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Friday, 02/17/2012, 11:37 am

Does The UFC 144 Fan Q&A Announcement Featuring Chandella Powell Mean She’s Still Employed?

Yesterday we ran a rumor that UFC ring girl Chandella Powell was released from her duties due to failure to disclose prior adult related work in the on-line entertainment world. This rumor had some validity behind it because a quick google search provides more than enough evidence to corroborate the fact that Miss Powell did in fact do some naughty photography in the past.

While we ran it solely as a rumor, it appeared as if this rumor would soon turn to fact.

However, as we just reported, Chandella Powell is scheduled to make an appearance at next week’s UFC 144 Fan Q&A in Japan.

After looking over the UFC’s schedule of events I received in my email inbox this bit of information caught me off guard.

From a logical standpoint it would make sense to give Chandella another chance. The images portrayed of her prior to her employment are just a tad worse than the Brittney Palmer playboy shoot released today. But then again, if her failure to disclose this information is true, then you can understand the UFC’s side if they did decide to terminate her.

It is unclear if the UFC has just sent out an old agenda for the upcoming fight week that still had Chandella penned as a participant or if she is actually still employed. With this latest news I am leaning towards yesterdays rumor being false. I believe that the best course of thought is to assume Chandella is still employed with the promotion unless we hear otherwise. It was after all, just a rumor that made for some interesting debate and conversation yesterday.

We will continue to follow along with this story as details become clear.


17 Responses to “Does The UFC 144 Fan Q&A Announcement Featuring Chandella Powell Mean She’s Still Employed?”

  1. Koshchek Loves Cock says:

    Cmon cut her a break. No one cares that she did a little soft core. In fact we are thankful for it!!!

  2. Mat says:

    Fire her and hire either Jennifer Swift of Kelli Hutcherson please!

  3. MattD. says:

    I honestly think it is unnecessary for you to post the pictures in question. I mean alot of people watch BJ Penn fight and alot of them are young. Yeah, you have NSFW on the links, but I just don’t think it is necessary. Let’s keep BJ for MMA news for all ages.

    • CALI says:

      Yeah, pretty unprofessional.

    • I agree also says:

      very unnecessary, but thanks! is that really her? Chandella’s stock just went through the roof !!! she’s been getting so much negative criticism that i think these pics may turn that around! maybe not…

    • Matt says:

      Another Matt agrees with you Matt D. I don’t think those photos are appropriate for this site. This stuff is trash. Kids should stay away from seeing this stuff. I like the girl, she seems like a sweet girl in interviews. Who knows maybe Chandella regrets some of this herself.
      And if there are girls out there paying attention to this site. Dress cute and be sweet. Guys like that too. You will still attract guys and they will treat you more the way you should be treated. Leave more to the imagination. Don’t undress like all this stuff you see here. Cause when you do that, you become only an object to them. If you keep your clothes on, guys will RESPECT you for doing so.

  4. NEIL says:

    So what she did softcore porn. how is that bad press for the ufc? They had holly madison as guest ring girl and you can find worse pictures of her online

  5. Ponch says:

    I Google and found some different more penthouse type pictures than these that seen tame in contract. Regardless though, it was done before UFC and it’s not like she was wearing a UFC banner while posting or making the video (that’s right, there’s 2 short videos alone). I say capitalize on the publicity and have a 3 ring girl photoshoot similar to these…. Now that would be hot lol.

  6. guamy says:

    I LOVE chandella i hope they didnt fire her shes got the best bod of them all.

  7. Chandellas bicycle seat says:

    Not cool posting a rumor.

  8. Donnybrook says:

    Give “Hot Chocolate” a break!, it’s not muck different than doing a Playboy shoot. What’s up with this mobile theme BS… I hate this format and every time I try to turn it off the page reloads and it’s back on again… it’s pissing me off please fix it.

  9. Nick says:

    I really don’t mind it at all. I mean the reality we’ve all seen all three of the current octagon girls naked. So what? That’s what they’re there for. Their looks. It doesn’t really matter. I can understand the business perspective of it and not disclosing that information. But still cut her some slack. She probably has a better fan base now. Maybe not. Overall most people aren’t going to care.

  10. devon says:

    fire brittany and bring back logan stanton

  11. cracks says:

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