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Tuesday, 10/30/2012, 10:09 am

Dos Santos: I Can Knock Out Klitschko | UFC NEWS

“I could beat [Wladimir Klitschko], man. Maybe not easy, but I could knock him out. I watch a lot of fights with Wladimir, and I see a lot of holes. Wladimir, the Klitschkos, they’re amazing. I like to watch them fight, especially Wladimir, but it’s kind of boring. They are really good at what they do, but they are very careful. They don’t go to the fight to finish the fight. They stay there in that safe strategy all the time. It’s not the Mike Tyson time. Guys don’t finish fights. I love who I am, and I want to stay in MMA. Boxing is going down.”

UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos recently told Sports Illustrated that he thinks he can knock out boxing’s heavyweight king.’

Can he?


50 Responses to “Dos Santos: I Can Knock Out Klitschko | UFC NEWS”

  1. Trent says:

    Just shows the confidence of the champ.

    • magoo says:

      Damn that will look great on Cains resume…. Valasquez wins title back from mma HW Junior Dos Santos,who believes could KO either of the Klitschko bros!!!! Lol

  2. TheTude says:

    Maybe its just me, but it seems like JDS is getting more and more cocky, JDS would beat Klitscho in an MMA fight, but either one of the Klischos would murder JDS in a boxing match. JDS, man i respect you alot but dont start flappin those jaws too much cause after Cain beats you, you are gonna be in the same shoes as Rampage after the JBJ fight.

    • marcus says:

      My thoughts exactly Tude

    • primalmasher says:

      lay off the haterade, buttmad troll.

      • TheTude says:

        Muh Fucka this is Haternation, What the hell does buttmad troll mean, and why do you keep calling people that?

        • Not You says:

          Most people can’t handle a different opinion. I agree however, he wouldn’t even touch the Klitchkos. He would be calculated within the first minute of round one and be picked apart for the rest of the fight. There is a reason why people don’t fight like Mike anymore, you can’t make it past 3-4 rounds top. In a 12 round match, it really adds up.

    • Ryan says:

      i agree with u. jds is getting cocky and this guy dont know shit about boxing the klitschko’s both have a high knockout rate i think both have higher than 80%, he’ll get killed if he boxes them!

    • geoffrey says:

      no cain will not beat JDS because JDS is the greatest heavyweight the UFC has ever seen, they’re hasn’t been one fighter to call themselves a current UFC fighter or a former UFC champ that is better than JDS, just isn’t another one out there, MMA is a different story but UFC there is no comparsion.

    • Ryan says:

      Jds will get knocked out by the klitschkos hes small and has no head movement, perfect for the klitschkos to ko!

      • Alex says:

        JDS is small? Bro he’s practically the same size as the klitschko bros, the older klitschko is a bit bigger but not by much and the height differential is only 2 inches between JDS and them. Just cuz the klitschko bros are big heavyweights doesnt mean they’re bigger than every fighter on the planet.

    • Mat says:

      Cocky bastard, he knows shit about boxing. The klitchko would kill him… Let him say all that he wants now that hes the champ because in december Cain WILL rape him bad

      • yeahrightman says:

        Cain is going to get destroyed. If he ever had a chance it was last time while JDS needed surgery (which he got after the fight.) Without a busted up lead leg Cain has nothing for him. It’s going to be a short, bad fight for Cain.

    • Breez718 says:

      Yea like the time Cain beat him last time lmao. Cain his gonna get his ass beat quick just like last time!!! Y’all act like JDS didn’t finish him fast and convincingly.

    • yeahrightman says:

      If that is the way you talk about someone who you “respect alot” (a lot spelled wrong) then I would hate yo see how you comment on people you don’t respect. Listen, JDS is the most dangerous man on the planet, bar none. Ask anybody who has fought him. So if he thinks he can KO a boxer then that’s his business. You can agree or disagree but you KNOW that JDS would take the fight. Cain is going down so don’t worry about JDS bro, and this time it will be worse. This time Cain is going to sleeep. Probably a busted eye socket too.

      • MooreUSMC says:

        You’re right because Cain had shown so many weaknesses. Sure he lost a fight, but so has JDS difference is JDS has lost to a no body. Cain has only lost to the SECOND best of the best. Cain by TKO rd 4 since we are all making predictions like we aren’t biased as hell I figured I would throw mine in.

    • lolidiots says:

      you retards never know the difference between confidence and cockyness, probably because you have neither yourself

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Tude – Agree with you. As much as I am of Dos Santos he would be out of his league in a straight up boxing match with either brother or David Haye for that matter. It’s just a different game…

  3. 123 says:

    cant wait for ufc 155, got a feeling cain velasquez is going to dominate.

  4. OakcliffTopdog says:

    123 I concurr…Cain by 4th rd. TKO GNP

  5. Steve B says:

    Klitschko would KO JDS in a street fight, MMA, or Boxing. The guy is a fully decorated boxer with a sick backround in Kickboxing/Karate….JDS is becoming quite the idiot lately.

    • Comonguy says:

      @ Steve B Give me a break man. I agree that JDS wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell in a boxing match against the guy, but if you think that in an MMA match that JDS or any other MMA heavyweight wouldn’t dominate then you clearly don’t know very much about combat sports. Last I checked Karate doesn’t keep you on your feet, and I gurantee you JDS is a better at wrestleing/BJJ, 0 ground game + 0 takedown defense = 0 chance to win for the Kiltschko’s in MMA.

