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Friday, 09/09/2011, 05:33 pm

Despite Missing Weight, Daley Still to Fight at BAMMA 7

Paul Daley (27-11-2) weighed in today five pounds overweight for his co-headlining fight against Jordan Radev at BAMMA 7. However, despite the missed weight by Daley the fight will still take place tomorrow at the NIA Arena in Birmingham, U.K. The night’s fights will also stream live on the BAMMA website at
Daley weighed in today at 176 pounds and declined to cut any more weight after given the opportunity. His opponent, Jordan Radev (23-4), weighed in at 171pounds and after negotiations still decided to take the fight with the five-pound-heavy Daley.
Daley was forced to forfeit a percentage of his purse for the infraction, which just happened to be his sixth in two-plus years. Although Daley has had trouble making weight in the past and once again failed to make the weight, his manager, Wad Alameddine, assured the media that Daley would remain a welterweight in the future. He explained that Daley is a big welterweight but at 5’9 is much too small to fight at middleweight. So, after several questions regarding a possible move to middleweight Alameddine assured the media that Daley would indeed remain a welterweight. He also declined to disclose the amount docked from his purse for missing the weight for this fight.

“It was more than we wanted to give up,” he told today.

The story given for Daley missing weight this time around was that in the process of cutting the last couple of pounds the sauna at the fighter hotel broke down with only an hour left the until weigh-ins, according to Alameddine. In a last effort to get Daley on weight BAMMA had arranged a backup sauna at the arena, and that one oddly failed as well.

At BAMMA 5 Daley also experienced similar problems with the sauna and failed to make weight on that occasion too.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the saunas in this country, but it’s a problem,” Alameddine said.

Daley’s manager also used the short notice nature of the fight as one source of today’s weigh-in problem.

“It was pretty short notice,” Alameddine said. “Because we basically had to wait for approval from Zuffa that he could get clearance to actually take this fight. I think it was even less than three weeks (ago) that we got that approval.”

Daley is still obligated to fight three more times under the Zuffa/ Strikeforce banner. However, Daley has always been known for fighting outside of a single promotion, mainly in an effort to keep his ties close in the U.K. The BAMMA booking and another one slated for Ringside MMA on October 21st are one-fight deals, Alameddine said. Zuffa is working with him to keep him active in the meantime.
But after missing weight once again we’ll have to wait and see just how excited ZUFFA will be to have Daley make his next appearance.

“It’s just a bit disappointing that we had the same problem back in February. Again, it’s a different part of the country. Maybe they’re jinxed with saunas.”
So after missing weight yet again and providing several excuses for his own mistakes what do the fans here at think of the latest on Paul “Semtex” Daley? Is he still a legitimate worldwide contender at welterweight or does this lack of discipline on top of his recent consecutive losses to Nick Diaz and Tyron Woodley completely eliminate his name from the welterweight ranks? Let’s hear some opinions fight fans.


11 Responses to “Despite Missing Weight, Daley Still to Fight at BAMMA 7”

  1. Ryan M says:

    what a loser

  2. CALI says:

    Wheres Mike Dolce when you need him ? Seriously this guy needs to figure something out. Its disrespectful and unfair that his opponents have to cut as much weight, he just disregards this and ends up knocking them out anyways, lol.

  3. Moe Kachino says:

    A smaller Daley would be sick though… He’s huge for 170 but I think if he cut down to 155 we’d see some sick fights. 170 is a division where the top guys are all wrestlers.

  4. Chris says:

    Never liked Daley. Unprofessional and pathetic to say the least.

  5. qwerty says:

    Supposed to be pro. What a punk. Can’t do his job and make weight 6 times in two years. I hope it was a huge fine.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Not making weigh is highly unprofessional indeed. But his loss to Nick Diaz was a lucky punch..He had Diaz rocked. I don’t think anyone else tagged Diaz the way Daley did.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      That “lucky” punch, lucky submission, lucky tko shit is getting so old. If Diaz didn’t have the skill to take advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself, he wouldn’t have been in the position to “get lucky”. Daley underestimated Diaz’s chin/ skills and paid for it.

  7. Random Person says:

    WTF is this guys deal? 6 times in two years? This guy is pro for god sake. Then he wants to cry about refusing ti cut anymore and whine about how much they took from his purse? Forget him.

  8. John & Tasha says:

    fights won when you are overweight don’t count…

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