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Friday, 11/09/2012, 04:55 pm

Dave Herman Enlists In Drug Rehab Following Marijuana Positive Test and Subsequent 6 Month Suspension | UFC News

The UFC has suspended the heavyweight fighter for six months. Additionally, Herman has agreed to participate in an approved drug-rehabilitation program. In addition to the suspension and rehabilitation program, Herman must have a clean drug test in order to fight once his suspension ends.

UFC administered its own drug testing for UFC 153 at Rio de Janeiro’s HSBC Arena on Oct. 13. Along with Herman’s positive test, main-event light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar tested positive for a banned steroid following his loss to Anderson Silva.

Bonnar announced his retirement three days prior to news of his positive test and was consequently suspended for one year.

Herman failed a drug test for the second time in his UFC career just like Bonnar. The remaining 22 fighters on the card all had their tests come back clean.


16 Responses to “Dave Herman Enlists In Drug Rehab Following Marijuana Positive Test and Subsequent 6 Month Suspension | UFC News”

  1. The natural says:

    Marijuana I sucked dick for coke

  2. Not nick diaz says:


  3. the original steve says:

    just let the guy smoke his weed and fight. rehab for marijuana lol.

  4. Mike Luis says:

    lmao rehab for weed that’s ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with weed, deal with it : )

  5. Xaninho says:

    rehab for weed…What about alcohol? Are fighters even tested for alcohol? And no rehab for roiders? Once a roider stops roiding he/she falls into a pit because he/she can’t train like before so if anyone needs help with life after getting caught it’s a roider.

    Fucking athletic commissions are corrupt and hypocrites.

  6. the realness says:


  7. agent420 says:

    bahahhaha what a pussy.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Wtf is this shit? Marijuana rehab? its a fucking plant you gays.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    Hilarious – rehab for weed. he’s really going to have sweat that one out. lol

  10. B-rad says:

    What a waste of money.. There IS NO PHYSICAL ADDICTION FOR MARIJUANA!!!!! People can get depended on it, even if you do you have about a 2 hr span where its like “Shit, i dont have any bud” look at a crackhead who hasnt smoked in 2 hrs and their tweakin their faces off

  11. B-rad says:

    Dave Herman is just a stupid fucker… He’s the one who said “I train in wrestling, which means you dont have to worry about jiu jitsu” Then Nog about took his arm home as a trophy..

  12. T.DADDY says:

    You in here for some marijuana? Man this is some bullshit… Boo this man!

  13. The Dentist says:

    They make the pot smokers look worse than the f**cking Sted Heads

  14. Kjtrlt says:

    Wow, rehab for pot seems a bit extreme, especially 6 months. But, one does what it takes to get by.

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