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Thursday, 03/22/2012, 09:19 am

Dos Santos Plans On Knocking Overeem Out, But Will Go To The Ground As Plan B

“I think it’s the ultimate test for my striking. It’s still the biggest challenge. He was a K-1 champion, which is the greatest striking event in the world. He’s a very strong guy, good, but I trust in myself a lot and I try for the knockout in all of my fights. Regardless of him being a striker or not, I’m going for the knockout… Jiu-jitsu can be Plan B. I’m an MMA fighter, training in everything. I’m well prepared to fight, whether standing or on the ground, and if I find it necessary to take it to the ground, it will happen.”

UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, recently talked to about his upcoming title fight against Alistair Overeem.

Both are strikers, JDS with a boxing base and Overeem a K-1 champion, but whose style will prevail?

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99 Responses to “Dos Santos Plans On Knocking Overeem Out, But Will Go To The Ground As Plan B”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    For some reason, I really like Dos Santos as the champ. Hope he gets past ‘reem, and eventually gets to face Velasquez again. That’s a rematch I wanna see

  2. Akid says:

    Yeah I think JDS’ ground game would be quite good! I also think he’s a great champ and tbh I don’t see Ubereem taking that belt away…

  3. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Overeem is going to eat him for a snack. Best bet would be to throw JDS, Mir, and Cain in the ring with him all at once. make it a fight.

  4. antwan says:

    i like the reem but jds will knock him out and beat all the other heavyweights in the ufc

  5. Zack says:

    Alistair is for sure the number 2 heavy weight in the world but he’s not gunna touch jds. His power and speed are gunna be too much. And jds isn’t gunna play alistairs game like Brock. That was prolly the worst we have ever seen Brock get beat and I think jds would’ve done it a lot more brutal still. Jds by ko

  6. Rick says:

    Me thinks Junior has the chin to absorbs some of the shots, whereas Overeem has got quite a few K.O. losses. Regardless is gonna be aaaaawesome.

  7. Bla DeBla says:

    I really like JDS , the boy has HANDS ! big time !

    He can Bang !

    Reminds me of when Liddell was at his peak with the clean strikes he lands .

    This boy has brain damage in his left & Coma in his right .

    He strikes so clean I have no doubt he could easily be an Olympic Super Heavyweight Boxing Champion .

    Has there been a champion in the UFC at any weight ever with shots as devastating as JDS ?

    Thunder & Lightening cant bang like this boy does .

    Even before he signed to fight Lesnar I was saying he was Champion material & would destroy Valesquez , lucky for Lesnar the fight didnt happen .

    He comes from a great training camp too , fuckin Brazilians , well rounded & tough as hell the whole lotta em !

    Speaking of Chuck Liddell ?

    Didnt he beat Overeem at 205 ?

    Isnt it amazing what steroids can do to someones body eh ?

    But Chael Sonnen is the bad guy … selective drugs testing & dishonest reporting anyone ?

    • Xaninho says:

      That was just Overeem’s problem at 205 dude. He was starving himself to keep his weight down, naturally that doesn’t do a man’s stamina and overall conditioning any good.

      He’s a natural heavyweight.

      • zetoe666 says:

        look at his fucking jaw, the dude is a HUGE steroid abuser. your face usually wont get buff, no matter what workouts you do.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          He has what is known as “Moon Face” its common to steroid abusers .

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          i have to agree in some part, although tbh hes always had that face when he was thin and shit.
          thing is what i dont get is that he doesnt display the other characteristics of steroids like pregnancy belly through organ growth.
          It might be hgh hes used in the past ???

          he looks a bit like a hog to me, he may just not carry his fat well in his face. as you get older double chins are common place. llok at joe rogan lol

          i can see how he it can be seen as steroids but i also think hes been strenth training for longer than most people in the game. if you look how he was in 2003 to now which is 9 years on. its not rediculous to think that he could pack on that muscle and gain a bit of fat.
          he body builds a lot. ive seen natural body builders as big as him

          still, its impossible to tell directly. the only steroid charactaristics he holds is being fucking hench

      • Bla DeBla says:

        So he was cutting down 60 lbs through a starvation diet ?!!!


