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Wednesday, 04/03/2013, 11:46 am

Diaz to retire unless he gets GSP rematch or Silva bout

Unpredictable welterweight Nick Diaz continues to throw around the ‘r’ word.

After losing to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre via unanimous decision at UFC 158, Diaz announced his retirement from the sport, something he’s been prone to do after a loss.

According to a source close to the Diaz camp, unless the UFC gives him a rematch with St. Pierre or a showdown with UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, Diaz plans on staying retired for good.

On Tuesday’s “UFC Tonight,”’s Ariel Helwani said Diaz’s legal representative, Jonathan Tweedale, confirmed that Diaz is determined to stay on the shelf.

Helwani said: “As for Nick Diaz and his fighting future, I asked Tweedale that question, and he said, ‘Right now, he’s retired, unless he gets a rematch with Georges St-Pierre or the big Anderson Silva fight.’ Apparently if he doesn’t get those fights, he is going to remain retired.”

The chance of either fight actually happening sounds like a long shot.

St. Pierre’s win over Diaz was extremely convincing plus the welterweight division is chalked full with young, hungry sharks who have bided their time and are awaiting their crack at GSP (see: Jonny Hendricks, Jake Ellenberger, Carlos Condit, and Rory McDonald).

As far as Silva, he fights No. 1 contender Chris Weidman in July at UFC 162. Another victory for “The Spider” may result in a super fight of his own with either GSP or UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.


37 Responses to “Diaz to retire unless he gets GSP rematch or Silva bout”

  1. TK says:

    Good. He showed very little heart or skill in his fight with GSP.

  2. KimuraTriangle says:

    C’mon dude, really? This is frustrating. I really like Diaz as a competitor, but it gets harder and harder to defend the guy when he just continues to throw out constant “I want this!” “I want that!” or whatever, and threatening to leave, and/or retire.

    Fitch might’ve gotten his ass whooped by GSP, but he got there by just trudging through and beating ass for what, two, three years straight before he got his shot? It was also just a better fight than against Diaz as well… >.>

  3. Brad Sullivan says:

    Good riddance.

  4. YouScared says:

    News Flash Diaz: Anderson fights at 185 and you keep complaining you lost to a guy who weighed 170.9. The world would respect em more if he took a loss for what it was a loss. And of course the Diaz fan boys will continue o make excuses for him.

  5. Tsimanga says:

    I hope he does stay retired. I’m a huge Diaz fan, always have been for his warrior spirit… but now he’s only fighting for a payday, nothing more. Stay retired Nick, seems you ain’t got the fight in you anymore.

  6. BB says:

    he doesnt have to anymore he eased down the fight is out of him , and its good for him to bad for us the fans

  7. Nick Russell says:

    This guy had such a huge future but talk about making terrible decisions. He just makes bad decisions instead of doing his own thing. A remtach? C’mon Diaz – you werent just beat you were dominated. The thing is he probably could work his way back up if he plays it right but that is asking too much.

  8. 123 says:

    he only wins fights when people actually come to finish him.

    • LOL@you! says:

      “I would have finished that arm lock but i thought i was ahead on points”
      –Nick Diaz

      He has admitted that he is a point fighter, but you Diaz fans don’t want to listen. He only spews the garbage before fights to get the opponent out of their game. Even he does not believe the stuff he says!

      • del says:

        you must be canadian. because he said he thought he was winning a fight makes him a point fighter. stop watching hype videos and stop listening to what the fighters say. watch how they perform. just for the record I’m not a diaz fan. i also hate the the patriots but won’t say the suck at football and should not be in the nfl.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Word, who, in their right mind like the Patriots> For that matter, who likes anything from the Northeast? Especially when we have America’s Team – The Dallas Cowboys!!! Whooop.

  9. del says:

    I hope they give him the silva fight. I would pay money to see it. I have watched mma for 12 years and spent thousands of dollars on pay-per views. diaz is a real fighter not a point artist like a lot of mma fighters are know. If you like watching gsp fight you don’t know shit about martial arts. i will never pay for any more of his fights even if it was diaz. one word booorrrrrriiinnngg!!!!!

