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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 09:10 am

Dos Santos Begged For The Man He “Hates”, Alistair Overeem Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS

“Just an fyi JDS begged me for the Reem fight said he respects Cain very much and thinks he deserves the shot but would like to KO Reem first cause he hates him. word for word what he said.”

AS he sometimes does, UFC President Dana White took to the infamous Underground forum to chat it up with MMA fans and drop this gem of a quote down about his heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

While JDS may have to fight Velasquez first, can anyone stand the wait for the Overeem-JDS fight?


55 Responses to “Dos Santos Begged For The Man He “Hates”, Alistair Overeem Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS”

  1. kickAbitch says:

    i hope JDS destroys overated reem

    • lol says:

      kickAbitch, you really are a little bitch…

      How is he Over rated??? You probably haven’t even watched his fights… Please in detail explain how someone who holds the K1 HW Belt, Dream HW Belt and Strikeforce HW Belt is over rated?? He destroyed Brock, Brock needed the ref to step in and save him…

      Overeem would destroy you with his hands tied behind his back LOL…

      • primalmasher says:

        he may destroy nerds on a BJPENN forum, but JDS will destroy that overroided ass. he beat brock, who is brock? a hulk that was given gimme fights? riiiight, keep talking out of your bologna hole buttmad fanboy.

        • Billy says:

          who is Brock are you a dumbass. Brock is the 1 who beat 2 forme UFC heavyweight champions. give me fights my ass. the loss to rem after almost dying from a disease.and was hit in the location of that problem area and that is why you tapped out in retired knowing he could not take shots like that anymore



        I Don’t see all this pity with Chris Cyborg. When happened the same with Cyborg she should be banned from the sport and BLAH BLAH AND BLOODY BLAH.

        But if is a guy from EUROPE who lives in US and CONSIDERS U.S as his country then is a different story!

        • mmaguru says:

          juicing doesn’t make you a better fight what so ever, ya it can make u stringer in certain situations but does nothing for technique and timing and all the other important aspects of MMA

        • joec says:

          your name is an oxymoron

      • austin says:

        just because he had the dream hw belt k-1 hw belt and strikeforce hw belt doesnt mean hes the best there ever was and yea he destoryed brock because brock was given sorry fighters herring was washed up,coture was washed up and frank mir has no chin so get off of overoids dick you fake ass mma fan

      • kevin says:

        The only reason why he won any and all HW fights is bc of his TRT abuse

      • Ironmike says:

        Reem destroyed Lesnar….. Um no did you watch the same fight as me??

        • Yeahrightman says:

          Are you serious? Or are you just trolling? Either that or put down the bag of solvents. Reem did destroy Lesnar, in embarrassing fashion, however that means nothing. JDS is the test. Roided or non roided we will see what he is made of against JDS.

      • riDICKulous says:

        he’s on roids u dickhead. i can win all those too if im on PEDs.

  2. Xaninho says:

    JDS-Overeem will be an epic stand-up fight. The two best strikers of the division facing eachother, who wouldn’t want to see that?

  3. Philly says:

    You’ll have to wait a long time to see that, because JDS won’t get past Cain in the rematch.

  4. TheTude says:

    Even if Cain beats JDS, I still would love to see the Reem and Cigano go at it before a rematch takes place. Reem is a monster but doesnt have the strongest chin and we all know what JDS’ specialty is! Best kicks in HW vs best punches in HW. Epic matchup

  5. zoeldog27 says:

    jds will kill overeem within one round hed beat jon jones too u all need to realise no one could beat velasquez and jds destroyed him no man will beat jds anytime soon

  6. The kid says:

    Junior is gonna get knocked the fuck out

  7. Gonzo137 says:

    It doesn’t matter if Overeem wins or loses. Next year Sonnen’s going up to heavyweight and getting a straight title shot after he talks about Overeem or JDS’s Momma lol

  8. Tyler says:

    Yeah if cain doesn’t throw him
    On the ground first.

  9. Kenshiro says:

    The Reem will kill JDS.. let’s be real here. I respect JDS fighting spirit but he stands absolutely no chance. The Reem will literally destroy him. The Reem hits twice as hard as JDS (ask Brock) and his striking is about 1000x better. He has a very very very underrated groundgame too and would probably sub JDS on the ground too (thats if JDS could ever get him down which i HIGHLY doubt! Overeem got GREAT grapling and TDD. I just dont see any way for JDS to win this other than a LUCKY punch and that wont happen period.

  10. neto_2011 says:

    you all are trolls seriously id like you all try and feed a family or make a living like an athlete does!

  11. 123 says:

    +1.. you all talk poo & disrespect MOST fighters, then attack people with an opinion.

  12. dante080 says:

    Overeem will get knocked the f out. He had a suspect chin as a light heavy weight

  13. stu says:

    Are we talking about the same industructable overeem that was JO’s twice by 205lb Shogun? That guy is going to beat 155lb JdS?
    Seems legit.

