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Sunday, 02/05/2012, 10:46 am

Diaz vs. Condit FightMetric Results | Condit Breaks UFC Leg Kick Record

Last night a new UFC interim welterweight champion was crowned when Carlos Condit was awarded a unanimous decision victory over  Nick Diaz in the UFC 143 Main event.

In the aftermath of the decision, the MMA community ripped in two. Half think Diaz won, the other half in support of Condit. I personally scored the fight for Condit as my play by play analysis shows.

In times like these it is great to have a tool like FightMetric that objectively breaks down the numbers for the fans to make sense of.

If you take a look at the captured image above it is obvious that Condit outsruck his opponent, not only with volume punches thrown but all around strikes landed and he did it with a higher percentage.

The number’s do not lie.

Additionally, during the post-fight aftermath UFC officials stated that Condit has broken the leg kick record for the UFC. He landed more leg kicks in the Diaz fight than any fighter has landed in UFC history.

For his efforts Condit gets the win, a belt, a new Harley Davidson and his place in the record books. Not a bad trip to Vegas.

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104 Responses to “Diaz vs. Condit FightMetric Results | Condit Breaks UFC Leg Kick Record”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    Proof’s in the pudding… Condit won that sh!t hands down.

    • Stevo the great says:

      How does somebody win when they ran the whole fight? Do yu know what Octagon control is? Carlos had zero, the proof is in this that he kicked and ran like a bitch. He is NO WARRIOR and does not deserve the next title shot! Just like Sonnen does not deserv e the next shot… fights the judges were in the casinos pocket! FACT.

      • Me says:

        See this is what I’m talking about now you are bashing Carlos. Stop with the bias bs and just look at facts it’s not that difficult. The judges have a tough job i understand that now because obviously not many people can stop letting their opinions get in the way. If you score they way they say it is scored then yes diaz won…no need to bash condit he didnt judge the fight.

        • dave says:

          if nick ran backwards they would be no fght,,,u look computstrike of farward steps…and running away steps…and hardder punches…and alllllllllll …………condit ran like gilr…aggressive effectiv stricking and octagone control ,,nik won allll

      • Xaninho says:

        How much control did Diaz have? Following around his opponent getting hit at will?

        He wasn’t forcing Condit to back up. Condit decided not to stay in front of Diaz and keep his back off the cage.

        In fact Condit was the one dictating where the fight was going, not Diaz.

      • al says:

        I didn’t know fighters can win fights with octagon control with slap boxing. When’s the last time Diaz knocked someone out cold? Condit is better get over it

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I was a Diaz fan before it became cool to be a Diaz fan…..but face facts Condit landed more shots and fought a perfect game plan and deserved the victory. Yes Diaz continually moved forward but got tagged a lot in the process with some great varied strikes. I was willing Diaz to tap him out in the final seconds but the right guy won. Hope the retirement talk was just a heat of the moment thing and he gets it together fights maybe Kosh then a shot at the winner of GSP v Condit.

      • Donnybrook says:

        Answer me this who looked like the had their ass kicked at the end of the fight??… and be honest with me and most importantly yourself.

      • Abe says:

        This guy is retarded, just another diaz fan boy. Carlos clearly won that fight, when the fuck would he stand in front of Nick Diaz and trade? Thats playing Diaz’s game and Carlos fought a great smart fight and he won. I had Carlos winning that fight, it seems as Diaz fans are retarded just as how nick is wanna be retarded gangster.

      • DAMN! says:

        You fucking idiot, Condit Ran Away? Do you seriously think that that was what condit was doing? He was executing the gameplan his coach gave him which was to avoid getting cornered and get 209’d. And Octagon Control? You wanna talk about Octagon control, you watch old school Randy couture clinch videos. CONDIT fucking owned Diaz in the scoring department so you need to watch the whole fight again Dick Niaz Hugger.

      • justAfan says:

        Thats strategy man. just being aggressive doesn’t mean you can win a fight. diaz was just frustated he cant catch condit.

    • Me says:

      The scoring is supposed to be based on effective striking grappling and octagon control. So if you are looking at the “pudding” you would see that diaz out struck in both the body and the head. He also maintained octagon control through the entire fight. Had condits leg kicks actually been effective they would have slowed nick down. I don’t understand why there has to be so much bias…just watch the fight it shouldn’t even be a debate whether you like Diaz or not.

