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Saturday, 03/30/2013, 08:59 am

Diaz’s lawyer reveals texts from UFC 158 officials | UFC NEWS


The Diaz camp has provided more information in regards to their claims on what is now being called, “Decimal-gate.”

It all started when a video clip surfaced after UFC 158 of UFC Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs and Assistant General Counsel Michael Mersch disclosing to the Nick Diaz camp that for his fight with Georges St. Pierre that the Quebec commission “doesn’t count decimals” when it comes to fighter weigh-ins. Simply put, 170.9 is the same thing as 170, a rule which goes against the long-standing UFC policy for title fights, which has always required a fighter to come in exactly at or below the stated weight.

The video also captures Mersch telling the Diaz camp that this special circumstance was “kind of an off the record type thing.” The original video was then pulled from YouTube on a copyright claim made by the UFC.

Jonathan Tweedale, Nick Diaz’s lawyer, contacted and provided text message transcripts from the evening of the weigh in, explaining “Given some of the media coverage, we need to set the record straight on the timing that the issue of the 0.9 was raised by Nick Diaz. The issue was pursued immediately. On the evening of March 15, Mike Mersch and I exchanged the following correspondence (via text message), in which he denied any knowledge of a .9 allowance or ignoring the decimal.”

Mersch, again, was the man in the video who informed the camp of the “no decimal” changes.

Here is the text conversation between Tweedale (JDT) and Mersch (MM), which starts at 9:24 p.m.:

JDT: “Hi Mike. Nick is curious about the .9 pound allowance at today’s weigh-in for his championship bout. He doesn’t want to be a nuisance about this, but he’s a bit confused. Can you shed any light?”

MM: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. All parties weighed in appropriately according [to] the Quebec Commission.”

JDT: “Of course. You’re right, and he knows that. He just wanted to know why the Quebec Commission was okay with a 0.9 pound weight allowance for a championship fight. Nick’s not going to make an issue of it, but it’s been gnawing at him since it was explained to him at the weigh-ins, on an “off the record” basis or otherwise. I just want him to stop thinking about it, and thought you could provide some insight.”

MM: “I have been told everyone made weight so there’s nothing to make an issue about. He might want to focus on how he’s going to win the fight rather than spending the night making excuses about why he lost.”

The correspondence continued at 9:46 p.m.:

JDT: “C’mon Mike you’re just going to stonewall on this issue? We’re reaching out in a discreet manner, as appropriate in the circumstances. Meet us half-way.”

MM: “Huh? The Commission determined both fighters weighed 170 or less. What am I supposed to do about that? I would think Nick would be excited to compete for the UFC Welterweight title. Seems like he’s focused on the wrong issue.”

JDT: “No one wants you to *do* anything. If the answer is simply “the Quebec Commission permits a promoter to request that .9 pounds be rounded down in a championship fight (unlike, e.g., the Washington commission for Nate’s fight), and Zuffa made that request here”, then pls confirm. Far better to reach out this way than the uncooperative Twitter/media way.”

MM: “How would I know what the Quebec Commission does? I was informed everyone made weight like everyone else at the weigh in. Zuffa made no requests for anything from the Quebec Commission. Good luck to Nick with the fight.”

JDT: “Okay. I’ll let Nick know that you can’t shed any light on why Quebec treats 170.9 as 170 in a championship fight. Disappointing. Thanks for your time and your wish of luck to Nick for the fight.”

MM: “Again I have no idea what you’re talking about. The Quebec Commission indicated both fighters were 170 or lower.”

JDT: “If you don’t know then I should be asking someone else. No worries, Mike. Which UFC exec advised Nick and his entourage before the weigh-in that “If you’re 170.2, you’re 170. If you’re 170.9, you’re 170…that’s a kinda off the record type of thing”?”

MM: “I would think you’d direct that to the source: the Quebec Commission. The UFC has nothing to do with weigh ins in Quebec.”

Tweedale explained, “We appreciate that Mr. Mersch was in a difficult position, evidently having been instructed by the Quebec Commission to relay to Mr. Diaz some last-minute, unlawful ‘rule changes’ to give the hometown fighter a reprieve from his duty to make-weight at 170 pounds. But the above transcript shows Mr. Mersch’s views on the matter. If he and the UFC thought that this last-minute rule change was above-board, lawful, or defensible, Mersch presumably would have answered our legitimate questions about the 0.9 and ignoring the decimal in a forthright and straightforward manner.”

Tweedale also provided transcripts from a text conversation with Michel Hamelin, director of the Quebec commission — Regie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ) — on March 24 after the video of the interaction between Mersch and the Diaz camp became public.

Here are those transcripts between Tweedale and Hamelin (MH), starting at 1:19 p.m:

JDT: “Michel, do you have anything more to say about the 0.9 pound allowance for Georges?”

MH: “No the responsable of the weight in call 170 as mentioned.”

JDT: “Okay. That was the weight called out. But what about the rule? Why was the “special” rule made that anything up to 170.9 was to be called out as “170”?”

MH: “The were no specials rules !”

