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Saturday, 03/09/2013, 07:12 pm

Dos Santos trainer: “It seems that Overeem doesn’t want this fight” | UFC NEWS

For the second time in one year Alistair Overeem has to drop out of a scheduled fight with Junior Dos Santos. The first time around Overeem got popped for sky-high testosterone levels and was suspended for nine months. The most recently scheduled fight has been squashed with Overeem claiming to have a “slight quad tear” and is once again not able to compete at UFC 160 as scheduled.

Will the two heavyweight powerhouses ever step into the octagon as scheduled and give the fans a fight they have been waiting for? JDS MMA coach Luiz Dorea doesn’t seem to think so.

Luiz Dorea talked to and about Overeem’s issues that keep coming up before his fights with JDS.

“We’re not here to doubt, but it’s really strange. Cigano’s career does not depend on Overeem, but it’s the second time that the fight has been canceled. What cannot happen is for Cigano to be penalized for it…. Injured or not, Overeem won’t cause any setbacks for Cigano, who already had to start a camp and doesn’t want to go any longer without fighting. It seems that Overeem doesn’t want this fight…. I do not know about his low testosterone levels, but there’s something weird there. It is reported that there was an injury, which we have to believe. Overeem is a great athlete, but he has his problems. What will happen is that everyone who has a scheduled fight against Overeem will be [unsure if it will take place]. This is the second time that Cigano has prepared for this fight, and this requires dedication and money. This postponement will not obstruct Cigano’s plans to seek the title shot soon after this fight. What else can happen in July, August? Will there be another story, another problem with the lab, or an injury?… Overeem teases Cigano, and every time we get close to the fight, we do not know what happens. It’s a difficult situation.”

What do you think? Is this just a matter of circumstance? Odd timing? Or is there more to it? Do you think Overeem is dodging JDS? Only time will tell the truth, and I for one hope this fight does happen. Both of these guys have great stand up and would definitely put on a great fight. For the sake of us fans let’s hope this fight happens, and sooner than later.


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  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Injuries happen. I always liked JDS, but this statement is bullcrap…..JDS is happy to take the seemingly easier road to a titleshot instead of having to fight Overeem for it.

    • fawse says:

      jds will get to the title again anyway he wants it. the reem on the other hand needs to inject or take shit just to win fights. lols. i hope whoever is matched up against reem next will smash that glass fucking chin of his.

  2. 757 says:

    I’m sorry but I remember Bigfoot smashing Reem. Why would anyone think JDS would be afraid of him and need to take an easier road…….ridiculous statement.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Where did you see me stating JDS was afraid? I never said he was afraid. I said he is happy to take the seemingly easier path to a new titleshot. The happy part was more from a business point of view.

      And besides throwing desperate haymakers in the third, Bigfoot was outclassed the whole fight and got lucky in the third.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    First of all he is Dutch so TWOTD is quite biased, But in this case I agree with him 100%. You seem to forget that Overeem was kicking Bigfoot’s ass prior to getting tagged. Overeem looked gassed in the 3rd and did not protect himself and got one of those frying pans hands of the HGH freak on him. I challenge anybody to take a hit from HGH freak and keep standing!! JDS got his soul stripped out of him with that beating he took from Cain. Of course, he doesn’t want to fight Overeem. He wants an easy route to Cain. Duh!! Let’s hope Mark can take a few to KO JDS to light heavyweight!!

  4. 757 says:

    First of all he lost. Getting gassed is part of that. Who cares how he lost…he lost. He moves down and others move on. JDS will fight new people and that’s how it goes. No more excuses. He got gassed and hit with bigfoot’s big hands. Duh that’s how it happens. I’m sure JDS would have no problem fighting Reem. I don’t think he is looking for an easier path. Your guy lost and now he got hurt. Move on JDS Reem is old news for now……..DUH

    • Jackson says:

      Yes Overeen lost… but so did JDS and JDS took a vicious BEATING… Overeem gassed and got careless, so he took a big punch but he did not get dominated and beat up like JDS did. In my opinion JDS fell down the ladder a lot more than Overeem. Overeem was having his way with bigfoot for 2 rounds before he gassed and in all honesty i don’t think JDS deserves a title shot again with just 1 potential win. With that said, there’s a good chance JDS wont even get past Hunt so let’s see how that goes down first 😉

  5. jdog says:

    Sounds like JDS is scared of the Reem. HE doesn’t want to wait 5 weeks???7 Who else is there that is elite? Mir, Cromier who?? Ohh wait an overweight Mark Hunt who was gassed so quickly all he could do is throw hay makers.

    I really don’t think he is scared, but for him/his management to say Reem is scared is stupid, then to bring up his LOW levels of Testosterone is just stupid

  6. Ddddddd says:

    I can’t blame him for being a little paranoid about the dependability of a cheat. Hunt has the fans any fighter would want to impress and seems to be a lot more admirable. This only makes sense to me and I’d rather see if Overeem can meet Jr. at the top anyway. $hit at this point nothing would suprise at heavy,Hunt will probably be fighting Bigfoot for the title. Not really Go Jr.

  7. 757 says:

    Excuses Excuses…..REEM lost period. He moves down and Bigfoot moves up. JDS deserves a rematch just like he gave Cain….REEM is out for the time as it should be.

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Here’s the difference retard. JDS got a sustained beatdown for 25 minutes and Overeem beatup and won 2 rounds prior to getting KO’d by Silva. JDS’ stock is down and needs to fight his way back. Let’s just hope Hunt KO’s him to lhw. But if he beats Hunt, he needs to fight the next guy in line…..Maybe Tim Sylvia????

  9. Dddddddd says:

    It’s crazy to me to hear the different views on Jrs loss. Jr took a beating no denying it as a fan of Jr. The reason I’m still impressed by him is that he was able to sustain through the beat down and that surely can’t be claimed by a Cain fan. How long did he last through his beat down? Not very long and he was knocked out in silly fashion while Jr. Stayed awake. Cain woke up eventually but he’s still dreaming to think he’s beating Jr. again

  10. Rockbottum says:

    I’ve watched de documentary of Overeem where he lost to Big Foot. He states that Big Foot had a great gameplan. He said that he noticed that Silva saved his energy in the 2nd round, so he had more left in the 3rd. Overeem knew he was tired in the 3rd and got sloppy with his hands and got clipped. So Overeem knew he lost because Silva had a better gameplan and he will come back better that ever. So i’m guessing he’s definitely not dodging JDS, but he wants to be 100% fit to fight him.

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