      • Mike says:

        So you can be outstruck, so long as you are moving forward? Roy totally had his fight then. Believe it or not, octagon control in the stand up is only used when the striking is very close or near non-existant(or at least that’s when it should be imo). Sorry, but shots landed out weigh stupidly running into shots.

        The funny part is the same people complaining about Diaz losing despite having octagon control are the same that complain about how GSP or Fitch win all of their fights with it.

        Hypocrites :)

        • Me says:

          It’s hopeless and mikes post proves it. Full of opionions but not a single fact was presented and then you say something stupid like “The funny part is the same people complaining about Diaz losing despite having octagon control are the same that complain about how GSP or Fitch win all of their fights with it.”

          Something you couldnt possibly know but say to make yourself feel relevant in the conversation

  2. the original steve says:

    i think diaz won but fact of the matter is ppl need stop bitching because it was WAAYYYY too fuckin close to complain if either fighter had one. i see comments all condit is a bitch fuck that diaz won ppl need to calm down

  3. follow@BmoDollaz on twitter says:

    Damn leg kicks are important! That was what won Condit the fight. I’m not mad I picked Condit to win but wouldn’t mind if the @Ufc made them rematch.

  4. slacker says:

    Simply an awesome performance. Outsmarted and outclassed Diaz on the feet.

  5. slacker says:

    Diaz doesn’t deserve a re – match, especially not an immediate re – match. Not when it was not a split decision. Let him fight a few other guys first. Problem is, guys like Ellenberger, Koscheck, Fitch, and MacDonald will all kick his ass.

  6. Franciscaralho says:


  7. Jb says:

    Numbers don’t lie. And the way Diaz responded after the fight was bullshit. “condit your awesome guy happy for you and the fam, but this is bs little baby leg kicks”. It’s mma not boxing Diaz. People have gotten robbed in way better matches.

  8. Taylor says:

    This fight was incredibly close. I thought Diaz did enough to slightly edge it out, but Carlos did land more strikes. The Greg Jackson gameplan was in full effect last night tho!

  9. lolek says:

    How do you win fight if you are running away from your opponent. It just seems ridiculous. Leg jab and run, yeah what a warrior.

    • Mike says:

      How do you win a fight when your opponent is landing more strikes? When you can’t cut him off?

      Like it or not, this is fighting. Outsmarting your opponent. Diaz is just frustrated he didn’t have a punching bag that can’t move.

    • Mo says:

      Look at Diaz’s face…it was ugly to begin with..but it was more fucked up than Condit’s at the end of the night..Sorry sore ass fuckin lame ass losers

  10. Juan says:

    This is just how bj lost to Edgar, hit and run it looks good in the judges eyes obviously if it worked for Edgar and condit

  11. Nick says:

    I had it 3 rounds to 2 for Diaz.

  12. TheBraveReply says:

    How do most fighters lose to Diaz? They get cornered and then peppered on with jabs and hooks till they finally fall. I think COndit’s game plan was to stay away from the fence. If you paid attention to the fight you will notice that yes Condit moves away, but he runs right to the CENTER of the ring and sets back up. e executed the gameplan and won the fight on points just like Frankie did BJ in the first fight.
    I for one thought Diaz won but it was too close for me to judge. NEVER LEAVE IT IN THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES!!!

  13. ramv says:

    It’s just sad that these are the people who speak for BJ Penn, going through lengths to discredit Diaz just because they don’t like how he acts. Never saw so many proof and so much “I thought he lost” in articles in this website… A shame.

  14. Fu says:

    It was easy to see Condit won the decision. Diaz relies too much on backing his opponent into the cage and unloading, when that didn’t happen he had nothing to show except the late takedown. Also, Diaz face was much more visibly beaten compared to Condits.

  15. Kevin Cast says:

    Condit breaks UFC leg kick record.

  16. lex walker says:

    When nick slapped him that shit was funny as hell

  17. John Blaze says:

    Diaz is fucking crybaby just like his cockbreath fans. Only reason he’s gonna retire is because this is the highest in the ranks he will ever get. It’s all downhill from here Diaz fans since most welterweights in the UFC will gladly hand him his ass. Retire now while people still remember you. Smart guy I’ll admit.

