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Thursday, 09/29/2011, 10:31 am

Dave Herman Reveals That Failed Drug Test To Blame For UFC 136 Withdrawal

“I went in to give my drug test, right? And a week later they called me and said they lost my urine specimen and I had to come in and re-do it. That was last week. Like, I went back in that day and today they said I failed. And I said ‘uh, that’s impossible.’

It was September 15, I went in and took the first test. And then a week later they e-mailed me and called me and said they lost the sample and I had to come in and do it again. So I went in to do it again that day and then today they just got the results I guess.

But then I called because I’ve been trying to figure this out. I was like how did they lose it? What happened? I don’t know. But then Texas said that they never lost it and said that they never lost it and the first test was for drugs and the second was steroids.”

“They didn’t say I had performance enhancing drugs, they said I had marijuana. And I don’t even smoke, so yeah. Although I think the Diaz brothers do claim it is performance enhancing somehow.”

Dave Herman goes on a recent edition of “Clinch Gear Radio” to reveal the cause of his sudden withdrawal from the upcoming UFC 136 event.

Initial reports thought it to be an injury but now apparently it was due to a failed drug screening. With the story as he tells it, is it possible that Texas made a mistake or could Herman be a closet toker?


10 Responses to “Dave Herman Reveals That Failed Drug Test To Blame For UFC 136 Withdrawal”

  1. Joe says:

    wow extremely GAY, marriage between two guys can be legalized, but a lil tokin turns over graves…

  2. Keola says:

    if they LOST the first test isn’t it safe to assume they could’ve MIXED UP the 2nd test with someone else’s? It seems Texas is worthless in everything.

  3. Shawn says:

    I’m guessing these people doing the testing get paid for every test they conduct. So would it be far fetched that the more they fail, the more they will get more re-tests. Which means mo money, mo money, mo money. Just saying.

  4. Zack says:

    Come on for weed? People are fuckin rediculous. That’s like kicking someone out for drinking a beer

  5. HawaiiRN808 says:

    Sounds like someone is lying…

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