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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 02:08 pm

Diaz Out, Condit in against GSP

A crazy turn of events at today’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference has changed the scheduling of four welterweight stand-outs.

As we reported yesterday, Nick Diaz failed to show for the Toronto leg of the UFC 137 media tour and he followed suit this afternoon when he skipped out on a reported three different flights and missed the event today at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship, and Carlos Condit has it… Diaz is going to find out on the news that he’s not fighting Georges St-Pierre, maybe he’ll call me back then,” stated White.

As the story unfolded live at the media conference, Diaz coach Cesar Gracie was able to reach White on the phone to express his apologies.

“I apologize and I agree with you 100 percent with what you’re doing,’ said Gracie who also admitted to having lost contact with his welterweight star and claimed Diaz is in fact “missing”.

So now what? With Diaz MIA and BJ Penn without an opponent what is next for the two welterweight stars left holding the bag?

Let your voice be heard Penn Nation. If you think that the correct punishment for Diaz is to feed him to BJ Penn, get on twitter and tweet Dana White HERE and let him know!


115 Responses to “Diaz Out, Condit in against GSP”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    I’m mad raging right now.

  2. Vegasboy says:

    DW said that it was a crazy fight for BJ, and don’t see any of them at WW. Does that mean he will be going back down to LW? Melendez???

  3. Bob says:

    I like this fight

  4. dontbescaredhomie says:

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!

  5. BobbO says:

    Unbelievable. Diaz ditched todays press conference. Now I am even wondering what is wrong with this guy. ~BobbO

  6. e says:

    are you fkn kidding me?!?!??!!!!!!!

  7. AlexAbeyta says:


  8. Fortyb4five says:

    I’m officially not longer a Diaz fan.

  9. Nick Powers says:

    Guys, Dana said he’s planning on keeping BJ in the co-main event slot. Now, it’s just a matter of who he’ll fight. My money is on Fitch, distant money is on Diaz if he apologizes to Dana and my “don’t bank on it” money is on a return to LW against a top contender.

  10. Bickle` says:

    Penn/Machida 2

  11. kelsyn a says:

    yo who is bj fighting know come on man

  12. Will says:

    i hope you get a refund if they pull BJ out of the card

  13. EffLay&Prayfighters says:

    F@CK MY LIFE… is this really happening?

  14. Digs says:

    Guarantee its Fitch, but would love to see BJ punish Diaz.

    There isn’t anybody else at WW that really deserves to fight BJ.

    • B-1 says:

      I hope it’s not Fitch, cause that dude is a boring fighter. Only looks to grind opponents out, has know finishing capability nowadays. If that fight does come BJ needs to make a statement and let Fitch know that he doesn’t belong in the cage with him.

    • Ruben Cosme says:

      True statement Bro… I dont think diaz would make it out of the 1st round against bj…And any 1 else that can even compete with bj @ WW are either booked on another fight card or injured… Blows Big time…

      • StickBoxer808 says:

        This is just a …. not sure what you would call it… “fantasy” match but wouldnt it be wild IF Dana lined up both Reagan and BJ to fight Nick and Nate. Wouldn’t happen but I think that would create a lot of crazy hype.

  15. Luke Murphy says:

    BJ needs to fight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. I would love to see that

  16. vic says:

    I paid good money to watch Bj and Gsp on the same card… Find BJ a fight!!!

  17. Ruben Cosme says:

    Wow!!! Hopefully Diaz is okay, but if he decided to not ” PLAY THE GAME”, and take off, he’s a fcukin Dbag 4 doin so.What about BJ???Damn!!! I was really looking forward to seeing Penn VS Condit, would have been a sick fight… both have great stand up…Did BJ get injured?

  18. Daruckuz808 says:


  19. paul says:

    Really sucks for BJ, maybe they can find him another match….or he fights at a later date?

    Nick Diaz fucked up

  20. ZN says:

    diaz pussed out. he’s hiding from everyone. they said he snuck out of cesar fgracie house and they havent found him since.