        Fuckin idiot .

        Or are ya saying that Chuck Liddell was shit & the only way he coulda knocked out Overoid was because he starved himself down from 265 which is what he weighed in for the Lesnar figh at ?

        So why was he starving himself ?

        He’s from Holland not Ethopia .

        Its not like he is small at heavyweight , hes 6’5 & has to cut down to make the 265 heavyweight limit .

        So why was he supposedly starving himself ?

        • Kingsforge says:

          I didn’t quite get what you were saying there Bla Debla, it was kind of disjointed…

          But if you’ve seen some of the interviews to do with Overeem you’ll hear them say that to cut down to light heavy-weight he had to go on severe diets and couldn’t weight train because he had too muscle, you can’t cut muscle like you cut fat,

          Also, are half the people on here on ‘roids or something? It’s like you physically can’t touch a keyboard without typing out swear words.

          Some other suggestions other than ‘roids- small man syndrome, small genitals, ‘wannabe’ tough guys, lack of braincells, lack of social life, closet homosexuality, being so damn ‘special’ you have keyboard tourettes… the list goes on.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Sure if ya listen to Overoid he will also tell ya that he isnt on steroids which is an obvious lie .

          Nobody who has to cut weight to make the heavyweight limit starves off 60 lbs to make the LHW limit .

          You are either stupid , a liar or some kinda queer who like to see steroid abusing bodybuilder types without their shirts on fighting .

          As for th rest of yer dribble , I dont give a fuck about i .

        • Donnybrook says:

          Kingsforge your description of Cum DeSponge is bang on!.


          I THINK YOU MISSED THE INTERVIEW WHERE OVEREEM ADMITS HE USED STEROIDS… DUMBDUMBDUMB how lame are you i hope you feel a bit of shame lolz

        • Xaninho says:

          I think I have to explain myself more for the mentally challenged people on here..

          He is a natural heavyweight. He decided to leave the 205 and try to compete closer to his natural weight, for the heavyweights he bulked up some more cause he would be a small heavyweight if he didn’t.

          “Its not like he is small at heavyweight , hes 6’5 & has to cut down to make the 265 heavyweight limit .”
          He doesn’t need to cut down much, he weighed in at 264 with his pants still on before the Lesnar fight oh stupid moron.

          A guy 6’5″ tall at 205…do the math dumbass.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          What Math ?

          He is a lanky Skinny Black guy , not may of them around eh ?

          You do the math , 6’5 at 205 is proportionally equal to being 6′ at 185 so therefore the likes of Bisping & Sonnen are more physically freakish than what you are claiming Overeem was before he started abusing steroids .

        • Xaninho says:

          Dude are you pretending to be this dumb or just trolling? He’s naturally NOT a lanky skinny guy. If he were, he wouldn’t have had so much trouble keeping his weight down to 205, it’s not that hard to comprehend really.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Its obviously you thats dumb , yer trying to make excuses for him being on Steroids .

          proportionally he is no bigger at 205 than Bisping or Sonnen are at 185 .

          So according to you because they are over 6’1 they must be struggling to take of 60+ lbs to make 185 because thats apparently what you want us to believe Overoid was cutting to make 205 .

          Its bullshit .

          I seen him at 205 & he was healthy & strong & beat a lot of good fighters .

          He is a lanky skinny black guy naturally .

          On Steroids he is a 265+ lb lanky skinny black guy who abuses steroids .

          Its as simple as that .

