popp24 says:

        I agree with Hey Yo and I personally feel it was a early stoppage in the Hominick fight. Zombie hasn’t really impressed me at all and Zombie is actually an underdog on the betting lines so somebody knows something. I think it will be a good fight but I got Dustin in this one.

    • Gank Train says:

      How self concious are you that you have to say “fuck” 4 times in a paragraph? just depressing lol.

      Anyway, Poirier is probably going to finish the KZ. KZ is a good fighter but Poirier wins a tough fight in my books.

    • TrigenicKin says:

      Uh…What? The only reason Poirier just fought some nobody is because 2 of his opponents got injured. If anything, KZ doesn’t deserve Poirier. The only notable thing he’s done is beat Mark Hominick. Neither of these guys deserve a title shot quite yet. I say the winner of this fight faces Hatsu Hioki for the next title shot.

  2. James Troy says:

    zombie gets fightof th enights submission of the year and _at the time) record tying KO time. but no dont give him a title shot. hes asian.

  3. Brad says:

    I wont be watching this because of Diablo 3, sorry.

  4. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Everyone should realize that Korean Zombie’s real record is 14-1.
    His decision loss to Kanehara and Leonard Garcia was total BULLSHIT.

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