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Monday, 08/06/2012, 12:13 pm

Diego Sanchez Planning Return To Lightweight | UFC NEWS

Diego Sanchez tweets he is moving back to lightweight for his next UFC scrap shortly after he tweets a wishful rematch with BJ Penn.


Diego’s twitter page shows he is working to get down to 155 pounds and starting a vegetarian diet.  The motivation to get back in the cage and compete again via twitter is undeniable.

Let us in on your thoughts PENN Nation.  Leave a comment or two.

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17 Responses to “Diego Sanchez Planning Return To Lightweight | UFC NEWS”

  1. 808 says:

    We wanna see Roider Rory get lickens first.

  2. Aaron716 says:

    Wtf? So diego’s 200lbs right now?

  3. Matt G says:

    Bj would still sodomize Sanchez in a rematch. Bj is too fast for Sanchez and his striking is too good and fluid.

    • Bob'O says:

      Great contribution to the website brah. But yeah, BJ will knock Diego’s head off. Diego knows that if it goes to the ground, he get’s submitted. If he stands up with BJ, he get’s his grin beat off.

      I will never forget how BJ yelled across the Octagon when Diego was breathing very hard and said “come on Diego??” and then Diego made another grin but then ended up getting a good ass whoopin like he said he got himself, which I respect about him.

      I respect Diego alot though as a fighter. He always brings it, guys an Aztec warrior. Unfortunately for him and in this case, BJ is just a better Hawaiian warrior. Mexicans are good fighters though.

      Anyway, I believe that BJ has the mental edge over Diego, and he basically just has his number. BJ owned Diego in that fight. Diego beat Nick Diaz years ago too. Love Nick, but he couldn’t finish BJ. ~Bob’O

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Nick Diaz would finsh Diego no problem now quit living in the past.
        Diego just doesn’t have very much go power when he drops weight. he is much better fatter when he looks like a FATTTTASSS. Diego will need to have a leg cuttoff to make 155 now.

        • Pancho says:

          Right? Diego would get his ass handed to him by Nick present day.

        • Bob'O says:

          Who is living in the past guy? Stating a fact, isn’t living in the past. Of course Nick would beat Sanchez today. It could have went either way the first time.

          It’s funny how some people get all butt hurt if you mention any loss of some fighter that they like.

          Which is a joke, cause my two favorite fighters of all time are BJ Penn & Nick Diaz. Anyone here who knows me after all these years knows that.

          Only rooted against him once bro, and that was when he fought BJ. ~Bob’O

  4. scotty says:

    Always thought Diego was much better at 155.. He is good at 170 but carried to much around which kinda made him abit slower.. But at 155, he is a machine, cardio is out of control, he is faster and stronger.. Wish he stayed there after the BJ whoopin.. He could have prolly gotten another title shot by now but still think he is a top guy at 155 when he goes back down..

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Lw division watch out now!

  6. Bjj BB says:

    He should of never left! But bj would still spank you leaving you to run home screaming, NO! NO! NO! NO! Instead of your trade make YES! YES! YES! YES! Lmmfao!!

  7. Elite says:

    Sanchez vs Maynard

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Love Diego at 155, it’s the best weight-class for him. And depending on how focused he can be and how hard he can train, he will own other 55’ers.

  9. Bob'O says:

    sanchez vs jim miller !!

    • Bob'O says:

      This statement above ^ is not mine. It was made by a cowardly impostor who posts under other members names.

      Enjoy it while it lasts worm boy, because losers like you won’t be able to hide on the new website. LMAO! ~Bob’O

  10. Bob'O says:

    ^ IMPOSTOR!!!!

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