  14. Remember says:

    U guys forget that he was a lhw until he got knocked out and went on roids any of you remember chuck whooping his ass didnt think so and junior will whoop his ass ko round 1

  15. Not You says:

    All the MMA math that goes on here is mind blowing, “This guy beat this guy, so he can obviously beat this other guy.” This isn’t a video game, there are no stats, Reem comes from a higher striking pedigree than JDS. Yes, he got stopped by strikes due to the dehydration from cutting weight. It wasn’t until he was on the bigger end of HW that he started being able to take shots (Badr Hari fight anyone?). All JDS seems to want to do is stand and trade, what happens if things don’t go his way? Will he adapt or crumble? Will he shoot for a takedown? Then what, all we hear is of his ground game but we haven’t seen him under pressure at all. JDS also tends to slow down in longer fights, he’s constantly going for the win and that taxes all his energy within the first round. Imagine a fight that goes past three? Too many variables to call all winner.

    TL;DR Stop acting like you can see the future.

  16. Xaninho says:

    Some people on here keep insisiting that Overeem has a weak chin. Yes he got knocked out in the 205 division a couple of times. Those KO’s were mainly because he went in those fights severely dehydrated.

    The brain floats in fluid, when someone is dehydrated there’s a lack of this fluid which causes a fighter to lose a lot of his resilience against KO punches.

    Because of his troubles making weight and losing fights due to dehydration he decided to move up to his natural weightclass.

  17. stu says:

    Sorry about the last post, auto spell 1, me 0.
    So I’ve fought at 170-155-145 & 135, and I’m pretty sure I’d rather cut 25 pounds and get punched by a Bantomweight, than be hydrated and get hit by a welterweight. Dominic Cruz, or GSP? I’ll take the little guy, Vreem couldn’t.

  18. Dan Butler says:

    Sadly we will probably have to wait longer for this one. I do not see how Cain loses to JDS twice. A lot of people were riding the cain train going into the first JDS fight. I was there and probably one of the only ones not latino and not rooting for cain. WHY? well he was coming of injury and hadn’t fought in a whole year! A healthy cain can and probably will beat JDS this time around, although he can still be caught as he was multiple times against KONGO.

  19. 123 says:

    Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez Is A Super Fight.. Best Fight Ever, UFC 155 Will Be Insane.

  20. GRT 3000 says:

    There Dana goes again with that ‘begged’ shit. Everyone is begging the shit oughta Dana; he must think he’s a royal throwing bones to peasants.

    • Xaninho says:

      Hahahah you’re right! He was also very candid about the fact that Overeem waited patiently for 40 minutes outside his office to have a meeting with him. He apparently likes his fighters to grovel for him.

  21. Tommy Smith says:

    Anyone who thinks Reem will “smash” JDS probably have only watch a couple of his fights or just his single UFC fight. Go watch the Strikeforce fight between Reem and Werdum check out the fight metric results if you want to be a biased fanboy too . Werdum isn’t known for his stand-up and yet he out pointed him. Reem has a lot more hype on him because of his fight with Brock and a few highlight reels floating on youtube. Brock has always had a hard time taking any shots and Reem literally went after the Brock’s intestines after he had surgery… Brock vs Reem was as sad and cowardly as Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander. Both of them have a chance of winning this but I honestly would have to go with JDS.

    • Xaninho says:

      Being the HW champ in three different organizations might have something to do with his ‘hype’…..

    • Xaninho says:

      I’m not saying Overeem will walk right through JDS, but I do think he is the only one who could possibly beat JDS. Cain will get knocked out again, JDS’takedown defense is too good, so wrestlers will always get a beating in the stand-up. The only one who could possibly beat him is another stand-up beast with bmore complete K-1 level striking.

    • apex says:

      Just stop. Don’t be Stupid.
      If you saw the overeem vs werdumII you would Not say that overeem is the coward, Werdum dropped to his back qquicker then a crack whore does for a 8ball. There is nothing cowardly in attacking the weakness of your opponent. Brock lesnar was overrated. His first REAL fight was against Cain Velasqueze(I say this because frank mir wasn’t at his best back then. Randy couture=oldAsHell. And shane carwin has no wins with names.) The coward is Brock Lesnar, retires after his lost to overeem.. To WwE. Coward couldn’t handle fighting for real so he goes back to the fake shit.

      • Not You says:

        Yeah, because Werdum hasn’t been making any improvement in his striking. You idiot, do you judge Anderson Silvas legitimacy based in the fact that he didn’t want to exchange with Maia because, in Anderson’s own words, “His striking surprised me…”

  22. Chit Rodriguez says:

    Well where is the Anti Redneck Republican at I’m sure he has to chime in one more time. Can’t wait!

  23. Shadleigh says:

    The truth is nobody fukking KNOWS who would win out of JDS and Overeem. Either man has a great chance to win. So for all of these people to talk shit to each other like little children is ignorance.

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