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Monday, 09/05/2011, 01:38 pm

Diego Sanchez Out Against Hughes With Broken Hand

UFC welterweight fighter, Diego Sanchez, has been forced out of his scheduled UFC 135 matchup with Matt Hughes, due to a broken hand suffered during training.

The news comes straight from Dana White, just moments ago and as confirmed by the company president, a search for a replacement is currently underway.

No word on the extent of the injury or how long Sanchez will be out of action was given at the time of this report.


29 Responses to “Diego Sanchez Out Against Hughes With Broken Hand”

  1. André Coelho says:

    Paulo Thiago vs Hughes

  2. steve says:

    fuck i was really looking forward to this fight

  3. pete selleck says:

    rory macdonald

  4. Mike c says:

    I thought that it was unfair for Hughs to have to fight Sanchez. Too past his prime to take on such a beast.

  5. Will says:

    I would say Thiago Alves rematch, but that guy wouldn’t have make weight again. lol

  6. tom mccoy says:

    Royce gracie.. would love to see a rematch

  7. Jesse says:

    Damn was looking forward to that match up.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    AT some point the UFC just needs to announce the matchups after these guys have finished training because by the time most of these fights actually happen the entire card reads different fighters than originally announced. Injuries have never been more of a problem than in the last year. I realize most injuries are legit but the FAKED ones make this seem like so much more BULLSHIT. Case in point Kenny florian PUSSYED out of the Dunham fight because he thought it was a bad matchup and didn’t want a 3rd loss in row on his record. Florian knows he can’t beat wrestlers. Only reason anyone even found out the truth is Greg Jackson was in the know and madxe the mistake of telling Melvin Guilard who had replaced Kenny. Guilard thought what Florian did was such a pussy thing to do he asked the UFC if they would match him up with Florian. Guilard called kenny out and next thing we know Florian is on MMA live saying he’s tucking tail and fleeing down to 145. What a pussy a guy who walks around 180 plus will only fight 145. florian is the most overrated fighter in MMA. He looks like stick man with a huge melon on top

    • dustin says:

      i agree. hes not as good as they make him out to be. Aldo is going to take care of him at 145.. : )

      • Justa Thought says:

        Agree with you Bro, but I don’t think anyone tries to make Kenflo look good. Heck Dana came right out and called him a choke artist. More of an over achiever than over rated. I think he looks more like a Muppet Character myself. Bert maybe.

  9. Colin says:

    I say give him Thiago Alves

  10. Jrock says:

    may not a match anyone wants to see just yet but seeing as John Hathaway beat sanchez……that be a goood replacement…

  11. Dustin says:

    This blows…I know injuries happen but the UFC needs to figure out something with the injuries plague…..Maybe if the ufc deducted a percentage from theie fight by pulling out would help??? F*ckin bullshit..

  12. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    The new insurance is just making an already HUGE problem even worse of these fighers constantly dropping out of fights. I personally think the problem lies in UNEDUCATED trainers who over train their fighters. Th e number obe problem with MMA training is not enough rest in between training sessions. REST is just as important as the training itself but most of these fighters are in fact training 3 times a day which causes the body to break down and increases the likelyhood of injury 10 fold

  13. Bobby says:

    Put Martin Kampman in there. He beat Diego imo so that would be the fight I want to see.

  14. e says:

    dang didnt see this comin, but looks like should be good fight.

  15. rondo says:

    Hey dudes its magoo,this site sucks now imo………..miss all of ya……..peace brothers.

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