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Wednesday, 02/15/2012, 02:01 pm

Diego Sanchez Promises To Deliver What Condit And Diaz Couldn’t During Last UFC PPV

…And according to him, that’s an entertaining fight.

“The switch goes on and once they lock that door, it’s battle mode. I know he’s going in there to knock my head off and I have to go in there and try and knock his head off, too. We’re going to do what we do — we’re true, true warriors. And we’re going to bring the dogfight that you didn’t get to see in the last pay-per-view.”

Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger fight tonight in the UFC on Fuel TV 1 main event.

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11 Responses to “Diego Sanchez Promises To Deliver What Condit And Diaz Couldn’t During Last UFC PPV”

  1. vic the brick says:

    Damn better

  2. danriverapv says:

    so what time do the prelims start?

  3. mmaislandjunkie says:

    diego v ellenberger is gonna be more entertaining than watching carlos the natural born runner condit win off points.

  4. e says:

    forget about the promises, just do it. what is this an election campaign?


    Way to throw your team mate under the bus. Diego hasn’t evolved as much as other fighters and it will be exposed in a few hours.

    If he is lucky he won’t get beat as bad as when he scrapped with the GOAT…….BJ PENN!!

  6. david says:

    is it me or does diego got some kind of chip on his shoulder lately, first hes calling out diaz saying he fought a shitty version of bj compared to the one he fought and now this stuff about a better fight. The bitch is on a two fight win streak, which one of them should have been a loss

  7. jboy says:

    ^fyi diego beat kampmann,just cause he looked all busted up doesnt mean he lost. he lost the first round yes but watch the fight again, he pressured the next two rounds and rocked martin a couple times, points points and points

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