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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 10:20 am

Don’t Call Jon Jones “Cocky”, It Really Hurts His Feelings

“When I was, like, 20 years old, I had this voice-mail message that said, ‘Hi, this is Jon Bones Jones, the light heavyweight champ.’ I was speaking it into existence and carrying myself like I was the champion way before I was even in the UFC. It’s crazy that it all played out. I want to change our sport with something positive, to brighten up people’s lives and get them to look more on the positive side about every little thing… Sometimes I look back, and I want to be rude to people who didn’t believe in me. But that’s not what I do. I try to treat everybody with love. But when I go home now, to the people who treated me like a loser, I’m, like, the hero of our whole town. My road wasn’t easy, by any means. That’s why when people call me cocky, it’s, like, the biggest blow I can get. It’s like, ‘It’s not me! I’m sorry I’m coming across that way.’ I don’t think I’m better than ­anyone. I heard this story once of this football player who, whenever he scored, just handed the ball to the ref. And I thought that was really cool, like, ‘This is what I do. I score touchdowns.’ I wasn’t trying to be cocky or anything, but that’s what I was thinking: ‘This is what I do. I defend my title.’ ”

In a recent interview with, UFC champion Jon Jones opens up on his motives for greatness and his thoughts on his criticism.

Many call him cocky, but for all the haters this champion has double the fans. What are your thoughts Penn Nation, is Jon Jones cocky and if he is, doesn’t he kind of have the right to be?

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80 Responses to “Don’t Call Jon Jones “Cocky”, It Really Hurts His Feelings”

    • Truth Be Told says:

      Jon Jones is very intelligent and humble. Much respect to him and I look forward to seeing the outcome of his career. God Bless all of you negative people on here.

      • TRUTH BE TOLD?!?! NOPE says:

        nah hes cocky as fuck… god bless all the idiots on here i guess? fuck god anyways he isnt real… only idiots and brainwashed people believe in a god… pathetic…

      • Jon Meglamaniac Jones says:

        Real Christians would tithe 15% of his earnings… If Jon Cocky Jones is really all about the guy in the sky, he wouldnt be posting pictures of him sprawled out onto an expensive car that he does not need

  1. tank says:

    Cocky mother fucker, there is that better Jones.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jone’s has lost it! That voice message is so cocky! If and when he loses and not necessarily to Rashad, he’s going to need a shrink.

  3. MMA Fan says:

    nothing wrong with being cocky, Jones. Remember, if you weren’t kicking everybody’s ass in the Octagon, no one would even take the time to call you anything! Bottom line is that you are a monster when the gate closes behind you and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it, except YOU. Ignore all your haters, because they will always be there.

  4. Nick says:

    Confidence is not the same as cockiness. Most of you haven’t been in the real world long enough to differentiate the two.

    • Dick Niaz says:

      I think in this situation what people are referring to as ‘cockiness’ is just swagger.

      If you’re gonna get into a cage and beat a man’s ass, you should be very confident. If you are as good as Jones, then there is nothing wrong with having a little swagger in your step.

      People need to lighten up. I don’t like narcs or have any imaginary friends, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some amazing talent when I see it.

  5. Samonides says:

    I think he’s an excellent fighter, I just don’t like him because he’s a narc and the christian nonsense.

  6. Scary says:

    My friend was with his little girl who is 9 and they both saw Jones waiting for his flight. He was off in the corner with a few guys. My buddy approached him and said hello and that he loved his fights. Jones smiled and shook his hand and said thanks for all your love and support for the sport. Then he got up and sat beside my friends little girl who was playing her DS video game and asked about the game. My buddy was amazed that Jones was actually trying to reach to his daughter. Jones and Courtney played on the DS for about 20 minutes as my buddy watched and spoke with the other 2 guys who were trainers. After Jones got up he ask my buddy for his address, which was weired but he gave it to him. 2 months later a packaged arrived from Jones with Several video games and a 3-D DS for Courtney. The guy is so much more then what you see!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Great story.

    • Popp24 says:

      Love to hear this story. All the people that hate on him have no idea what he really is like so shut it!

    • elijah puou says:

      Ya your opinion carries more weight since you actually met the dude. Other then these guys hating on him for no reason or for being a Christian.

      I can understand his voice mail because to achieve you have to say it out loud and hear it yourself to believe.
      Hats off to Jon Jones!

    • EdSoares says:

      What is your buddy’s name and address.

      I am going to follow up with him.

