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Monday, 07/22/2013, 09:33 am

Demian Maia Says Silva Training With Seagal Is All Lies

“It’s a lie. It’s marketing. Like every actor from Hollywood, when Seagal saw Anderson’s success, he glued himself to him. Seagal’s movie career was down. It worked because he appeared in the media again. Seagal never taught Silva anything… For everyone who knows about it, it’s a joke… I was not rooting against Silva in this fight, honestly. I rooted against Silva several times, but not in this fight, because we Brazilians lost a belt when JDS, a great friend of mine, lost in December. Then Brazil eventually lost another… That’s was not rooting against him.”

In a recent interview with the Brazilian Media, former title challenger, Demian Maia, kept it real when asking about Anderson Silva and his training with Steven Seagal.


0 Responses to “Demian Maia Says Silva Training With Seagal Is All Lies”

  1. Steven Seagal says:

    I taught Demian that lie. I taught it to him many, MANY decades ago when he was in his fathers scrotum.

  2. Dustin says:

    Just because there is a video of Silva and Seagal in the same roon and Silva acknowledges said video does not mean Silva learned a damn thing from that fat,has been ,no fighting let me grab your wrist and you flip yourself fool

  3. Jean Claude Van Damme says:

    Steven, I know we’ve had our media disputes as well and it has laid heavy on my conscience for many, many years since. I believe it is an appropriate time for every to know the truth. Steven and I had a physical altercation outside of a bar Flagstaff, AZ in 1982. I attempted a roundhouse kick to the face, but, Steven is just too strong. He stopped the kick dead in its’ tracks with the end of his pinky, and landed a front kick to the back of my head. It is a relief that the truth has been told, and I apologize to all of my fans who believed in me and thought Steven was a phony.

  4. George W Bush says:

    Steven Seagull taught me everything I know about noociler weapons, pretzels, domestic and foreign policy and managing the corruption in Wallstreet which brought the global economy to a halt, damaging the lives of millions globally.

    If it wasnt for Mr Segal I’d be flipping burgers, because that’s what my career adviser said I was good for.

    Daddy didnt agree.

  5. steven says:

    people still comment down here?

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Like this is news?? Anybody who knows anything already knows that!!! Truth is that both those tools are using each other.
    The real beef I have is fuck u Maia you fukcin racist rooting for only Brazilians to win,,so I say FU FU FU. I hope every fukcing Brazilian loses to USA and Canadians and Danish and IRISH and Russinas but mostly to USAians, Wrestling USAians!! How DARE you only ROOT for Brazilians. cocksucker…

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