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Tuesday, 07/22/2014, 12:47 pm


Dolce Wants Cormier To Drop To 185

Nutritionist guru Mike Dolce works with many MMA fighters to help them smoothly cut weight. Dolce has gotten a reputation within the MMA industry for being the best at what he does. Dolce spoke with MMAJunkie Radio today to talk about his desire to see Daniel Cormier drop down to middleweight and fight at 185 pounds.

I think if (Cormier) keeps living the lifestyle that he keeps now, takes more of my advice (and) a closer approach with me to help him modify that, if he wants to, he’ll be able to weigh in at 185 (pounds) to compete very close to what he competes at as a light heavyweight.

Dolce actually did speak with Cormier prior to his drop from heavyweight to light heavyweight, but a partnership never materialized. One thing that may stop Cormier from dropping to middleweight is past weight cutting. At the 2008 Olympics, Cormier suffered kidney damage after a poor weight cut, something he will likely keep in mind when contemplating a drop to middleweight.

“He would gain strength, he would gain speed, and he would gain durability,” Dolce said. “Look at the photos of him when he weighed in at 205 (pounds). Look at that body, and you can see he’s not nearly as ripped as he could be. Where you don’t see the definition, all that is additional weight that’s non-functional. So we can get rid of that, get him very close, and that’s even before the dehydration sets in.”

“I don’t make this about money,” he said. “I make it about athletes being healthy and successful.”


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