    • Shawn says:

      And I don’t doubt that. But what he shows the public is something different. At least different from what he showed when he first came on to the scene. There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence. He definitely has become more confident as a fighter, but the part of him outside of the cage, has gotten to be little more cocky. What makes it worse, is that he doesn’t see it, and so he denies it. Plenty of champions who were humble before, during and after their reign. It all depends on whether you let it get to your head or not. Unfortunately, Jones let it get to his head enough. So did Evans, which is why I’ve lost some respect for him as well when he became champ.

      • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

        i dont see it either though. im not even a massive fan of his at all but im wondering what crack people are smoking.
        im yet to see cockyness from him.
        hes just a confident fighter that knows his ability’s and smiles when people take the piss

    • Kevin says:

      Cool Story Bro. tell it again

  7. AK says:

    ^+1 bones is a good dude..I think Rashad is dramatic and got his feelings or pride hurt when all the shit with him and Bones..even if Rashad had gotten the shot against Shogun..he would still have to defend it against Bones sooner rather than later

  8. Nick says:

    Anderson is cocky not Joans

  9. yeah yeah says:

    are fighters only allowed to be ass holes or something? keep beating the shit out of everyone at LHW then move up and clean out the heavyweight division!

  10. Christian says:

    Lol “this football player” I’m pretty sure that’s Barry sanders hes referring to haha

  11. Mat says:

    I think Jones is cocky. I don’t like him because I always loved fighters like Rampage and Shogun and Machida and I don’t like to see my favorite division getting owned by him. Also I hate all the jesus nonsense, if your religious that’s fine but I hate when people never shut up about it. Jones makes way too big a deal out of religion. All that said he is a great fighter and I love watching him fight, I love rooting for him to lose. I will say he definitely has the potential to become the greatest ever.

    • Popp24 says:

      There are soooooo many other fighters that talk about God and their religion. Don’t act like he is the only one. I am not religious at all but I love to watch Jones fight and People have the right believe what they want to believe in.

  12. ElCarlo says:

    Is OK if he’s cocky, as long as he owns it…being a douchebag and owning it is great!! Being a douchebag and hiding it makes you a hypocrite…

  13. zzzzzzzz says:

    He is cocky and arrogant, morons mix that up for confidence, even the way he dropped lyoto classless phony he is

  14. G says:

    Anderson Silva would finish Jon Jones within fifteen minutes, guaranteed. Anyone who disagrees with this has not seen more than a couple of Silva’s fights.

    • 208? says:

      ive seen every silva fight since he entered pride, and every jon jones fight. But jones matches up brilliantly with andy. without the massive size and reach advantage anderson is used to he would get shut down and he knows it. he even said he would never go up and fight him, only gsp who he would have an even bigger size advantage on. andy is great and all but hes by far the biggest guy in by far the weakest division

  15. chris says:

    i think jon tried to hand the ref machidas head like it was a football or something. but when the ref didnt want it, he just threw it to the ground.

  16. Adam says:

    Theirs nothing wrong with having a relationship with God. You can say what you want, but isn’t going to change who he is. He’s a good kid with a strong backing who will not faulter himself becuase of some people who don’t like him. Everyone has people that don’t like them, unfortunately that is what the world has come to. At the end of the day, Jon will still be Jon.

  17. SEPRO says:

    All this talk about make everyone positive, brighten people’s lives… Jones tries too hard. He wants to look like he has wisdom beyond his years, and it backfires. There’s no way you can deny he’s a great fighter, but he comes across as a cocky and fake guy. I don’t know if he really is ’cause i’ve never met him, but when i see his interviews, that’s the impression i get.

  18. 209 says:

    all the haters just recite what rashad or rampage have said. 2 guys with the biggest ego in the sport. they are the cocky ones. jones is a great guy and a great champ. proud to have him representing the sport i love. keep cryin haters

  19. Dave says:

    You guys who say cocky clearly don’t have much confidence and belief in what you can achieve, that’s what makes jones a champion and it’s motivation to train harder everyday and want to better yourself. You will never be the best if you don’t believe you can be.

  20. @scary says:

    I believe your story it’s very detail but jones is cocky to other fighters.

  21. stay humple says:

    my name

  22. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Isnt this the same guy that said he was a lil cocky in the count down to the fight with Lyoto ? Now he isnt?

    Same guy who said him and Rashad were never friends but then he misses him?

    This guy is fake, great fighter but I see pass the bullshit and so does most of the real non cock humpin bandwagon mma fans.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, I agree with you. He just talks in circles. Whatever he needs to say to sounds like the good guy, he will say. If cocky seems fashionable, then he is cocky. If not, then it hurts his feelings. But Rashad is also a bit envious of him IMO. This is what happens when big egos collide. Maybe Jones forgot to say thank you for him helping to make him what he is. You could also see how Rashad might feel a bit betrayed.

