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Thursday, 12/12/2013, 07:55 am

Diego Sanchez Signs New Eight Fight Contract With UFC

It seems we will be seeing more incredible fights out of Diego Sanchez. Sanchez revealed to UFC Tonight that he has signed a new eight fight contract with the UFC.

Sanchez has been entrenched in a twitter war with Conor McGregor recently, but that fight will probably be a while off, as McGregor is out with an injury.

For now, Sanchez is looking to get a place on the UFC 171 card, which takes place March 15 in Dallas. UFC Tonight reported that Sanchez would like a chance against another exciting fighter, Joe Lauzon. Lauzon faces Mac Danzig this Saturday at UFC on FOX 9, and if he is successful, Sanchez wants to book that fight for UFC 171.

Sanchez and Lauzon are neck and neck with “Fight of the Night” awards, with Sanchez receiving seven awards, and Lauzon with five. Lauzon is tied with Anderson Silva for most “of the night” awards with 12.


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