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Monday, 03/25/2013, 10:32 am

Dos Santos feels he can finish Hunt on the ground | UFC NEWS

Now this is a finish that would surprise more than a few.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos was a guest on MMAJunkie Radio. On the show, dos Santos talked about his upcoming fight against Mark Hunt at UFC160 on May, 25.

Both dos Santos and Hunt are noted, world-class bangers with heavy, accurate hands but dos Santos, it sounds, is believing in the importance of the ground game and feels that he could end that fight there.

“You have to get prepared to fight anywhere,” dos Santos said. “I’m training a lot in my jiu-jitsu skills, and I think I’m getting more confident in that area. If I feel I have to take him down, I will do that, and I will be looking to submit him.”

JDS went on to talk about the need to have more weapons in his arsenal.

“I was trying to fight standing all the time,” said dos Santos. “But it’s MMA and you have to use jiu-jitsu and wrestling. So now, it’s more clear to me. I have to use all my skills to win the fights, especially when you’re fighting against someone like Cain Velasquez.”



45 Responses to “Dos Santos feels he can finish Hunt on the ground | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    Haha yea standing and trading with the big Samoan isn’t a good plan A, better stick too plan B take it to the mat !

  2. magoo says:

    Haha yea standing and trading with the big Samoan isn’t a good plan A, better stick too plan B take it to the mat ! Caine got him second guessing his stand up!

  3. The natural says:

    Your gonna get ur ass kicked if that’s ur game plan u never finished an opponent with a submission inside the UFC hunt will destroy u

  4. Ddddddd says:

    We’re about to see what up with Hunt. I know he has a lot of momentum at the moment but I don’t see him catching up too Jr in anyway.

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    Ha! even JDS knows it’s a bad plan to trade with Hunt. of course Hunt may not be so easy to submit anymore. Struve couldn’t do it.

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    JDS is smart. He needs to be ready for anywhere the fight goes. Cain exposed his weaknesses and he is working to strengthen them. I hope Hunt knocks him the fukc out.

  7. david says:

    hunt is too fat to submit

  8. 123 says:

    what weakness? cain velasquez is a monster, i thought junior dos santos did very well.. he will tko hunt guaranteed.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      no way man – if Hunt can call in bombs from Sefo and stand there, he can take it from JDS. Dos Santos will decision him at best, but if he gets caught, you know what that means. ‘lights out. & Hunt is tricky with his standup.

      I love this matchup!

  9. confucius says:

    JDS is going to bang. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  10. pkgrrr says:

    Interesting to see this fight in the later rounds ,both are slow and weiry but marks heart wins.Look how cain busted up jds”s face and took the fight to him.mark has no fear ofcourse jds is thinking about the ground.eitherway awesum matchup!

  11. Funny says:

    Yeah right.. If struve couldn’t submit hunt then jds CERTAINLY can’t.. Also, I dunno about you all but when I read jds’s quote, I read it in my head with his voice.. It came naturally. That’s sad.. I definitely watch too much mma.

  12. Nunya says:

    Although ground defense and a big ko against Struve is impressive, stepping to JDS is obviously a higher level with his boxing. JDS is talking about taking Mark down but i think they’re gonna bang it out. The Super Samoan has serious experience. I hope Mark Hunt gets the win.

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