The conversation continued on March 25, at 3:45 p.m.:

JDT: “If you had a rule allowing 170.9 to be 170, you would have pointed me to it when I contacted you on March 15. It is 10 days later and you haven’t done so. It is clear that you have no rule for “ignoring the decimal”.”

MH: “Jonathan , if you need a official answer, send a official email , With your quetions, and you will received the answer to your question from de RACJ , Regards , M hamelin”

JDT: “I want the ‘off the record’ answer as well, per the video.”

MH: “For us the is NO off record , we only follow the RACJ rules, and I respectfully answer to all yours questions when you call .”

The UFC and the Quebec Commission may be in a very ugly position when there are inconsistencies in both organization’s stories. Especially when you take into account that Mersch denies ever talking to the Diaz camp about the decimal rule when the video clearly shows that conversation happened. We will keep you posted on any updates as they break.


0 Responses to “Diaz’s lawyer reveals texts from UFC 158 officials | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kong says:

    Busted in a lie!!!

  2. YoMama says:

    I’m more interested in telling people exactly how GSP gets away with juicing in Canada.

  3. Lie cheat and steal says:

    My thoughts are, Gsp did look a little different in pressers before the fight, very gaunt and not as peppy he normally is before any fight after cutting weight. He could have been sick and knew he couldn’t make the 170lbs. So either the ufc or both ufc and commission wanted to protect gsp’s title, purse, fight or reputation, unsure. Either way they should have done the ethical thing and it clearly doesn’t sound or look like they did. So for that, they should be punished and Diaz has every right to bring this to light. It doesn’t mean the fight outcome would have changed, but someone still should be disciplined for this cause its obviously wrong. This has nothing to do with who we like better, Diaz or Gsp, its principle now!

  4. ya herd says:

    lets get real guys the ufc would do anything to protect there big stars they do what they want not what matters.. remember griffin came out saying he failed drug test and ufc never released it, there is so much that happens behind the sences that the ufc would never be true about alot of stuff,they pick and chose went to punish people and there is so many fighters that get special treatment ect, chael sonnen.. 2006-2010 were the best ufc days because they didnt have that much to play with now dana and his goons think there something and can do what they want because the sport is rich now!!

  5. Ross says:

    ”He just wanted to know why the Quebec Commission was okay with a 0.9 pound weight allowance for a championship fight. Nick’s not going to make an issue of it, but it’s been gnawing at him since it was explained to him at the weigh-ins, on an “off the record” basis or otherwise.”

    So from what I have heard there is nothing to indicate that anyone went over the 170 limit. Maybe best to actually ask the commision for exact weigh in values before everyone gets their panties in a twist… seriously, accusing someone of cheating etc seems extreme since there is such limited information. If seems that a big thing has been made of this especially since it might have not affected the outcome at all if both fighters weighed in below 170. Common people, chill out!!

  6. Jon says:

    Ok so all the talk and ” proof” is about the decimal but what about the weight he weighed in at. Is there even proof he was over. If not then who the fuck cares if the don’t count the decimal . Where us the video or text saying they saw the really weight.

  7. Thom says:

    We all know Diaz and his lawyer won’t shup up about it for the next 5 years so they might as well man up to what they said in that weird little video and atleast offer some sort of explanation

  8. Mike says:

    I don’t understand the argument.

    Even if GSP came in at or around 170.9. Lbs. would that have changed the outcome of the fight???

    Really??? .9 of a pound.

    This is BJ’s vasoline cry baby balogna all over AGIAN.

    • Kong says:

      U dont understand because ur a dumbass troll who goes on people’s websites and puts them down. Since your suck a badass lets see you win a ufc championship and fight above your weight class. Understand this, if u don’t make weight the other guy gets part of ur purse retard.

    • Experience says:

      These couch warriors who have never cut weight have no clue what .9lbs means to cut. After I cut and was 1.5lb off it took 15 block run and hundred of push-ups and sit-ups to even lose .3 of a pound. It hurt and i paid for it the next day when i needed to be perfect. When rules state championship fighters have to be on weight, they have to be on weight. For Nick to hit 170 when he could have been 170.9 is a lot. Why do you think you see so many fighters make the 1lb leniency they are allowed when they get it? Because that last pound hurts the most. Don’t believe me? Go sign an at eye fight and cut weight. Then you will know just the cut is its own training. The fight is other training

  9. amwar1611 says:

    Yeah, that’s that last thing ole Dana White would want is the thorn in his side representing the championship belt. Nick would have probably thrown it at Dana had he won just out of spite, man that would have been a sight to see, some to tell Dana to stick it….lol

  10. jdog says:

    The fact is this, if GSP DID weigh over 170 lets say 170.9 they would have yelled out 170 and NO ONE WOULD HAVE KNOWN. If this was the rule they would not say it was 170.9 you are good to go. Face the facts it wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but it would have put 20% more money in Diaz pocket if he was even 170.1, also it was supposed to be a title shot, what do you think WOULD have happened if GSP had lost??? Would they have cried foul and said it shouldn’t count I was over weight it was truly a non title fight? We will never know because he won, but also a contract is a contract. If I say I will do something then I MUST do it

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