    • Jimmy "Juice" Roberts says:

      Condit won by using strategy to land and avoid strikes. THAT”S WHAT FIGHTING IS ALL ABOUT. Hit the guy and don’t get hit back. It was a good match up. I honestly think a better match up than GSP vs Diaz. Condit’s team knew what was coming and prepared for it. If Nick wanted to win he would have changed it up a bit. He had plenty of opportunities to take Condit to the ground where I think the outcome would have been much different just as if Nick would have not been the aggressor and let Condit come to him. Nick did NOT control the fight as he did in some of his previous bouts. I’m not really a fan of either fighter. Both are great contenders; but facts are facts. Nick came with the same old bag of tricks; corner the guy and punch him; and ultimately paid the price. He was too predictable which is why he lost the fight. Best of luck to both fighters. I hope to see Nick in the octagon again, perhaps in the middle weight ranks. Just Sayin’

    • slacker says:

      Yep. They are all lined up waiting to take their turn. It’s gonna be fun to watch his 2nd rate, Strikeforce, fight streak get put into its proper perspective.

  18. Dosan says:

    Tekken needs to put Condit in their game.

  19. learntoread says:

    Actually, in strikes to the head and body, Diaz out-landed Condit 111 to 91. Diaz also secured the only takedown of the fight, took Condit’s back and nearly finished with a rear naked choke. It was only the leg strikes which Condit landed significantly more. It was Diaz who had Condit pushing back the majority of the fight, up against the fence or Carlos literally running away from him.

    Many people (fighters included) believed those first two close rounds should have gone Diaz’s way, along with the 5th, giving him the edge.

    Truth of the matter is, both Rua and Penn received immediate rematches after their very close, controversial, title fight UD losses to Machida and Edgar respectively. There is NO reason why Zuffa shouldn’t afford Nick Diaz the same respect in that regard, ESPECIALLY with GSP out until November. Fans who despise Nick Diaz aside, (and there obviously are a many in this forum), that’s the correct move to make.

    • John Blaze says:

      NICK ALMOST FINISHED A REAR NAKED CHOKE??? REALLY? LOOOOOL! Listen guy, diaz doesn’t want a rematch because he knows he will get his ass handed to him once again. Condit owned him and it hurts for you to admit it, but get over it man, don’t fall in love with fighters.

      • dave says:

        hahahah u trulya pussy not a fighter,,,diaz githis ass handed to him>>?/? u must not know anythingabout fighting if u cLL THAT SOMENE GETTING THERE ASSHANDED TO THEM RETARD

    • dave says:

      you are reading the strikes backwards but you righ diaz got robbed abnd was the oy one who came close to finishing ..and all carlos punches were soft,,diaz rocked carlos many times,,fuk ufc i retiring like diaz…from now on im not renting im watcvhiong free online streems,,,fuk it

  20. Eddie says:

    Carlos fled like a woman (he’s not a true Mexican like, Nicholas Robert Diaz is), he should never be considered a champion, Carlos has a Cowards Heart and fought like a child frightened of their Father. I would be embarrassed if I was Carlos, to be in the biggest fighting organization in the world, and to fight like a scared rabbit. No wonder he cant hold his head high after the fight, the whole world watched him run away from a fight for 25 minutes.

  21. krafty11 says:

    I think the main reason a lot of people are upset is b/c Condit talked all that noise about being a “warrior” and he was gonna go in there and dish out a lot of punishment. lolz. Condit is known for scrapping, and he basically went against his normal fight style to secure a decision. He never tried to end the fight at any point or bang. He just hit and moved out of the way, basically ran around trying to frustrate Diaz, which he did, but it made for a boring fight. Greg Jackson planning all the way.. I actually thought the decision could have went either way, and people would be upset no matter the winner.

    • Chartmonster says:

      Go look on the chart and you can see he scrapped and outstruck Diaz that possible? It sure is..

      • GUAMY says:

        Compustrike > Fightmetric FACT. G.Jackson just ruined Condit, he never fought like that before he was a guy who pushed the pace and went for the finish. he did niether in his fight wioth Diaz. UFC is getting to be really dumb with all these bullshit Decisions and point fighters. Condit I was not impressed by your performance at all, and thats the first fight ive ever said that about condit.

