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Tuesday, 05/20/2014, 01:40 pm

Did Joe Rogan Kill A Mountain Lion Outside Of A Nightclub?

A report stating UFC commentator and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan had killed a wild animal outside of a club took off on its own recently.

Now, the idea of Rogan even coming into contact with a mountain lion seems unbelievable, but the fact that he murdered the beast, well, that raises a few eyebrows.

You can read the article on the Empire Sports site, but Rogan has stated via Twitter that it is not true.

Maybe the fact that a story even has to be written stating that Rogan killing a lion is not true shows the depths to which people will believe anything they read online. If you read the report, it quotes a friend of Rogan’s, Brian Redban, as saying he was “really high when I left the club. Really high.”

Rogan, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo, should be all “healed” from his minor wounds in time to work UFC 173 this weekend. He will be Octagon-side with Mike Goldberg, wearing his new-found suit look that he has been rocking for the past few shows now.

By Dana Becker | Twitter


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