    • Alex says:

      Only the older klitschko has a kickboxing background and that was over 15 years ago, how does that compare to today? Plus he never competed at the highest level of kickboxing, he never did K-1, and kickboxing is an entirely different sport from mma, so actually the real idiot here is you bro.

  6. Brend0magic says:

    Yea I agree with TheTude. JDS needs to focus on Cain and not even think about fighting anyone else, he’s gonna have the biggest baddest mexican on the planet coming after him. A pissed off one at that.

    • yeahrightman says:

      Cain doesn’t even deserve a re match, it’s only because there’s no one else worthy in the division that he’s getting one. He got hit by a glancing blow and he rolled over like a little bitch and begged the ref to call it. Wait till he gets one firm on the jaw. Nighty Night Cain.


        cain dosent diserves a rematch??? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?? dont you remember how he destroyed bigfoot YOU FOOL fukin idiot brainless piece of shit bwahahahahahaha go die ty

  7. bunkylomax says:

    he already knocked Cain out once…oh but he was injured..eff that! you showed up and got tooled..give JDS the Reem!

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    let’s do it!!!

  9. aahahaha says:

    i believe cain can win BUT DONT FORGET THAT jds only spent 13 SECONDS ON HIS BACK SINCE HES IN THE UFC so we will see what happens :)))

  10. Ayeeee says:

    This dont sound like him.

  11. itsallnonsense says:

    JDS has amazing hands and aggression to match. Klitschko has speed, power and accuracy. I think JDS would have a punchers chance until the gas tank empties.

    As far as it goes with Cain they’re a good match for an explosive fight. Its really about who can catch who first. If one gets wobbled the other will swarm all over them. I expect a war.

    • Alex says:

      JDS boxing is among THE best in MMA and has lightning fast hands for a heavyweight, even the klitschko bros themselves credited JDS’s boxing prowess. In a boxing ring, JDS might stand a puncher’s chance against the younger klitschko cuz his chin is suspect, but besides that you just cant compare JDS to a decorated veteran boxer like klitschko, much like the same way you cant compare the klitschko bros to JDS inside the cage.

  12. wtf says:

    how many ppl does jds have to ktfo to earn respect from you keyboard warriors? how many times does he have to ko cain to prove that he cant be messed with? lol

  13. The sure says:

    Of course he can knock him out just not in a boxing ring, or kickboxing(klitschko was a former pro kickboxer) match. I’m sure with a free shot at him he can put him to sleep.

  14. maurice says:

    who gives a fuck if jds can beat the klitschko or not? that fight will never happen. so back to reality. back to jds world. jds will beat the breaks off cain. hopefully cain comes with some balls this time and atleast makes jds break a sweat.

  15. SWT says:

    Junior Dos Santos would make Klitschko look like a child. His hands and foot movement are so much better. He also has so much more experience that it might as well be a teenager fighting their dad. It’s really no contest.

  16. Slickrick says:

    JDS has no reason to be cocky after Cain is going to finish him, that last tko wasn t shit. Cain is a top dogg and when he takes down JDS he is going to be badly punished by Cain.

    You rock Velasquez, take his ass down so he can try his luck at the Klitschko s and get knocked out by them too

  17. Dana is Greedy says:

    Actually Emanuel Steward said in interview that JDS was the best boxer in the UFC and could give the Klitschko a run for his money IF he dedicated himself to boxing which he doesn’t Steward being Klitschko long time trainer..

  18. rawr says:

    JDS can KTFO ANYONE!!!

  19. Boom Boom says:

    Hm. Yeah. I believe it. I see it happening. I’d pay to see JDS KO one of them.

  20. Xaninho says:

    JDS would have a big chance. I don’t think Klitschko is that great. There’s just a shortage of greatness in boxing at the moment, resulting in Klitschko being the topdog for now.

  21. DUMBASSES says:

    JDS biggest talents in his boxing skills are 1st his power and 2nd his ability to step inside the range, punch and then step back outside of his opponent range.. In my opinion he could KO those boxing fucks hands down…. Imagine if he only trains boxing and dosent wastes time with MMA..Would be a machine yall are so retarded all JDS haters lmao go play in traffic thank you

  22. Duckbutter88 says:

    I love the UFC, but Randy Couture said it best. ” I would not try and stand with James Toney, I am not stupid” Junior would be destroyed if he tried to fight Vlad……

    • Xaninho says:

      That might have been because Randy Couture’s boxing skills aren’t his strong points. So he’s right about him being a wrestler who shouldn’t try to stand with a boxer.

      The same doesn’t go for JDS. He has great boxing skills.

  23. Patrick says:

    The Klitschko brothers are misunderstood, Wladmir and Vitali are two different type of fighters. Vitali is a brawler and Wladmir is the more elusive technician. Vitali is retired maybe one more and Wladmir has 3 to four fights left. Wladmir I have alot of respect for as well as Vitali. Both, of these fighters train 360 days a year. It will be interesting to see who Wladmir chooses to be his cornermen in his next fight because of his head trainer died about a week ago. Emanuel Stewart molded him into a more discplined technician in the ring. As far, as MMA heavyweights, I think its always up for grabs who the best is. Lots of names Cain could knock out Dos Santos and Overreem may beat one of these guys in the future you never know with heavyweights those gloves are 4 oz dudes.

  24. dc says:

    JDS would get killed in a 10 or 12 round boxing match, I doubt his cardio would last that long. As for you Cain fans, I can’t wait for the JDS and Cain fight to happen already so you dick suckers can stop talking about how great Cain is, I want Cain to get his ass knocked out already. So he can retire or go fight in Japan.

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