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Tuesday, 08/27/2013, 01:04 pm

Duke Roufus: Fighting Pettis in Milwaukee is like fighting GSP in Montreal

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (16-2 MMA, 3-1 UFC) will finally get his shot at UFC gold this Saturday night when he rematches Benson Henderson (19-2 MMA, 7-0 UFC) in the main event of UFC 164 in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pettis and Henderson first met at WEC 53 back in 2010 for the World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight strap. “Smooth” lost a unanimous decision and his title to Pettis that night, largely thanks to Pettis’ famed “Showtime Kick” off the cage in the fifth round.

Since then, Benson has reeled off seven straight victories inside the Octagon, including three title defenses against Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz, and Gilbert Melendez respectively.

Meanwhile, Anthony Pettis has won three straight fights under the UFC banner, including stoppage wins over Donald Cerrone and Joe Lauzon in his past 2 outings.

“A rematch with Pettis was something I always hoped would happen”, stated the current UFC lightweight champion.

But, according to Duke Roufus, Pettis’ head trainer, a rematch against his star pupil was the last thing Benson wanted. Because if he truly wanted to rid himself of that WEC 53 loss, “Smooth” would have pushed a bit more for the rematch. Here is what Mr. Roufus had to say as a guest on “The MMA Hour”:

“I just think personally, as a former competitor, I lost to Maurice Smith in 1996, he’s older than me, and I’m old, but if somebody said, ‘Hey, we’ll put a fight on between the two of you,’ I’m going to go fight. I just think someone who lost a fight would want to take that fight again, especially in the manner that it went down. I mean, he didn’t really push for that fight and I really believe round six is coming in this fight on Saturday. Anthony has this guy’s number. It’s going to show Saturday night. I think Anthony improved in every area that Benson Henderson is going to try and attack Anthony.”

The first Pettis vs. Henderson bout took place in Glendale, Arizona, Benson’s home turf, but the rematch will take place right in Anthony’s backyard of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a place known for its dedicated and hardcore sports fans.

As far as the support “Showtime” will receive from his hometown fans, Roufus says he actually feels bad for “Smooth” due to all the hostility that awaits him in “The Badger State.”

“I actually feel sorry for Ben Henderson, it’s going to be a hostile crowd. This is going to be a Montreal, Brazil type crowd. I do man, it’s going to be like fighting GSP in Montreal.”

As far as his prediction for the bout, Duke didn’t hesitate to predict that his star pupil will get the finish, either via strikes or submission. Who do you have winning UFC 164’s main event? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


10 Responses to “Duke Roufus: Fighting Pettis in Milwaukee is like fighting GSP in Montreal”

  1. T.Daddy says:

    I’m so sick of this guy.. All Pettis ever did in his career was the kick off the cage.. A’ll Pettis and Roufes talked about was the kick on the UFC countdown last night.. You know why? Cuz that’s all he has ever done… He got raped by Guida.. Stephen’s shoulda beat him.. BS judging… I can’t wait till Saturday when Ben uses his wrestling and decisions the s.hit outta Pettis one trick pony ass

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Amen, Ben has fought way more frequently with way better opponents, and have improved way more.

      Pettis doesn’t have a chance, which sort of saddens me in a way because I believe this is the fight that makes Ben Henderson have the most title defences in Lightweight History, isn’t it?

    • The man says:

      I wish all fights would go to decision too, nobody wants to see a knockout or submission XD

  2. Terrance says:

    So tru T.Daddy

  3. 123 says:

    His flying kicks & knees off the cage are amazing, Anthony Pettis is the most exciting fighter in MMA.

  4. Jay says:

    At quick glance, it’s easy to say Benson will control the fight via his wrestling. I mean he’s well rounded at everything with insane cardio, but…I think he’ll definitely want to take this to the ground. I didn’t have too much respect for Pettis until after he finished Cowboy. With that said, this will be his opportunity to show if he’s a champion and complete fighter. If he’s dominated by wrestling again, like against Guida, he’ll be nothing more than an exciting striker. But…for some reason, I think he’s got this one. Everyone with the exception of Frankie Edgar, who I personally think won both fights, Benson has fought has been one dimensional. This is going to be a great fight.

  5. Dddddddd says:

    I believe Pettis will finish Benson. To say he’s done nothing is to know nothing. Pettis has brought attention to the sport that will be hard to duplicate. He’s had killer fights from day one in WEC and UFC. His skill set as a striker is rediculous and level of creativness is that of any artist in any art form. I’m not sure how this guy can’t seem like someone that would work hard to fill any void in his game that he might have had. If you can’t recognize this guys brilliance your too stupid to see it.
    Good luck to Anthony but he won’t need it.

  6. KIDD433 says:

    TDADDY has always hated on Pettis, he’s always choked on Bendos’ chode because they’re both black. Pettis a One Trick Pony? He pulls off something new every time he fights. And dangerous off his back. Do us real MMA Fans on here a favor and keep your biase garbage to yourself…As for people that are saying that Bendo is gonna wrestle fuk Pettis, they must not know that Pettis has Ben Askren to roll with everyday.

  7. JohnnyTapia25 says:

    Kidd433 , I’m with you on that, I’m sure TDaddy was riding Anderson Silva really hard also before he went to sleep. He’s just like all these other Ben Henderson fans who believe he’s actually won any of he’s last 3 fights legitimately, their all overlooking Anthony Pettis, and any real MMA fan could see what the “Showtime kick” actually put Benson to sleep momentarily, cause nobody gets hit like that and whole body seems to go dead and isn’t out if it, and if Frankie knocked down Benson like he did, Pettis surely will put his lights out in Milwaukee!

  8. YoMama says:

    I wouldnt say Henderson is undefeated in the UFC. He lost at least two of the fights that were gifted to him by the judges.

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