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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 06:52 am

Daniel Cormier willing to ‘go through fire’ and ‘get bloody’ to beat Jon Jones | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

Is Jon Jones the best fighter in Mixed Martial Arts today? Daniel Cormier seems to think so, stating that his performance at UFC 152 proved just that.

Jones survived an early first round scare from challenger Vitor Belfort this past Saturday night in Toronto. The “Phenom” locked in an elbow-popping armbar on Jones, that had the light heavyweight champion cringing in discomfort. Jones was able to fight through the submission attempt and ended up winning the contest via a fourth round submission of his own.

According to Cormier, the performance proved that not only is “Bones” the best fighter in the world, but that he won’t be giving up his 205-pound title easily, as the former Olympic wrestler told Bloody Elbow:

“There are questions about everybody. Take me, for example. People wonder how will I hold up in a longer, 5 round fight. Hopefully I answered that in the fight with Josh Barnett. With Jon, we all wondered how he would deal with adversity. He cruises through so many fights. How will he do when things don’t go just right for him? Well, on Saturday night, he got dealt about as bad adversity as it could have gotten, and he got through it. I thought he fought well. I think what that shows, is that Jon Jones is not only a great fighter, he’s a guy that loves being a UFC champion and everything that comes along with being the UFC champion. The fame, the money, and everything else around it. The aura of being the best fighter in the world … he really does love it. He lives for it, and it’s not going to be easy to take that from him. He’s willing to go through the fire in order to stay in that place. He’s said in his interviews that he wanted to be the greatest fighter of all time, and people doubted his sincerity. Saturday, he showed that he meant what he said. He wants to be the best of all time, and he’s willing to do what it takes to ensure that.”

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner, Cormier, also stated that if someone wants to dethrone the young phenom, they will have to go to a place very few are willing to go. Should a bout ever come to fruition between Jones and Cormier, Daniel will be willing to do just that.

“I would love all that stuff too. I would love to be called the best fighter in the world, and have everything else that comes along with being the UFC champion. I thought Saturday night was very telling, and it’s going to be difficult to get that belt away from him. It’s going to have to be somebody that’s in the right frame of mind, that’s willing to go through the fire with him. I know for a fact that I’m willing to go there. I’m willing to be involved in a dirty fight where we’re both bloodied and can hardly stand up. You have to be willing to go to a place with Jon Jones that I don’t know if many people are willing to go. I think Jon is the best fighter in the world, pound for pound. Not just at 205. In all the weight classes, he’s the best.”

Cormier is still waiting to see who his final opponent under the Strikeforce banner will be, but a future UFC bout with Jon Jones is something he is very interested in.

Is this a match-up you would like to see? Do you agree with “DC”, has Jones stripped “the greatest fighter in the world” title from “The Spider”?

Let’s hear it Penn nation..


61 Responses to “Daniel Cormier willing to ‘go through fire’ and ‘get bloody’ to beat Jon Jones | UFC News”

  1. Alex says:

    Funny how all these heavy weights want to call out Jones, not based on skill, but winning on size and power. Thats not a contest to me, a contest is two men of the same weight class…thats when skills come in.

    Funny how u dont see any 205ers calling out Jones anymore except Sonnen, who everyone knows at this point would get slaughtered.

    • Eugene says:

      It’s funny you word it like that. No Jones didn’t want to fight Sonnen because he was scared to lose to a 185lber who wasn’t even training for a fight.

      Then you have men like Cormier who should drop a weight class just based on size. So no disrespect but you’re saying is irrelevant.

      • TheTude says:

        You are stupid. Jones IS NOT scared of Sonnen. He didnt think he deserved a shot at the LHW strap and he was right.

        • julian671 says:

          So, Jones can decide who can get his belt? Sounds retarded….

        • got em says:

          obviously he decided that he was not fucking worthy. that is y chael sonnen did not get a title shot. so yes he has some power with respect to who can get a shot at his belt. shh shh fall back

        • got em says:

          on top of that i think yall are forgetting something. how the hell is chael sonnen getting praises when he has been on steroids???? not only that the guy just got 2 title shots and lost them both . damn . and now hes going to come up to lhw and immediately get a title shot. fuck outta here. if jon jones ever been caught using steroids u fucks would bash him to the day he dies.

    • Cody says:

      Great point but u made it in favor of what a lot of people been preaching jbj is a true hw who stays on a stick man diet so he can bully the division latest fight he basically kept vitor at bay with his oversized reach wore him down on the ground and sub him he did it to page did it machida almost to shad I think most the UFC is waiting for his inevitable jumped to hw where he belongs

      • albert einstein says:

        when you say “jones is a HW”

        what you are really saying is “I am a dumb ignorant person who has difficulty grasping relatively basic concepts”

        Jones makes weight. Other fighters chose to put a lot of muscle on their legs, which adds a lot of weight and pushes them up a weight class. Jones and Silva do not carry extra muscle mass that drains them of oxygen in a fight and raises their body weight. This is the prototype of the next generation of fighters, streamlined, with the strength they need to perform and nothing extra to weigh them down.

