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Diego Nunes Latest to Ink with Bellator


| After his 3-3 run in the UFC  talented featherweight Diego Nunes was released from his contract, leaving him momentarily unemployed. However, we gained word over the weekend that Nunes has signed a deal with the currently popular Bellator promotion.

Brazilian MMA news outlet Ataque Total first reported the news this past Saturday and we have now gained word that sources close to Bellator have confirmed the deal.

Nunes was once a top contender in the UFC featherweight division but in a promotion as loaded as the UFC it is difficult to stay at the very top for an extended amount of time. That’s why putting on winning-streaks in the UFC is so impressive for fighters to do. Nunes, although his skills allow him to compete with the best-to-the-best, just couldn’t string together a streak in the UFC, and after putting up a 3-3 record the UFC decided to let him go.

He has notable wins over top-talents like Mike Brown, Rafael Assuncao, and Manny Gamburyan and will likely be a gigantic threat in the Bellator featherweight division.  With the 145-pound class in need of a big name contender, Nunes would make for a great challenger to Bellator MMA champion Pat Curran. That is, if he is able to make it through the tournament format and earn a title shot. We’ll keep out eyes on what the promotion decides to do with Nunes first.

He is the latest addition to a number of great pick-ups for Bellator and their summer and fall-series fights are looking brighter than ever with all the new signings.

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    good pickup for bellator.

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