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Wednesday, 07/24/2013, 02:00 pm

“DC” to Demand Light Heavyweight Title Shot Following Win Over Roy Nelson at UFC 166


| Daniel Cormier has always had his eyes set on gold…but at this point in time, it’s not at his current home of heavyweight.

“DC” is a current top contender in the UFC’s heavyweight stables but we have long suspected an eventual drop to light heavyweight. We’ve even heard it from both Dana White and Cormier himself: the long term goal is a reign at 205 pounds and a drop could be granted an immediate title fight.

Cormier is currently undefeated (12-0) and has recently been pushing for a fight with “Big Country” Roy Nelson, despite his plans to eventually go down in weight.

We found out that the UFC has granted that wish for “DC” and has given Nelson a new contract in the process. The organization has scheduled the two men to meet at the upcoming UFC 166 event in Texas on October 19th and apparently Cormier is planning on breaking some big news following his predicted win in that bout.

That fight will seemingly mark Cormier’s final fight at heavyweight and he revealed last night on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” that he was not only already making a gradual cut down to the 205 pound division, but he also claimed that he was planning on calling out the light heavyweight champion following a projected win over “Big Country”.

Jon Jones is scheduled to defend his light heavyweight crown in September against Alexander Gustafsson and Cormier is calling for a fight with the winner.

Cormier made his UFC debut in April and he ran through former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir, in the process. That moved his winning streak to 12 and really convinced many people that weren’t already sold on his skills that he is indeed one of the most well-versed fighters in the game today.

He is undoubtedly one of the top contenders in the heavyweight division but with his training partner Cain Velasquez currently holding the title in that weight class,  a move to light heavyweight seems to make the most sense.

So, with Cormier saying that a win over Big Country at UFC 166 should earn him a title fight at the weight class below, do any fans think that he doesn’t deserve to, as Cormier put it, “cut the line” of contenders at 205? Let’s hear some feedback and opinions, Penn Nation! Sound off.

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22 Responses to ““DC” to Demand Light Heavyweight Title Shot Following Win Over Roy Nelson at UFC 166”

  1. Dee says:

    Here’s the thing about fighters pay that people don’t understand. If you are an entry level fighter you shouldn’t complain. You don’t have a name and don’t deserve to get paid big bucks. You got to pay your dues.
    The only problem I have is when guys like BJ, Vitor, Rampage and so forth market and promote theses fights themselves. They also have big names that draw fans and they only get peanuts.

    I also have a problem with the UFC preventing fighters from making their name big. They’re controlling the market, which is not fair. They put fighters in these long ridiculous contracts holding them to 1 or 2 fights a year not allowing them to fight anywhere else to make money. That’s not right.

    If these guys were smart they would rack up 20 fights with smaller promotion companies with no long contracts. Build their own brand. Then they can have bargaining power. Because they don’t have a name, they can’t make a case for more pay. It’s just that simple.

  2. Steven Thurman says:

    I like DC, not a huge fan of Jones. I originally thought DC would be able to destroy jones, but here’s the biggest problem. Kicks seem to really hurt Cormier, and Jones has some pretty damn good kicks. I think he could probably use them to keep DC from getting a takedown and continue scoring against him striking. Just my evaluation

  3. KIDD433 says:

    That match up would be ass backwards.DC should be fighting at 205, Jones should be fighting at HW with guys closer to his size. Theirs way too much of a significant size difference between them. This is a bad match up IMO

  4. magoo says:

    What the Fukc! You beat Roy at HW…then u figure ur owed a LHW title shot at Jonathan the goat bones Jones!! Earn the hard way like Machida,shogun,Page, Evans, and Sonnen did…. Oh wait omit Sonnen lol, bottom line is drop to 205 maybe fight Glover, Gus, or even Phil Davis, smash a couple of them dudes and I think everyone would love to see you fight Jones until then I hope the UFCs done giving out freebies!

  5. The natural says:

    You gotta give credit were credits do. Even tho lackluster in last fight. He looks great on paper. But, needs to fight better caliber hw so we can call him a number 2 next to teammate which he feels he’s can assume being training partners but we still wanna c it and I want him to get better anyway before he fights jones so he has a shot

  6. pc says:

    bullshit. if your undefeated how are you gonna call out someone in the middle of the pack at best. if you want the belt, call out another contender. feed his fatass to glover. his teddy graham looking ass will get ko’ed

  7. kenny powers says:

    I say do DC vs Glover for #1 contender at LHW. Assuming they both win their next fights.

  8. JiujitsuHeyZues says:

    Basically what Chris weidman did, I mean he had an undefeated record but never beat one current top contender Maia and Munoz were not top 5 when he fought them. He got a title fight handed to him, If you look at the top 5 MWs other then AS he hasnt fought any of them. Just weird in my opinion. There is no earning a title shot anymore its ask everytime you win a fight, talk s#!t about the champ, tweet @Danawhite. Poor Joe Silva I wonder what his job is gonna be now that the fighters make the match ups. Whatever happened to the guys that would say “Whatever the UFC wants” when they get asked whats next. Where are the fighters that earned their shots at glory with their hands and not their mouths…Champs turning down fights, fighters turning down title shots LMAO Boxing and WWE made a baby and called it MMA

  9. jdizzle says:

    Does he deserve it? not really but there is nobody else at LHW that I really want to see fight him besides Glover. Machida already got beat and usually isnt very exciting and Henderson has slowed down his last 2 fights and hasn’t looked impressive. At the end of the day its a business and DC will sell more PPV’s now and make a more exciting fight now. Whereas Glover is only getting better and getting more popular and will make a better fight in the future. It’s good news for Jones that he wants an instant match because he has no idea how his body is going to respond to weight cut like that, if he gets a couple fights under his belt and gets more comfortable at that weight it could be bad news for Jones. DC has the wrestling and the strength to pin him against the cage if he can get ahold of him and the power to KO him if he can get in range. Two big if’s but i like his chances better than anyone else at LHW right now. If it happens I’m still taking Jones

  10. shogun54 says:

    Yes of course, let’s beat an HW gatekeeper then fight the n°1 P4P, seems legit.

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