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Wednesday, 08/08/2012, 05:05 pm

Diego Sanchez Critical Of His Training Partners And Their Boring Fights | UFC NEWS

Diego Sanchez recently announced he is moving from welterweight to lightweight.  Sanchez revealed his thoughts on his Jackson MMA teamamtes, Clay Guida and Carlos Condit‘s  most recent performance during an interview with MMAhour on Monday stating both sucked and felt Nick Diaz won over Condit.

“I thought both of those fights sucked.”

“My coaches might get mad at me for that, but that’s my opinion and I’m allowed to have my opinion.”

“I thought Nick Diaz won the fight with Carlos[Condit]. When you’re not engaging and you’re not fighting, that takes away what this sport is.

That’s my opinion, that’s why I want to fight someone like the Diaz boys who will come and step in front of you and fight you.

“I guess that’s all opinion, but the fans, they have my back on this, and that’s what fighting’s all about. It’s for the fans, and Dana White knows this.  That’s why he gets so pissed off when there’s crappy fights like that.  Us as fighters, we must step it up if we want to get taken care of and get paid right and grow this fight into the biggest spot in the world, above all other sports, we have to get in the cage and we have to leave it all in the cage every time.”

Sanchez puts no blame on coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn and holds the fighters accountable for poor fights.

“It’s on that fighter.

In the end, they lock the door and the coaches aren’t in there with you.

In the end, if you’re in the UFC, you are a professional, you paid your dues, and you know exactly what this job entails.   You should go in there as a professional and do what you do. … I’d rather go out swinging, fighting like a warrior, those last 30 seconds. I’m going to leave it all out in the cage and know that I’m trying to finish my opponent, even knowing that most of my time it ain’t going to be a finish.”

“Don’t give Greg and Coach Wink the hard rap.

There’s so many Jackson fighters like me, guys like Jon [Jones], there’s so many guys who are just straight-up warriors, who leave everything in the cage.”

Give us your thoughts PENN Nation.

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30 Responses to “Diego Sanchez Critical Of His Training Partners And Their Boring Fights | UFC NEWS”

  1. some dude says:

    Sanchez is a true warrior and keeps it real.

  2. maurice says:

    i dont know what to say to this. i agree to a certain extent, but imo condit fought a good fight, and that greg jackson style worked perfect for him against diaz. simply because condit has a diverse striking game to take advantage of the distance he constantly created. guys like guida and tim boetsch ran and only used sloppy kicks and bullshit punches off of it. i thought tim lost using that style. the fucked up part is i actually thought guida won using that style. lol

    • Xaninho says:

      I thought condit fought excellent he had good striking even did a flying knee but guida was horrible.

      • learntoread says:

        “condit fought excellent”???

        What a joke.

        Sure, he outpointed Diaz in a few rounds using mainly weak leg kicks, but Carlos DID NOT fight “excellent”, he fought like a wussy blatantly manipulating the current judging criteria in MMA (like so many other fighters have come accustom to doing inside the cage in order to secure an important “W”).

        Truth of the matter is, when Condit fights “excellent” we see him step up and deliver great scraps like he had VS. Kim, Hardy, Ellenberger, MacDonald, etc.

        Your, and other Diaz haters, bias opinion on Condits “performance” that night point directly towards what’s wrong about the current judging & reffing system in North American MMA, and the fighters/camps who manipulate it…and what’s worse is you openly promote/salute it.

        BJ “Just Scrap” Penn would be ashamed. Just sayin’.

        • Yo papi says:

          Learntoread hit the nail on the head with that one. Condit shoulda lost. Pointfighting is ruining MMA

        • Andersunsaliva says:

          So, let me get this straight. Condit should have stood in front of Diaz with his back to the cage? That’s where Diaz wants the fight to take place. Diaz is always moving forward. To beat him, you either have to have quicker feet and counter or you have to out wrestle him. Condit moved around and landed shots. The judges decision in the fight is certainly debatable. Very close fight. But to suggest that Condit should have fought Diaz’s fight is not smart or tough.

        • learntoread says:

          @ Andersunsaliva:

          No, I was in no means trying to state I think Condit should have simply stood still in front of Diaz and brawled a la “rock’em sock’em robots”…not at all.

          I was simply pointing out that when Condit fights “excellent” he looks confident in himself and his abilities to step into the pocket, knowing he is better than his opponent, and eventually look for the finish. (You don’t have to look any further than his 4 fights previous to UFC 143 to realize that). My point is, Carlos never once engaged Diaz during the 5 rd fight, he definitely did NOT fight like his typical confident self. Similar to Guida, he completely altered his usual “bread & butter” tactics, tactics which successfully got him to that #1 contenders match position, in order to win a points battle and safely get an important “W”.

          These Jackson-Camp-esque point system manipulation tactics worked out for Condit (among others), but backfired on ‘ol Guida.

          Regardless, both Condit and Guida, (guys who were previously well respected for the way they bring it), lost MANY fans (including myself) after those shameful displays. Sanchez is correct, those fights sucked, and it surely wasn’t Maynard or Diaz to blame for that (they came to FIGHT).

      • Dwroth says:

        any one who thinks condit fought excellent has only been watching mma for a few years. ten years ago diaz would of got the win no question. the people who think diaz lost are the same ones who the manny pacquiao lost his last fight.