  23. Jeremy says:

    To me, it seems like all of this current day prophecy B.S that Jones talks about is something he made up to try and support/justify his image. If you go back to the time period when he was fighting people like Matt Hammil, his post fight comments were like ” I’m honored to even have the opportunity to be here” “I just want to get better, and it’s because of guy’s like him, that I’m able to do what I do”… My point is, he seemed to be really, and I mean reaaaaalllllly humble, and appreciative of his opportunity!!!

    Now he’s talking this self initiated prophecy crap, as if we are supposed to believe this dude… knew he was gonna beat Shogun, or even be defending his title against Rampage, and Rashad Evans. He might as well say that God split the clouds, and reached from the heavens and touched his feet. At this point Jones seems fraudulent. SORRY JON JON, but you are Cocky as PHUCK! God created everyman equal, and your not the only fighter that goes to church, your not the only fighter with Faith…. Why would God allow every other fighter with the Faith lose, but keep you undefeated like the World needs Jon Bones Jones the undefeated undisputed Light heavy weight Champ!!! There are kids starving all over the world, and you cop’d a Bentley, Kepp on changing the world Jon Jon.

  24. Coby says:

    He’s not cocky.. he pretty much thinks he’s a god!!

  25. Shawn says:

    lol! I used to respect this kid when he first started. But he’s gotten cocky. Yes Jones, COCKY. Look at your interviews when you first started rising up the ranks. Before your “feud” with Evans. Before you were given the opportunity to face Shogun for the title. You will notice the transformation of your character. Someone who isn’t cocky will never change from that person. Unfortunately, you have. Don’t want to be called “cocky”, don’t act like it. Go back to that humble kid who came from nothing and was winning fights. Here’s a lesson from some of us old foldies…think before you speak. Then maybe you won’t be taking your foot out of your mouth so often.

  26. jvd says:

    I like jones as a fighter but he talks too much sometimes.

  27. slacker says:

    Anyways, he is only 23? Who isn’t cocky at 23 years old, without having accomplished what he has!?! So, I should probably cut the guy more slack, pun intended, than I have been. Most of what he says I can probably look past, but when he made that comment about fighting a heavyweight, already looking past 2 or 3 opponents. Now, that I have a hard time with. That is full on arrogance.

  28. Ryan says:

    Reeeeaaaal cockay.

  29. Rah says:

    God you guys are homo’s here.
    He’s cocky? He’s arrogant? Who gives a fuck?! What is this? The official Justin Bieber fan club? We’re talking about MMA, probably the ultimate way to prove yourself as a dedicated, hardworking and TOUGH man.
    Yet, you’re all talking about his personality being arrogant? Huh? Did I miss something?
    I am a big fan of what he’s accomplished and what he showcases in a FIGHT, and I dislike some other fighters for wat they do in the octagon, but to post hugely emotional messages about fighters’ personalities?! Are you sure you didn’t mean to reply to a ‘let’s get New Kids On The Block to make one more hit!’ forum?
    Wipe off that run down mascara, adjust your tampon and go watch Big Brother, bitches!

    • OJ says:

      Hahahaha. That was hilarious. Yeah u really have to wonder why they going so crazy over this. Dude is on track to be one of the greatest ever and people are going crazy over whether he’s cocky. Lmao.

      • Jeremy says:

        It’s not about him being Cocky, it’s about him denying it, it’s about him coming off like a scab every time someone attacks his character, and the only reason his character is in question, is because he has worn three different mask since he mad his debut! The dude is FAKE. acting like he didn’t get on some slick shit with Rashad back when they supposedly agreed to not fight each other!!!

        • Jeremy says:

          After he beat shogun, they asked Rashad to enter the octagon to promote the fight, Jon acted like a child, damn near looked like he wanted to cry and said, “Rashad Evans already ruined my special night twice”

          What special night? Rashad going to fight you, thats what he’s supposed to do!!! My point is, Jon is either suffering from ( bitch syndrome ), (MPD), or he’s just FAKE!

        • Rah says:

          Haha, good job Jeremy to reply to my opinion with EXACTLY the kind of arguments that I don’t care about.
          He’s ‘FAKE’? Who cares? Dude, when you watch MMA, are you looking for a good fighter and an exciting match-up/event or are you looking for a potential boyfriend with a nice six pack and a personality that makes you want to fry him an egg in the morning, look in his eyes and tell him how much of a down to earth person he really is?
          Get over yourself dude. And find yourself a boyfriend that’s not ‘FAKE’ and will treat you right.
          Also, the Glee box-set is now on sale. Hurry!