  22. John Blaze says:

    Condit is definitely a warrior, and he had nothing to prove in yesterdays fight. If you think it was a boring fight, it’s because you were dying for diaz to win by ko or tko and you saw it fade as the fight went on. Poor diaz fans.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      It wad a boring ass fight and I wanted Condit to win.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        100% agreed Oreo, although I did want Diaz to win. I thought this fight was going to be in the same category as Rua and Hendo.

        • slacker says:

          Okay. So, the fight wasn’t more of a slugfest. That’s what I was expecting too. But think about it: what are the two very most important strengths in Diaz’ skill set? He has endless cardio, and it is next to impossible to KO him – even more important than his great boxing and BJJ, because without the cardio and toughness, you could still possibly finish him. So, Jackson simply used a strategy that avoided Nick’s two greatest strengths, while playing to Carlos’ greatest – diversity of strikes. It may not be macho. It may not be chest – thumping. But in a different way, strategy is strength and it won him the fight. A well – executed plan can be just as great a victory in my books. But that’s me.

  23. wipeout says:

    Pathetic victory…looked like a Diaz was fighting and Carlos was running for his life…but is there will be a rematch – Carlos would take it. Just like BJ and Edgar… First fight I gave to BJ but Frankie got better for the second one. IF scoring will be like this – MMA will become a joke! START DEDUCTING POINTS FOR RUNNING AWAY!

  24. dave says:

    this exact sam bj vs frankie 1; won and the guy who ran gets the nod,,,mma is waterd down now,,,nick should fuk ufc ad fight in dream only

  25. matikal says:

    Condit outstruck Diaz 159-117. ‘Nuff said.

    • learntoread says:

      Stats do not tell the entire story of a fight, plus they never take into account “octagon control”, a fighter “avoiding action” during the rounds, among other aspects. ‘Nuff said.

      • Donnybrook says:

        The only “action” Condit avoided was getting trapped against the cage like BJ did. Condit is the one who dictated where the fight took place in the middle of the octagon and put on a technical striking clinic… Nick just walked forward like a zombie absorbing shots. If you call that octagon control so be it. You guys act as though Carlos didnt fight, have a look at the stats and Nicks face and be honest with yourselfs… nuff said.

  26. To all you fools who think you know how to critique fights, try and get in the ring! even just a straight up 3 minute boxing round, Las Vegas nevada, there’s mma fights every weekend, small venues….maybe you’s can learn a little bit about yourselves before you’s try to judge people’s efforts and talk,talk,and,talk….step inside and feel it! who feels it knows it! Congrats! to Carlos Condit as of now you’re the man…

  27. Zac Shepard says:

    Okay Im just going to say, WHO CARES WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ? At the end of the day condit won, what does arguing over it going to do ? lol

  28. Chartmonster says:

    Every real fan not a buttsniffer saw this play out! It was obvious that Carlos OUTSTRUCK DIAZ..I know hard to believe but here it is. Carlos had a magnificent gameplan and stuck to it..all I can say is he looked like Jon Jones that night. Took Diaz out at what he does..still tons of DENIAL out here oh we’ll suck it up fans!

  29. GUAMY says:

    Diaz Won that shit in my eyes, and every one in the house i was at watching thought he had the fight hands down except one person. so how can the entire stadium see it one way but the fucking idiots controlling the score have it completely diffrent? CASINO,VEGAS ect.ect… BS decision they just want to shield their golden boy from the beating Diaz will give him. now all you gay porn advocates can watch GSP hump condit for 5 rounds to a UD. I wont be buying that fight unless they put someone worth watching.

  30. Trey says:

    If you say condit out struck diaz you mean he leg kicked alot diaz has more head and shots than condit who obviously ran and threw leg kicks the whole time and significant strikes dont matter for condit cuz most of the where leg kicks and who ever slacker is you don’t watch gsp fights cuz he does lay and pray or he will run and jab so wtf are you talking bout and you say diaz is overrated cuz condit ran from him thats a joke when somebody knocks him out our beats him up like he beats people up then you have some room to talk but based off that fight I dont think so and for people who like watching that kind of shit you need to watch a real fight get out your house and go outside cause if you understand the point isn’t to let it go to judges thats why your allowed to elbow and knee and do submissions to prevent judges score cards but people don’t seem to that

  31. Trey says:

    And people need to get off the gas with this condit out struck diaz cause what really mean is he kicked him in the leg more I mean lets get real here leg kicks don’t mean shit and people who say that shit are so stupid so you mean to tell me if you punch a guy in the face and he leg kicks you twice he’s beating you up cuz all he did was leg a mass majority of his strikes so no he got more leg kicks but he didn’t out strike him cuz diaz has more body and face shot what really count on a fight so to say he out struck diaz is kidding yourself

    • VanDamme says:

      Thanks for writing the longest sentence in history, I was almost able to make sense of it. Punctuation is your friend, use it.

