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Monday, 01/06/2014, 02:30 pm

Dominick Cruz Injured and Stripped of Title, Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao Official for UFC 169

Details have emerged that Dominick Cruz suffered a groin injury and has been forced out of the UFC 169 main event. As a result of suffering another injury and having to sit on the sidelines for an undisclosed amount of time, the Ultimate Fighting Championship officials have stripped him of his title.

He was originally scheduled to face Interim Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao in New Jersey to unify the bantamweight titles.

Renan Barao is now the Undisputed UFC Bantamweight Champion of the world. UFC released the information Monday evening on their Twitter account:

The UFC gave their followers less than a minute to guess who the replacement was— but it wasn’t that difficult to guess in the first place.

It’s official: Renan Barao will defend his UFC Bantamweight Championship against Urijah Faber at UFC 169. Faber is stepping up and taking the fight on three weeks notice.


0 Responses to “Dominick Cruz Injured and Stripped of Title, Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao Official for UFC 169”

  1. Part Time MMA Fan says:

    I really like both fighters that are fighting, and I truly hope that Faber can win… but Renan Barao hasn’t lost a fight since like 2001 or something crazy like that!!!! A streak like that is somthing to be taken seriously. He may be the truth.

  2. Sheldon Weisgerber says:

    Maybe it was 3 freak accidents you guys.. Injuries happen when training that intensely.. If i knew i had to fight Renan Barao I would trained till i fucken puked in order to prevent getting my head taken off by him… The UFC is getting more like the WWE by the minute …I honestly love it but your pushing me away with your money hungary bullshit… The UFC claims in order to take the UFC to the next level hit had to be more then just 2 men in anything goes brawler style it was who was the best in the world and about honor… What honor is in taking a champions belt who never lost it and never walked away.. And that aint a stab at GSP either becuase Dana fucked him too… Whatever though… for the last 7 years i can honestly say i have purchased 85% of the years PPV”s and am disgusted how people that made the company such money get thrown under the bus so easily

    • subtlefist says:

      And just how long should the rest of the division wait for Cruz? He’s already been out longer than a year and now this. That likely puts him at nearly three years of non action while holding the belt. If he had respect for the division he would have vacated the title until ready to return. It is not fair to hold the division hostage because the champion is unable to compete. They made the right decision on this.

      • Team Alpha Male says:

        Close, Cruz hasn’t fought since Oct 2011, so more like out for two years and counting, absolutely a good idea to strip him of the title. And I’m not sure what WWE bullshit this other guy means. Faber hasn’t lost since he dropped the decision to Barao, and he has beaten 4 last year, 3 of whom I believe were all ranked….which means he fought his way back up the rankings. If Faber doesn’t deserve the shot, then who does? Subtle is absolutely right about it being unfair to the others to make them wait to advance on someone who continues to stay injured. I hope Faber takes it this time.

    • BJ Penn says:

      Lets leave Hungary out of this! :-)

  3. Dan Dan says:

    WHT A HORRIBLE THING TO CRUZ, i’m a faber fan, and i was waiting to cruz beats baraos ass and after that the amazing re-match between those figthers, i hope cruz gets better and face faber per 3rt time.

  4. Kerry Norton says:

    I hope Faber’s learned to check kicks since the Aldo fight…

  5. bubbagum says:

    Go Faber, go…poor Cruz, hope he makes it back.

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