  10. KIDD433 says:

    Dominate?Hilarious!U mean make love…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      No, that’s called jujitsu! Lol.

      • del says:

        no. thats called wrestling buddy. jujitsu has subs and is exciting. wrestlings so boring the olympics don’t even want it.

      • del says:

        no. thats called wrestling buddy! jujitsu has subs and is exciting. wrestling so boring the olympics don’t even want it.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You must be serious to double post! And please as if the Olympics elite faggot Europeans know anything??! Get real. BTW: It WON’T be dropped the wheels are already in motion. Just remember you heard it here first.

        • del says:

          I was just messing with you. I hope they do keep wrestling in the olympics. i am a fan of it. but that said mma is not wrestling no matter how hard some keep trying to turn it into it.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          That’s cool. I respect your opinion even if I completely disagree with you. Why is it the wrestlers dominate the UFC?

        • Video What says:

          They dominate because MMA is geared towards it. As long as you are on top you are winning, you dont have to do damage, you dont have to fight, you just need to be on top. Why do wrestlers have the lowest finish rate?

        • Good Point says:

          MMA in the UFC is definitely geared towards wrestling. “Octagon control” is the aspect that gives wrestling the edge. They don’t have to land any strikes because they’ve trained their entire lives just taking down and holding, which is boring. When a takedown occurs, the crowd (and Goldie & Rogan) give off the loudest cheer, RAAAAHAHHHHHHHH, but that’s all that happens. Wrestler holds down his opponent and does nothing but tire his opponent. Big deal. Dana and many others have said “why don’t non wrestlers stop the takedown???” It is hard to stop a takedown (I know for fact) but it doesn’t mean it’s exciting. Bendo, one of my favorite fighters, was borderline boring against Nate. Nate’s attempts at advancing is what made the fight exciting. That fight is not even talked about only 3 months after it occurred.

      • del says:

        c’mon man that my point wrestling is starting to dominate the ufc because of the judging. you get points to lay on some one. it sucks. the best fighters in the ufc are still not wrestlers. anderson silva,jose aldo, jon jones,etc. it not the fighters fault though they need to change the scoring. make fighters fight each other rather then wrestle. I’m just sick of paying $60 to watch fighter that don’t even try to finish a fight.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Let me ask you something? Did you see the Fitch Erick Silva fight? Was that boring? No because Silva tried to fight back and not lay there like a dead fish. Fitch still beat the crap out of him, but at least Silva tried to win. Don’t you see, it’s up to the weak ass bitches who can’t make a fight of it to bring it. They ARE THE PROBLEM not the wrestler’s. The wrestler’s are bringing pressure to the game. Be patient, the new breed of wrestlers are bringing great boxing to the game. They just haven’t trained it as long yet. Look what Askren did to Amoussou. Guys like A.Silva and Aldo are dinosaurs and will both be beat soon. btw: Jones is a wrestler.

      • del says:

        you have some ok point but not really. and to me its not the wrestlers lot of wrestler can fight. but scoring by taking some one down and laying in there guard sucks. and yes i have seen the fitch fight it was good so what! GSP is the best wrestler in mma to most so go get five of you friend watch his last eight fights. then watch nick diaz last eight fights. and if you all think gsp’s were more exciting! then you have know idea what you talking about.

  11. YoMama says:

    Despite GSP looking tired and battered compared to Diaz, I dont want another fight between them now. How about fighting someone who is not a lay and pray wrestler. Atleast BJ came to fight like the warrior he is. I wish Diaz would be satisfied fighting someone who brings it.

  12. GRT 3000 says:

    what a fuckin chump – he wants the GOAT or a rematch with a dude that just beat his ass (in which he didn’t EARN the shot) OR he’s going to retire. Is that suppose to be bad news or something? This guy hasn’t established himself as a top 5 in the UFC, but in his own mind he’s the fuckin’ greatest ever. smfh

  13. Sasquatch says:

    Well I guess he’s retiring then.

  14. jbeamazing says:

    good he has been the biggest whinny bitch Iv’e ever seen in mma

  15. Ernest Ian says:

    I’d like to see Diaz take on Hendricks. That would be fun.

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