  21. Dana Black says:

    I was more excited to see Penn vs Condit than GSP vs Diaz. Now its GSP vs Condit and Penn vs who ‘effin knows? WTF UFC !!!

  22. BJPennrules says:

    Oh crap, does this mean we are going to see STORY VERSUS PENN???
    I dont want to see BJ fighting up and comers at all…….

    More then likely we will now see Fitch Penn 2

  23. Joshua C says:

    welter weight royal rumble?? lol

  24. Sarah says:

    I was looking forward to the Bj Condit fight more than any other fight this year well besides Dos Santos Valasquez please Dana White do not let it be Fitch

  25. UberMoose says:

    I had been looking forward to this fight for so long, i’d wanted it to happen for years. I’ve been a huge Diaz fan for years and had called around for flights to Vegas from England & buy tickets to see the fight live. I’m a very understanding person & whole-heartedly agree that Nick is a fighter in the rawest form, the management should have left him to do one thing: Fight. Not attend press meetings, not sign autographs & do t.v interviews, do all that shit after the fight. But fucks’ sake, Nick… You’ve bitten the hand that feeds you big time, i’ll always be a fan no matter what, but i can’t speak for the other few hundred thousand!

    If he comes back from this i’ll be very surprised.

    • Art1333 says:

      @ UberMoose

      Fighters HAVE to promote the card and themselves… The fight purse comes from sales of the event (both the venue & PPV)… Sure Diaz is a fighter, but he’s got to do all the other things too to pump up the fight… Doing “all that shit” after the fight is pointless…

  26. bjnutthugger says:

    im fuckin pissed, kos vs bj!!!

  27. bjpennallday says:

    bj vs rory macdonald would make an interesting fight!

  28. Marco` says:

    What a freaking pussy. The guy has the biggest trash talk mouth in the fight world, and he does something like that. Tell me after that who the scared homie is ? come on. If diaz comes back, make him face penn, so Penn can kick his ass, and move up the rankings. He lost his title shot either way, Condit steps in, and Penn has an opponent

  29. neckrys says:

    does anyone consider that diaz might not be alive or something like that? hence his disappearance

  30. Alrekur says:

    Diaz is doing drugs. I call it.

  31. Luke Murphy says:


    • PennNation!!! says:

      It would be bad ass, I cant lie

    • I know more says:

      why would you even suggest that BJ face a 200 pound welterweight fighter – get your head out of your ass!

      • Luke Murphy says:

        Rumble is huge but he makes the 170 pound cut. Are you suggesting that johnson shouldn’t’ fight any welterweight? If he makes weight……..then thats his weight class. Whats your problem? My head is in the right place, you my friend don’t seem to be scared for BJ. I think its a great fight, much better than Rumble and Charlie Breenaman. Seriously!!!

        • you know less says:

          BJ fought Machida douche. A waaaay bigger guy than BJ and even Machida couldn’t finish the prodigy.. So you know more?! Sorry buddy, you know nothing.

    • JOSH C says:

      bro are you serious rumble johnson isnt exciting anymore he proved it in the hardy fight, he rather L&P then stand up. what do you think he is going to do with a much smaller BJ penn

  32. Chris says:

    If it’s Penn-Fitch 2 I am not longer going to buy this card. (Yes it’s that important)

  33. Ronnie says:

    Man Condit and GSP are both a part of the Jackson camp. But Condit always said if the opportunity came he would take it. This will be an interesting fight.

  34. PennNation!!! says:

    BJ vs. Diaz??

  35. The Dude says:

    Dick move.

    Diaz fucks the UFC, so the UFC fucks the fans.

    Fuckin thanks a lot!!!

    This blows.

  36. Nick says:

    Damn…………… Diaz MIA. I guess it’s the right thing to do. I guess he is scared………..homie.

