Dennis Bermudez Returns To Action Against Pablo Garza At UFC on FOX 3

February 18, 2012 2:13 pm 4 Comments

This fight on paper is easy to call, but I believe there are some unknown variables that may contradict what common sense would have us believe.

Let me dive into it.

It is my belief that Pablo Garza is one of the best middle of the road featherweights currently signed with the UFC. This division is deep so to call him one of the best, period, would be an exaggeration at this point. He last saw action in an entertaining bout against top contender Dustin Poirier and notched his second professional loss in the process.

Prior to being signed with ZUFFA he was undefeated, but has since dropped two bouts to very stiff competition. Outside of the upper echelon he has excelled and that is why I say he is one of the best middle of the road featherweights today. I guess, for lack of a better term we can call him a gatekeeper with limitless potential.

Bermudez on the other hand still leaves me much to be desired. He ran through “The Ultimate Fighter” house only to be stopped in the season’s finale by Brazilian wrecking machine Diego Brandao.

Since the fights in the TUF house do not count as pro-bouts, on paper Bermudez has dropped three in a row. His last loss was entertaining, he and Diego put on a show, but Diego is kind of unknown himself. How good really is Diego is what I ask myself, is he a contender or did he just look really good against lesser opposition?

The answer to this latest question would really help me gauge the talent level of Bermudez, but only time will give me what I seek to desire.

One important item of note is that Bermudez used to fight as a lightweight (and this is where he picked up his losses), but has recently taken to the featherweight division. He looked good in the TUF house, so I will ignore his three-fight skid and give him some credit for those TUF wins.

I believe that, regardless of what logic may tell me, Bermudez has potential. He has a rugged aggressive style mixed with power strikes and good takedowns.

Like many before him he has the chance to prove that The Ultimate Fighter is a breeding ground for top talent and I believe he takes this fight.

Garza will tower over Bermudez come fight night. He stands at six-foot-one and Bermudez is a smaller five-foot-six. But I see that height working against Garza in this fight because Bermudez is one of many NCAA division 1 wrestlers entering the fold and will use the leverage advantage of his taller opponent to his best interests with takedowns and trips.

All he has to do is stay out of the lengthy submission attempts while on top and he should take this fight. I am gambling a bit on this one because I expect Garza to be the favorite, but Bermudez has the tools and I think he’s proven it despite what the tale of the tape may say.

These are my thoughts, please rebut, agree or share your own!

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