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Monday, 06/24/2013, 09:37 am

Dominick Cruz: Faber Nothing More Than A Contender

“I’m one of two people to ever keep Faber from becoming a UFC champion. He will forever be known as the former WEC champion. He will always be a number one contender and never anything more.”

Absentee UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz, has apparently not let go of his longtime feud with Urijah Faber.

In this recent interview with Bleacher Report, ‘The Dominator’, hits his career nemesis with a pretty low blow by stating he will never be more than a contender and never a champion.


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  1. Steven Thurman says:

    Except you hardly won by points, and even then, he still kicked your ass… Not to seem like a faber nuthugger. Especially Since Cruz is one of my favorite fighters haha

    • GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (FOREVER) says:

      I think Fabertism needs to fight Michael Mcdonald. Not sure why he has been fighting only fighters much lower in the rankings

      Sure would like to see Mike Brown kick his a’s for the THIRD time

  2. BJPennRules says:

    That is completely classless comment by Dominick Cruz!

  3. squid says:

    says the Decisionator

  4. 757 says:

    His stick and run style will be stuck after the knee injury. He will certainly lose some foot speed and that’s the difference. Faber will woop his ass and he hits like a bitch also and never knocks anyone out….he maybe a bigger bitch hitting asshole than Bisping.

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Did Faber run up in Cruz’s mom, or girlfriend? Dude has some major, built up animosity that he just can’t seem to let go of

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