        • dubs says:

          @Bla DeBla. Are you high or just plain stupid? If here were on steroids how the hell is he going to pass a piss or blood test? Every UFC fighter takes that same test.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          dubs its called selective testing. also he will go on a pct for a few months and come of cycle which will also help him cut weight as he will lose a bit of muscle and lower water retention.

          lots of people in combat sports have used and continue to use PED’s
          its only the ones that take it too the limit or leave it too late to off cycle that get caught.

          personally i see a simple solution to this problem and that is to introduce random drug tests for any fighter that is competing at professional level which can be at the organisations discretion (they can call for one) if the fighter chooses not to take one they can be benched or dropped from contract.
          people have to do this for driving jobs or any job involving the care for people/police/army/heavy machine operating. they should implement it into the fighting business which will stop all these argument and make it more risky for a fighter to consider it

        • effyocouch says:

          When overeem was fighting at 205 he was only walking at around 225. Look at his pride fights, and look at how small he looks. He wasn’t even close to 265 until he decided to put on the weight and fight heavyweight. So in all honesty he was cutting 20 pounds for fights at 205, not 60. Which still fucking sucks, and anyone who’s ever cut weight knows that.

        • retardedbar says:

          Thank you for someone finally pointing out to this douchebag that Alistair wasn’t cutting 60 fucking pounds. God damn, how ignorant some people can be. LMAO!!! Bla Debla, you sir, are officially retarded in every statement you’ve made and will make. Congratulations. Now google “Mi Gusta”.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So he decide one day to put on over 40 lbs just like that & inside 1 year … hey presto !.. a body that looks like a Body Builders .

          Bullshit .

          He decided to start taking steroids & hey presto … 40 + lbs extra body weight .

          He was a full grown man not a skinny developing Kid waiting to fill out , he had done all the natural growing he was ever going to do .

        • Xaninho says:

          It took him 5 years to add the extra weight dude.

          Ppff why do I even bother to try and explain the obvious…

        • Xaninho says:

          NO it took him 5 years to add the extra weight….

          I’m getting tired of explaining the obvious to mentally challenged trolls on here…

        • Bla DeBla says:

          He is on Steroids you fucking fool .

        • Xaninho says:

          And you’re obviously on estrogen bitch.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Obviously you are fantasizing again , just like you are fantasizing that Overoid isnt on Steroids .

  8. toneloc24 says:

    I like JDS and Overeem a lot but I’m hoping JDS pulls it off. He seems like such a good dude and.he’s always so positive it puts u better mood just seeing him talk.His hands are better and faster than Overeems are but Overeem has better kicking boxing without question. Its gunna be interesting to see if JDS can catch him and knock him out before Overeem can get the clinch and use those knees

  9. andy says:

    I think JDS’ best option is to keep it standing. Yeah JDS is a bjj black belt but the reem’s ground game is tried, tested, and true. In terms of stand up I say their even but I would give the advantage to reem on the ground. Regardless, awesome fight and I opt to find out what happens. This is one of those tough to call fights i chose not to make a prediction about lol.

  10. Justen says:

    I like JDS, but I think Overeem is gunna kill him.

  11. Tommy S says:

    I promise you that JDS takes this one. Even in the first round! He will knock Alistair out. Look at how slow Overeem is, and he never throws big combos. This is gonna be a pretty onesided fight :-)

    • dubs says:

      I promise you that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Overeem is a lot faster than you think. He has beat better and faster strikers than JDS in straight kickboxing matches. How is JDS going to knock him out standing up in the 1st round? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! JDS is good and I like him a lot, IF he can win it’s by either lay and pray OR decision. He will not stop Overeem in the clinch and won’t absorb those lumberjack-like leg kicks.

  12. Errm says:

    JDS got this easy. I kid you not.

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    i like Dos Santo’s volume punching chances against Overeem’s stand still cover up and throwing one big strike at a time. we’ll just have to see…

  14. Xaninho says:

    I hope Overeem wins, maybe then MMA will get a bit more attention here in Holland. It’s still not legal, a new Dutch champ could open the door for MMA to become a legal sport here.

    It won’t be easy to beat JDS, maybe it will proof to be impossible cause JDS is a really great fighter, a likable, humble guy even, but if anyone can it’s Overeem.

    If JDS keeps the belt I won’t be all that disappointed, he deserves it if he can beat Overeem. And if that happens he will stay the champ for a long long time.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I didn’t know MMA was illegal in Holland. K1 and Boxing is legal there right? Dana should lobby in these new developing markets. It does bring in money to the local economies where ever they have an event.