    • Rudy says:

      Trey really have you ever trained or fought in the cage. you sound like a dumbass saying leg kicks dont matter. getting kicked in your lead leg actually do affect you. it affects the way you step into punches and the power behind those punches. so dont say getting kicked in your leg 68 times is not going to do anything cause that is ridiculous.

  32. Xaninho says:

    Diaz had more pitter patter left jabs, but Condit landed more powershots to the face and dictated where the fight took place.

  33. Xaninho says:

    The “Where you at Carlos!” gets a whole new meaning now lol

    I guess you could say he was all over you Nick! And right now he’s shining his interim belt!

    • guamy says:

      it was where you at CARLOS cause he was running away from him the entire fight. If you like fights like that then you should go watch floyd mayweather boxing fights and leave MMA to the guys that want to see real fights (2 people engageing in combat). Condit had the strike and bike going the whole fight, SOOOO LAMEEE.

      • Xaninho says:

        If that’s what you wanna see, there must be some youtube vids with bums fighting eachother. Or a drunk barfight.

        Staying in the pocket with Diaz would be just stupid. He is virtually impossible to KO.

      • Maka says:

        Diaz got outpointed and outssed. Sure it wasn’t the war that Diaz goes in there for, but looks like he couldn’t impose his will to start one. Diaz has no one to blame but himself for not forcing the fight and cornering Condit more. He’s a triathlete, right? Well, while you say Carlos was running… I say catch up and do something Diaz. If you are in such great shape and are willing to scrap, chase him down and make it happen. All his trash talking and backing into a corner didn’t work this time…oh, and to answer his question whether Carlos can land those shots while moving backwards…yes, yes he can. You can be bitter because you like Diaz as a fighter and he lost, but that fight could have gone either way. It wasn’t amazingly decisive and neither fighter incurred too much damage. The way Nick Diaz reacted after the loss was a little childish and premature, though, but who knows what type of emotions are going through his head after a long fight like that and then hearing he lost. Despite how “LAME” it might have been, Condit now has the interim belt and will be moving forward. Would you have rather seen a draw?

    • alex flores says:

      You do know he never said that right? The UFC switched it from ” where you at george” to “where you at carlos” get your facts right maan

  34. Denied says:

    Clearly Condit wins the fight by points. Without time limits, who would have won the fight though? Diaz tried to force the arm bar in the 5th because of lack of time and lost position, but I think that given the time he could have worked a submission. Sure Condit was a smarter guy with a better gameplan. But who is the better fighter? Or rather the real warrior. On the street, who would really win? Say what you want, but the UFC is the organization that showed us what real fighting was, and then shit like this takes place. Condit states how he is a “warrior” but in reality took advantage of sport rules to win. Condit is not the better fighter but clearly plays the sport of MMA a lot better than Diaz ever will. I would be saying the exact same thing about Diaz if he had not stayed true to his word. I’m a GSP fan and now I’m going to have to watch another of his fights go to decision. FML.

  35. steeler says:

    this reminds me of branden vera vs randy couture, vera did more damage, but because mma is divided into rounds randy won. because of that diaz should have won even tho condit did more damage. condit threw more strikes, but it was divided pretty evenly threw the rounds where all diaz’s strikes were in a few rounds. diaz threw a lot of strikes in the first and second where condit threw a few but was consistant threw all rounds so diaz won the first 2 rounds the third round was about even on strikes but diaz was the agresser so i gave him that round but i would agree if they gave it to condit. the fourth was all condit. fifth was all condit untill diaz got the takedown so diaz deffinately got that round so diaz should have won either 49-46 or 48-47

  36. kerry says:

    I loved the fight. It was a complete chess match. To stand infront of Diaz is dumb. Circle away and use angles is the perfect plan. Its not running to move away from the fence when fighting a guy which is known for boxing people against the cage. Sooo many poorly educated fans.

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