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Monday, 06/04/2012, 06:06 am

Donald Cerrone Talks Issues Prior To Stephens Fight | "I rolled my intestines. From my surgery years ago."

By Jamie McAllister
Donald Cerrone comments while on Savage Dog Show.

Cerrone comments on the problems that almost lead to surgery he faced in the lead up to his victory over Jeremy Stephens at UFC on FUEL TV 3: ‘Korean Zombie vs. Poirier’

“I rolled my intestines. From my surgery years ago, I have a lot of intestinal and stomach problems still to this day, and I was in the ICU and they almost had to do surgery on me. … I was racing some motocross and I wrecked real bad and just kind of spilled my guts out. They had to take a bunch of my intestines and part of my stomach. What happened this time is, my stomach basically rolled around the intestine. Man, talk about pain. It was like someone was stabbing me. Oh, it was so brutal. I had to go to the ER, and basically they had to empty all of my intestines out and then rush water down my stomach and try to get it to unspin, kind of like a garden hose. If you have a kink in the hose, you run water and the pressure will cause it to unravel. It worked, so thank God.”

Cerrone went on to explain that his team pleaded with him to pull out of the fight however Cowboy obviously declined as he went on to dominate Stephens on route to an impressive unanimous decision victory.

The win got Cerrone back on track after dropping a decision to Nate Diaz at UFC 141. Cerrone now (5-1) in his UFC career and (18-4) overall.


29 Responses to “Donald Cerrone Talks Issues Prior To Stephens Fight | "I rolled my intestines. From my surgery years ago."”

  1. Michael B says:

    Cerrone is fuckin warrior man. Huge props to this guy from coming out performing like he did after goin thru that.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Dude is a tough S.O.B Gotta love him and his fighting style

  3. BobO says:

    Going through that, cutting weight and then fighting, that’s no joke. ~BobO

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    anyone else interested in a Diaz – Cerrone II lol?

  5. CanILive says:

    I thought that this was the “story” of why he lost to diaz???

  6. m says:

    Muhfuckin’ BADASS! cowboy is not to be fucked with

  7. Clay says:

    I don’t believe that he wrecked motocross so bad that his ‘guts’ fell out of his stomach. He prolly just had his appendix removed and is tryin to sound like a bad ass.

  8. Chris says:

    He’s definitely a physically tough dude, but I have to agree that his guts probably didn’t spill out his stomach. And to whomever thought he used this excuse for when Nate whooped him… His excuse for that one was that his horse broke his jaw….because you don’t get physicals, x rays, bloodwork, etc in the UFC(ya know)

  9. Nick says:

    Man, that’s badass. Tough mofo right there. Sounds like hell.

  10. Mike cannon jr says:

    Livershot…. !!!!!

  11. Ruch says:

    He looked freaking strong in this last fight, if you get your intestines washed out wouldn’t the help with the weight cut?

  12. BowtieAssassin says:

    Props to Cerrone but I would love to read these comments
    if anyone other than an American said this, I’m willing to bet
    it wouldn’t be nearly so positive.

  13. Timbo Slice says:

    Can’t knock cowboy. He always comes to fight.

  14. So what was his excuse for letting Nate Diaz dominate him?

    • Nick says:

      this happened before the stephens fight, not the diaz fight. He said that Nate fought great and got him out of his game, that doesn’t sound like an excuse.

  15. monkey juice says:

    He’s a pussy. Nate’s a pussy so what does that say about cowboy?

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