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah K1 and boxing, Muay Thai, you name it everything is legal except MMA…It’s such a shame cause Holland has so many martial art practisioners and followers.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It’s a shame that the talent there has to suffer by not being discovered and put to use in MMA.

    • primalmasher says:

      finally, a true fan that doesn’t holler “HE WILL DESTROY BLAHBLAHBLAH” every chance he gets. Fanboys are fail but at least you aren’t one.

      I personally see this match even for the most part. what overeem lacks in speed he makes up for in power. although we’ve seen brock lesnar cut alistar with a jab. to JDS it would be a viable tactic to gauge distance with it and set up his devastating uppercut under those long arms of the reem.

      but in the end both guys are likeable and hopefully the fight will be as exciting as it looks, brotato!

  15. .. says:

    lol overeem dont stand a chance..his is by far the slower striker his performance against brock lesnar was nothing special of course brock would of got finished with a body shot look at what he’s been threw..Jds is on another level just like silva and aldo his hands are amazing for a heavyweight his jiu jitsu is highly underated as well I can see this fight ending by KO for junior or arm bar by junior..Cant wait to see the overeem hype train get demolished!!

    • Ly-er says:

      I also agree JDS will come out w/ the victory. He’s too fresh w/ tremendous power in both hands, I think Overeem has been thru too many wars w/ wear & tear being another factor to his down fall! Iono if the fight will potentially hit the ground, but that would be interesting to predict since Overeem has so many sub wins. We know JDS has great “take down defense”, but I’m sure he can hold his own if the fight goes to the ground.

    • Xaninho says:

      A hype train?

      The guy holds 3 belts in two different disciplines….

      I know JDS can KO him like he can KO anyone if he hits the sweet spot.

      But you’re not giving Overeem the credit he deserves based on his past accomplishments.

    • dubs says:

      hahaha…it’s so funny when halfwits like you try and run off at the mouth. You have NO IDEA what you are saying. Just go take a bath with the toaster plugged in. Overeem’s performance against Brock was well planned out and beautifully executed. How often do you see a Liver Kick cripple a heavyweight in UFC? hmmmm…let me think…NEVER. He planned that the entire time and delivered. JDS is not “on another level”. In fact he is on a lower level, but has great boxing and heavy hands. JDS’ jiu jitsu is underated for a reason – HE NEVER uses it in MMA. Overeem has more wins by submission and holds titles in submission grappling. Not to mention he holds titles in multiple divisions. Going tobe an amazing fight with two of the best. Now go and read up before you comment.

  16. Dano the clown says:

    If Shane Carwin cant knockout JDS with his awesome power then no one will.

  17. wefwe says:

    muay thai is way more effectfull than boxing and i think jsd is a boxer when it comes to standing

  18. Kingsforge says:

    If JD can close the distance and keep out of the clinch then he will probably take it cos his hands are f**king HEAVY, but if he tries to play the outside or gets caught in the clinch then Reems kicks and knees are gonna tear through him

    I know Brock was all messed up still, but Reem tore him down like he was in a sparring match.

  19. Xaninho says:

    Overeem will attack the legs with some hard lowkicks. If JDS goes for a takedown Overeem will use one of his strengths, being the devastating knees to the body or chin.

    It will not be a stand and bang kinda fight.

  20. true mma says:

    Overeem gets his ass kicked by 205ers and blames his little baby not letting him sleep. Come on man, you have a glass chin.

  21. true mma says:

    Overeem fights at heavy weight because he got his ass kicked at light heavy weight and blamed it on his child not letting him sleep.

  22. Magoo says:

    Cigano for the highlight reel KO!

  23. T.Daddy says:

    Can’t wait fo this one.. I gotta go with Reem

  24. Pick says:

    Although Overeem is the larger fighter and can match power with Dos Santos, I believe speed will play a large factor in this fight. Dos Santos via 2nd round K.O.

  25. true mma says:

    JDS does have a plan B because its mma. Overeem only has plan A and A which is stand up.

  26. slacker says:

    Reembear! Already JDS is talking about plan B. He knows he is in trouble standing.

  27. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Even Batman has a plan B. That doesn’t mean he has to use it.