  37. Ryrie says:

    this fucking sucks, i said penn v condit was going to be fight of the year! penn v fitch 2 just isnt appealing, fitch brings nothing but 3 rounds of yawns to the fans! i want to see someone thats going to fight bj like a man! scrap GSP and make bj v condit main event!

  38. txmike81 says:

    Diaz is scared of GSP so he is ducking the fight. He never had a chance anyways. Diaz has never beat a top 10 contender and maybe never will. Anybody that thought Diaz could win is crazy but now we will never know for sure.

  39. Eric says:

    diego sancchez got injured for the bout in sep 24, if he’s ok then him sanchez vs penn 2 but, a broke hand depends, i dont know if in a month will be heal. Now i think is the rematch penn vs fitch 2 but, i do agree to BJ go down to LW again. GSP vs Condit is great, really F’kin great, never liked the Diaz brothers specially Nick. Condit is faster and powerful than nick diaz any way, the Condit’s cardio is 1 of the best, I do hope Condit takes that belt, i prefer anderson silva to retire like in 2 or 3 yrs without losing the belt by finishing fights than another gsp fight going to a boring decision.

  40. BobbO says:

    I was gonna buy my $1000 floor seats Friday. Most likely isn’t happening now. The main reason we were gonna spend that kind of money was to be able to see BJ and Nick, my two favorite fighters on the same card. This is really bad news. ~BobbO

  41. kyle says:

    it might be jake shields. he was calling out bj for a while

  42. Trane says:

    What is Dana White supposed to do? The guy is a no show for a huge event.

    I think personally think that Nick Diaz is just scared of press conferences or something, the street smart in him probably doesnt like to answer hard questions in a public forum…

  43. Dustin says:

    My brain can’t even comprehend this right now………The money, the fame the belt…? Nick Diaz wtf are you thinking bro?? The only thing that could possibly make this any worse would be Fitch vs BJ 2…….

  44. yogesh892 says:

    oh for the love of god, please dont make fitch penn 2

  45. david uppercut says:

    penn vs hardy!!

  46. reyed says:

    I luv diaz, he’s my fav fighter, but what a fucking dumb ass!!!!


    Possibly the only person right now that could beat the hell out out of that damn santo!

  47. Ryrie says:

    hardys coming off 4 loss’s? hes nowhere near penn haha i honestly dunno what the UFC can do to save this fight other than make it diaz v penn! nick obviously cant handle the spotlight

  48. Bleppmasta says:

    Just goes to show what a piece of s**t Diaz is… Never liked the guy before but I was looking forward to seeing him getting his ass kicked by GSP.

  49. LIKE I SAID .. DIAZ IS A DBAG AND DOESN’T DESERVE THE TITLE SHOT, BUT NEITHER DOES CONDIT! Now what is Bj doing hopefully fighting Diaz or back to Fitch. Diaz welcome to the UFC buddy.. Dana don’t fukk around. This is like soap opera.. Wtf is next?

  50. me says:

    Diaz was scared for sure!!

  51. Q says:

    Im soo pissed off right now, I was soo happy that BJ had the oppurtunity to smash on condit then take GSP’s belt. GSP is an enourmous step from condits usual competition and im definite condit will choke, if BJ gets taken off this card im going to go on a rampage

  52. JD-SE7EN says:

    WOW! i was going to the mandalay bay just to see BJ. hope he still fights a contender…
    very disappointed, stockton kid is a pussy

  53. anonymous says:

    just a thought, but what if diaz is dead somewhere. that would explain alot.

  54. mark says:

    I wanna see BJ and Shields! Shields was talkin shit about BJ on twitter, interviews, anywhere someone would pretend to listen.

    BJ isn’t afraid of Shields BJJ, and he’s not going to throw a jab party like GSP!

    I say BJ can finish Shields and his lousy ass stand up inside 2 rounds and I’d paid $100 to watch that smug asshole get his dues!

  55. Me says:

    To whom much is given. Much is required. I wanted to see this fight but, Diaz makes his own rules and pays for it this time.