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:


    • Jeremy says:

      Rah, You on some bullsh!t, if Jon Jones can cry about being called cocky, it must be an issue, because he made it an issue! Your on here defending Jones like he just took his balls out of your mouth. Trying to talk tough, and at the same time talking about boyfriends, and glee box sets! Funny that your whole rebuttal is homo! Fuck outta here with that nonsense.

      • Rah says:

        Oohh, tough words keyboard gangsta! If you take a second and read what I said, you will undrstand that i never was “defending” him… I’m just saying I like mma for the fights, not for personalities. I couldn’t care less if Jon is arrogant, Michael liked children or you are not as tough in real life (“fuck outta here” I mean that’s some street shit ‘homie’, you must be fo’ rizzle haha)
        I’m just saying that I like to watch fighters fight, singers sing and losers lose. I don’t give a fuck if their personalities don’t match my ‘as the world turns’ view on life. Go cry, hate, and love! I will go watch the next mma event with people who care about technique, aggression, experience and talent.. You go watch it and talk about fighters being cocky or having shitty personalities… And pretty abs haha. Hope you find some pretty dude to calm your Internet rage down dude, you deserve it. Imma “get da fuck outta here with my nonsense” peace yo, haha

  30. Ruben says:

    Jones is a snake, he wont even sign replica ufc belts

    • california grown says:

      no one has the “right to be” cocky.

      his statement drifts around and around with him attempting to sound genuine, heroic, stoic, peerless, and sportsmanlike…. then he simply states ‘i defend my title’. he’s a douche cock.

      he deserves a capital C for cock in both of his cocky ears

      ps. yes i know, he has incredible talent and potential

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      “cocky” is an understatement when speaking of what Jon Jones is really like. Rashad knows him better tha most and says he is “FAKE”

    • jrog says:

      i wont call him cocky but I will call him the a bad ass I think he is a piece of shit but a bad ass piece of shit

    • Sweet game plan says:

      If America would only know the shit this guy used to tell rashad. They would all hate this dude. Only Albuquerque knows the truth..

  31. lex walker says:

    not a fan but he’s growing on me

  32. Cockiness is an ingredient to... says:

    SUCCESS on another level. I’ve been teaching my kids that they need to have a little cockiness (with a whole bunch of confidence) because that’s one of the things that drives an athlete to be better than the next athlete. And also to prove all their doubters wrong. A passive athlete doesn’t care if they are bettered by the next person. Same thing in life too. Education: cockiness drives a student to one up their classmate; Employment: cockiness drives a person to be better than the next applicant, to prove that they are more qualified. I have never been cocky, but I wish I was growing up. I was confident that I would earn my Bachelor’s, know my job really well, have a good family…and I did and do, but I never reached the level I see others obtain because they have that cockiness to be better than the next person. I never had that.

    That’s what separates people who do from people who wish they did.

    • Vince Vuong says:

      Don’t teach your kid to be cocky, pretty much teaching him to be an asshole. I by no means am trying to tell you how you should raise your kids. But being cocky isn’t it. Ambition and confidence is what you mean i think.

  33. Tyler says:

    I dont think hes cocky, hes a good dude and I think if hes goin out of his way to say hes not cocky then he cares enough to not be cocky. He really doesnt have a big mouth like some guys like chael or koscheck.

  34. Beaner says:

    Your cocky when you walk around saying its your destiny to be champion. On my behalf I hope he’s destiny leads to someone kicking him directly in the knee and buckling it. Causing him to crumble and either get knocked out or the fight stopped due to injury either way he loses the title

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Beaner well said. Every one of Jones fights he tries to cheap shot and blow out his opponenst knees. just once iw ant to see someone stomp the side of his knee and smash those toothpicks he calls his legs. My wrists are bigger than his cartoon ass legs. Joe Rogan even called Jones’ legs cartoon like comical. when is soomeone going to kick his legs out from under him?

      • Vince Vuong says:

        the dirtiest fucking kicks i have ever seen. so despicable. and don’t forget those spinning elbows that always seems to land at the back of the head, by “accident” so is perfectly legal.

        • J-Rock says:

          Don’t forget the punches that always get everyone right in the throat, they never get the guy in the face its always in the throat. Or him driving his elbow into your collarbone while hes on top of you

  35. Evans says:

    I’d rather see rashad as chanp

  36. A.James says:

    Jones is a good dude and has a long career ahead of him. He just has to think before he speaks and not let his emotions get the better of him.

  37. jonsey says:

    he is not cocky just confident….rahad is cocky and he sucks,,,all his fights are boring …really his inlyt fun fight to watch was a washed up chuck or washed up tito…when he fought rampage that was the most shit fight i saw in my life,,,fukin boring]

  38. 16v149 says:

    Another rematch if fe gets another bias decision

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