    • slacker says:

      Batman has Robin. JDS has Overeem’s other knee in his gut.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Robin isn’t Batman’s plan B. Robin is what happens when you avoid plan B.

        Overeem’s plan B is passing out like Keith Jardine. EVOLUTION BABY!

        LOL watch this video

        • slacker says:

          lmao! Too funny. It’s like cow – tipping with invisible tippers. Well, hopefully this lasts longer than a round, but I doubt it. The heavyweights rarely do.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Nah probably won’t last more than 2 rounds at the most. These guys are gonna hit like two colliding trucks.

          I really excited for this all HW card.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          no way in hell alistair lasts more than 2 rounds. he turns into a lil sissy when he gets hit.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Plan C for JDS is going to be JDS stomping of Overeems baby toe.

  28. ya herd says:

    reem fights at heavyweight because its more built for his frame just like 185 is more built for bispings frame its as simple as that quit bitch bla de bla and i do agree with u that he took steroids but that was years ago isnt affecting his performance now u know what i mean?

  29. Dude says:

    Wow! Super heavyweight boxing champion… I doubt that

  30. true mma says:

    How can guy go from getting his ass kicked at LHW to being a badass at HW. Don’t get to excited people he fought a Brock that doesn’t like getting hit. JDS will take a hit and hit you back harder. Look at his.previous fights.

    • dubs says:

      you are literally a dumb f*k. Do some research before you comment and prove your stupidity. Go look at Overeem’s MMA and Kickboxing record. He has beat WAY MORE notable fighters than JDS. JDS is good, but only has 3 notable wins

    • jonesy says:


      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I think its so damn funny to sit here and read NEWBIE fans who still prob in diapers when REEM was fighting at LHW starving and killing himself to make 205. When are you idiots going to realize Reem is not the same fighter he was 6-10 years ago. He has massive experience and UNLIKE Frank Mir who put on 40 lbs of muscle in 6 months (working out with lifetime ROIDER strongman mark Philipi) Reem put on his muscle over 5 years or more time. You guys act like anyone can beat Brock. well what happen to Mir in his last fight with Brock? What happen to biggest ROIDER in all MMA Carwin against Brock? You idiots atlk out your ass. Has JDS ever competed against the best strikers in world in K-1? has JDS held K-1, Dream, strikeforce titles all at same time? You idiots atlk about Reem like this is his first rodeo? Yes first guy to land a big shot prob will win the JDS/ Reem fight but to say we know who’s going to win is carzy anything can happen. One thing is for sure both these guys earned their way to this fight to decide who is the best HW in world.

  31. Jason N says:

    I am big fan of JDS. He is going to whoop Overeems ass.

  32. bdizz says:

    My money is on Junior – Dudes a beast… I’d really like to see a Cain/JDS rematch to be honest. I really think that surgery screwed Cain up pretty good – way to much time off. And to face a fucking stud like Junior shiiieeeeet he was doomed! I’m just thinking Cain looked like shit for that fight and hopefully he’ll get back into his winning grove again and put on a better performance the next time around shit maybe he’ll last more than a 2 minutes.

  33. Chartmonster says:

    I know damn well he’ll try to go the ground w Reem bc he knows damn well he can’t stand with the Dutch Muay Thai machine.. Fact! All you Jds fanny girls will see there’s a new king in town ..Da REEMMONSTER!

    • jonesy says:

      you are crazy bud////reem aint that good…he is in top 10 but not top 5…brock was entering that fight ready to retire…and brock was just a over sized bitch

  34. dubs says:

    he better have a plan C. Overeem has more submission wins than JDS and more experience everywhere. His best bet is use his stamina and look for a decision win.

  35. jdog says:

    Both fighters are good, but Dos Santos has not ever really impressed me. Look at his fight with Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin, granted he won both but hell Brock submitted Carwin and all Santos did was bloody him up really bad. He knocked out Werdum but really guys, not knocking his boxing or anything along those lines but I really don’t think his power is as good as everyone says. As for Alistar he has lost lots of fights at LHW but he was a natural HW so I can see it. I can also see why people say he will loose and it is justified. I think this will be a good fight but I give the edge to Alistar but would not be surprised if it went the other way

  36. Ryan says:

    I dont think Cigano goes to his Plan B in this fight. As accomplished of a striker as Ubereem is, in MMA he tends to rely on throwing single shots. I dont see that working against someone with JDS’ speed/power/technique.