  3. stephen riddle says:

    If u are afraid to fight with your fellow fighter than why do u agree to get into a cage? Diego is not scared even when bj was beating him down! Much respect to this man,diaz vs.sanchez would be an awesome fight! One of my favorite fights is diego vs clay , i wish guida would go back to that way of fighting

  4. DMAC says:

    His own teammate called him a pussy, isn’t in there to fight lmao. Get your money now Condit because people arn’t trying to see the bullshit you bring to the table now days.. And Guida, I’m shocked he’s still employed by UFC he should’ve got the Kalib Starns treatment. And for those who say that was a tactical performance by Condit need to stop and understand that shit like that won’t do anything but hurt the sport.

  5. DAMN! says:

    Diego would be all over Condit if ever they will fight.

  6. Zack says:

    I’d like to see Diego vs nick Diaz again

  7. learntoread says:

    However eccentric and “odd” Sanchez can come off at times, he always calls it as he sees it, regardless of hurting anyone’s feelings. I respect him for that.

    Diego always brings it, win or lose, he comes to scrap and put on a show for the paying ($$$) audience / fans.

    I wish there were more fighters with a similar mentality on what “should” be expected of MMA stars once those cage doors close.

  8. maurice says:

    someone above said diego would beat condit. um HELL NO! i luv how ppl seem to forget just how fucking dangerous condit is just because of ONE fight where he used strategy when strategy needed to be used. condit would beat the living shit outta diego, everyone knows that. it wont be no lucky judges decision win by diego, or a late fight surge to steal the crowd. condit would work diego until the ref, corner or doc stops the fight.

    @LEARNTOREAD i lost all respect for diego after the kampmann fight. dont get me wrong, diegos excitng all the fucking time and i enjoy his fights. but the fact he had the nerve to act and continue to act like he deserved that win over kampmann is disgusting. not only did he get his ass beat and pretend like he somehow won the fight because of blind aggression, but he refused to give kampmann another fight.

  9. The Outlaw says:

    Do y’all remember when Diego fought bj and got his ass kicked??? I remember him repeatedly holding on to bj praying for a take down. This fucker is all talk too.

  10. Bjj BB says:

    What he discribed is a brawler, i saw carlos winning the fight based off what you learn in practice, you move away from a punch (bob & weave) use good foot work and pick your shots, its not like carlos was not hitting nick, he hit him alot, i think every1 got spoiled with the bj nick fight that they wanted to see some1 get beat up again, now that would be stupid as a fighter to go in there and just brawl when your smarter then that, and now look at the outcome, diego and nick dont have a belt or has a chance to fight for it, carlos on the other hand was smart and picked his shots and won a belt and has a chance to fight for the real belt, at the end of the day you need to win and you use what you have over the guy your fighting!! PERIOD!!

  11. Xaninho says:

    Diego should have accepted a rematch after Kampmann got robbed by the judges. He knew he lost, everyone but the judges knew.

  12. maurice says:

    @THE OUTLAW oh i will never forget that fight. the only reason diego made it to the 5th round was because of that wall and stall shit. the crowd would be going nuts watching diego get outstriked, but as soon as he would push penn against the cage the crowd would boo the fuck outta diego. and i would like to add, the 1st round of the guida/sanchez fight was insane, but the following 2 rounds SUCKED big time imo. i remember when the fight was over i was like “clay just edged out the victory.” i hate guida way more then sanchez, but i thought clay beat sanchez.

  13. TheRealChampGSP says:

    imo if your gonna point fight at least fight, its one thing to sidestep bob weave etc… its another thing to run completely and the only reason Condit has a title shot is because he knows he can’t defend his title against the likes of Jonny Hendricks or Martin Kampmann

  14. Cesar Saenz says:

    thats why sanchez has always been one of my favorite fighters. hes real and a real warrior while still having respect for people and love for the sport thanks for the honesty brother

  15. Drew B says:

    Who leave it in the cage like Jon Jones ? lol Really Jones fight with Rampage and Rashad were snore feasts!! Diego needs to step in with this so called fighters he’s calling out as boring and see just how boring they aren’t !! Guide had one bad fight cause he and Greg Jackson had a new strategy all of which Grey Jackson discussed in previous interviews!! As the same with Condit VS Diaz!! That was the strategy !! And Yes again that was Jacksons plan of attack !! To bag of the fighters when the coach had just as much to do with the game plan is bogus and disrespectful on the part of Sanchez. Again if he thinks they are so boring leave the camp and challenge either one -I’m sure both especially after this interview would be willing to except and make him eat his words!! !!

  16. Jigga says:

    You know what Diego is just a jealous ass!!! Damm what a hater.. In a interview on mma hour that Monday after the Condit-Diaz fight he said and I quote.. I told my wife after the last bell rung you know what Carlos won that fight.. He also said Diaz needs to stop crying he lost fair and square.. Diego is just hating because Condit is who burque wants to represent them and he’s in a position where Diego could never get.. Know one begged you Diego to comeback to jacksons so why are you hating ??

  17. gouldx87 says:

    Pfft Diego’s a dumbass every time he opens his mouth stupid just pours from his face.

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