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Tuesday, 12/03/2013, 08:13 am

Despite Reports Dana White Denies Apologizing To Georges St. Pierre

And the saga continues. UFC President Dana White, who had harsh words for Georges St. Pierre after St. Pierre decided he would take some time away from the sport, now denies ever having apologized to the champion for his comments.

St. Pierre’s long time mentor Krostof Midoux claimed that after the comments, White called St. Pierre to offer an apology. “Few people know it, but the next morning [White] called Georges and told him, ‘I’m sorry, I watched the fight again and you have indeed won. I spoke under the influence of emotion,’” Midoux said.

Now Dana has told MMAJunkie’s John Morgan that this is not true.

“I have not watched the fight,” White said. “I still haven’t watched the fight. This guy [Midoux is] like one of the new Kardashian sisters. This guy pops up out of nowhere, and now he’s everywhere.”

“Realistically, I’m not forcing Georges to do anything, but Georges has to defend his title. He was off for over a year already with ACL surgery,” White added. “So if people have problems with it, I could [not] give a s*** if they like it or don’t. I don’t care what people’s opinions of that are.”


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