    I have JDS stopping Overeem with strikes by the third round. If anyone us going to KO Cigano on the feet, it’s Ubereem, but dont think it’s going to happen.

  37. jdog says:

    Most of you are idiots on here. I met Alistar and he was a stand up guy, always nice and funny. Also he didn’t wake up one day at 265 pounds, his transformation was 5 years in the making, I think anyone can put on 60 pounds of muscle if they train right. He was cutting like 15 to 20 pounds I think to make LHW and it was draining him, he was still not big enough to be a good HW so he started to weight train to add muscle (muscle weighs more than fat) and now he has put on enough muscle that he is where he feels comfortably. If any of you haters have actually ever trained MMA you will know if you go on a hard weight cut you are prone to KO’s because your body might not be hydrated properly which in turn throws your entire body chemistry off. This man has NEVER tested positive for roids but because he took his career seriously and actually tried to make a difference in it by moving up in weight the right way you think he is on roids. So if anyone gets a promotion over you then they must be dicking your boss??

  38. Judge_Dreadz says:

    So tired of ppl sayin he was on roids he wouldve been got caught up .The dude obivously has good genetics builds muscle fast and easily like most black guys stop hatin cause he built like a superhero and most of you r fat fuck sausages.That being said a fan of both can’t decide a winner.

  39. slacker says:

    Reembear by Reemstare! JDS falls down and taps his giant bearclaw.

  40. Mc says:

    Alistair hasnt really done shit at HW. Who has he beat? Brock after a couple surgerys? Other than that ever good Lhw he fought beat his ass and then he moved up to HW and fought in bs organizations w/ no competition and while w/ strikeforce he wouldn’t fight anyone. JDS will prob knock his ass out

  41. Adz says:

    STYLE- Explosive Inside Combination fighter
    STRIKING: Better boxer, fights off angles, and is on balance with his combinations when he’s on the inside. Also has excellent fitness.
    GROUND: Last year I read he was a purple belt in jiu jitsu, could have moved up since then, not really sure.
    FLAWS- nothing that I can see, but chin has to be tested, as well as adaptation to change of style in lthe later rounds.

    STYLE- Counter Puncher, Sets up power punch from stance, Southpaw/Orthodox
    STRIKING- Muay Thai/Dutch Style Kickboxing, has mostly wins in K1, also won the Grand Prix.
    GROUND- Has a lot of submissions on his mma record. Also has neutralised Werdum and Brock, (both excellent grapplers/wrestlers)
    FLAWS- Does not like fighters that utilise angles and fast combinations. He struggled with Gokhan Saki, Tryone Spong (first round before the gas out).

    JDS by decision. Or Overeem by knockout. Hard to say.

  42. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    ive followed Reem since his early K-1 days. they guy is a wrecking ball in all senses of the word. however hes not very intelligent as an mma fighter as there are far to many variables that he doesnt take into account.
    I do think thats one of the main reasons he moved to heavyweight as its less likely that hes going to come across ultra flexible ju-jitsu types that give him a hard time.
    He has problems with wrestlers as well. its is likely to be why even though he won against brock he kinda looked shit as he was afraid of take down.
    hes not scared of being hit, hes scared of being taken down.

    My gues is that JDS will fake takedown overhand right to his jaw and put him on the backfoot.
    JDS is easily as quick as Reem in the hands speed. hes not as fast with his legs but i think reem will be scared to throw kicks from fear of being put on the mat and submitted.
    I love both of these fighters, i like reem and want him to win as it will prolong his carreer and shut rutten up with this stupid GG fued.
    I do think JDS has the advantage on ground which will force Reem to think differently to how he normally fights and take him out of his comfort zone.
    deep down i think JDS has this. it could go either way though

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