  56. Justa Thought says:

    BJ vs Condit was such a great match up. Very Very Disappointing. I could say a bunch but won’t waste my time… Nick Diaz could care less anyway. If there is no decent reason for his absence, then what a lousy thing to do to a lot of people.

  57. Steven says:

    haha what about bj

  58. Vassilis says:

    That’s horrible news! Really fucked up the whole card. Now GSP will most likely walk all over Condit.

    Regarding BJ, I love that guy but I’m afraid Diaz will beat him. Unless of course if BJ has raised his game massively.

    • Gota says:

      What the hell are you smokin dude? BJ has some of the best stand up in MMA, and his bjj is in a class of it’s own. I’d like to see the fight, but I think BJ would whip his punk ass. BJ vs Shields would be my choice, although BJ would show Shields what world class bjj is all about. War Penn!

  59. BobbO says:

    During the press conference, when asked about Penn, White commented “I don’t know about BJ as of yet, I am gonna have to call him. I know I am gonna have one pissed off Hawaiian to deal with though”.

    LOL! Yeah, yuh think? ~BobbO

  60. Andrew says:

    Diaz and his brother are both knobs. He knew GSP would beat the snot out of him and make him look like the chump he is. I hope Dana kicks his ass out and he ends up fighting for scraps of food in Tailand.

    Lets See Penn/Hughes again.

  61. Voicein the desert says:

    I say put Diaz in against BJ. When Diaz loses, whatever is left of him gets kicked out of the UFC and of Strikeforce!

    BJ must be chewing on nails right now…I would be…

    Don’t be scared homie! Book it!

  62. BobbO says:

    I think Nick smoked a huge bowl before walking into SF International Airport on Tuesday night and he had a massive dope anxiety attack. Fools were probably mad rushing him for an autograph. Then he was last seen running down the street like Smokey on PCP in the movie Friday. ~BobbO

  63. BobbO says:

    Yeah. At this point even if Diaz calls White, Dana is not gonna change the change to the main card because he will never risk it happening again, and Diaz has to be punished. However, I could easily see him giving BJ Diaz, but I would imagine that he would have Nick sign a new contract because when he originally signed the 1st one, a large portion of it had to have been financially influenced by him facing GSP.

    What is with this flagged and e-mail verification stuff? Must be a glitch in the website. ~BobbO

  64. jorge don says:

    thats wack I really wantd this fight

  65. Artemis Entreri says:

    I’m kind of hoping to see BJ fight Anderson Silva; that would be a great fight.

  66. Nick Gorena says:

    As much as this blows, the UFC couldn’t have picked a better replacement than Carlos Condit. Nick Diaz is a pompous asshole, and now he’s left with no titles at all. Think he’ll learn any lessons? Probably not. Him and his brother are both stubborn little assholes with big mouths.

  67. Marcus says:

    let Condit fight Bj and take GSP out and have him fight Anderson in about two months or three

  68. OakCliffTopdog says:

    @artemis are you kidding bro bj and silva are homies. DW should’ve made GSP vs BJ 3 to make up for the greasing since NSAC couldn’t.

  69. Sean says:

    Just tell Dana to cut Reagan a UFC contract and ya’ll are square.

  70. exit8 says:

    Dana said in the presser that ditch is not an option. That his plan is a crazy option. I think shields, or maybe akiyama.

  71. StickBoxer808 says:

    LOL, thats what Im saying….
    Penn brothers vs Diaz brothers – Family Feud!!

  72. sucka free says:

    i dont blame diaz for wanting to avoid dorks like ariel harwani and his stupid questions.

  73. Mr.S says:

    All I care for right now for UFC 137 is for BJ to still fight on that card.

  74. Richard says:

    Dana White should B.J. Penn a chance to fight Nick Diaz. I’m telling you that would be a hell of a fight B.J. Penn VS Nick Diaz that should be his punishment B.J. will humble him really quick. I hope dana looks at this comment. GO B.J.

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