        If you make weight, you can fight in that weight class.

    • Pkq says:

      Jbj is way taller then Cormier and before they cut wieght they wiegh about the same, your argument is invalid

      • David says:

        Ummmm no. Your argument is invalid. Jon Jones even said that when he’s not training for a fight, he walks around at about 225-230lbs. Daniel Cormier fights at 245-250lbs. He hasn’t weighed 225-230lbs at ANY point in his MMA career.

        • Pkq says:

          ABOUT the same wieght if you can’t read, and that would make them both heavyweight. Cormier could lose a lot of weight if he wanted too, he wrestled at about 215 and he has some extra fat he could fight without. So even if he hasn’t been at 230 in his MMA career if he was on the same diet as Jon jones and cutting to 205 for his fights, they would easily be the same wieght

      • Yoyo says:

        BUT before you cut weight doesnt matter. all that matters is how much you weigh at the moment .you people say jones is a pussy for fighting at LHW but hes allowed to based on the rules of the UFC. If dana and the board had a problem with it they’d change the rules but they dont so shut the fuck up

        • Pkq says:

          I never said that smart ass, I’m arguing that weight doesn’t matter for This fight but everyone on this site is not smart enough to comprehend what I’m putting down, jbj and Daniel Cormier can both fight at hw and lhw easily. Look at guys like Tito who’s cuts from around 240 to make weight. Arguing about whether or not jbj is a hw or if the only people who call him out is hw is a completely invalid and untrue. DC should be a Lhw considering he wrestled at 96kg. I’m just explaining to the guy in the top comment that DC and jbj are about the same size so them fighting would be 2 guys fighting at the same size. You should read and understand what the argument is about before Joining in

    • owhgasg says:

      but hasnt jones won most of his fights because of his size alone?

    • Toby says:

      DC is a small heavyweight and Jon Jones is a huge light heavyweight. They probably walk around at about the same weight so I don’t think your point is really that valid. DC has said in the past that he has a condition that causes him trouble cutting weight and that is why he has been fighting at heavyweight. Would love to see this fight, and it wouldn’t really be a size mismatch. Very interesting because I don’t think Jones could take Cormier down and this will likely be contested on the feet. Jones no doubt has the striking advantage but Cormier has the power advantage and that gives him a chance in a fight where Jones ability to mix up striking and takedowns will likely be nullifyied.

  2. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Well, Jones is definitley getting there, he just needs avoid getting into incidents like the UFC 151 cancellation fiasco. If there is a legit demand for him to fight someone, he just needs to put aside the business aspect of the sport and just fight. Win or lose, he’ll get more repect that way. Even the great Muhamad Ali and Mike Tyson were not unbeaten. But they are the 2 greatest boxers of all time.

  3. CombatRusse says:

    That would be an amazing fight
    And we’ll know how Jones fights from his back

  4. Ripshot de la Culebra says:

    DC would be a real challenge for Jones and Dana already asked him to come down to 205 to make it happen. We can only hope that they make this happen.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Jones is working his way to that spot , but he’s not there yet. Anderson Silva is still the p4p best. Anderson has been doing it a high level longer. Has more consecutive wins, more title defenses, and more spectacular finishes. Another point to argue and keep in mind is that Jones is a guy that fights out of his weight class. He’s a HW fighter that fights @ LHW. He has a big size advantage on every single oppenent that he faces. Thats a fact! He’s a phenomenal fighter nobody argues that, but i would like to see him fight with guys his own size in the HW division. Then we can see how much he really dominates. He’ll still be a great fighter but def. will be tested a lot more. On the other hand Anderson is a guy that has truly and spectacularly dominated his true fitting weight class for years. Jones is up there but he hasn’t done in the the right weight class or for long enough to call him the best p4p fighter in the the world. I have him ranked number 2,but as of now Anderson is still the King of MMA.

    • David says:

      You do realize it’s called a “Weight class” not “Height/Reach class” right? Also, Jon Jones walks around at a non-fighting weight of 230lbs. After a full training camp before starting his weight cut, weighs about 215lbs. On the day of the fight, he weighs between 215-220lbs like nearly ALL Light Heavyweights. Also, Jon Jones doesn’t have this “tremendous” height advantage that people seem to think he is. He’s not the tallest in the division, Cryrille Diabate is at 6’6. Jon Jones is 6’4. He has only faced ONE opponent shorter than 6′ tall and that is Rashad Evans at 5’11. Everyone he has faced, has been 6’1 or better. The TALLEST opponent he faced was Stephan Bonnar at 6’4. The only significant advantage he holds over his opponents, is reach. But simply having reach isn’t enough. You have to be coordinated and know how to use your reach to your advantage. If all it took was long reach, Cyrille Diabate[81′.5 inch reach], and Stefan Struve[84′ reach] would be top contenders.

  6. Pkq says:

    I honestly don’t think jones could pull of the W against DC, DC has some of the most crisp striking in the hw division and his wrestling is amazing. I just really don’t see jbj standing with him and not getting hurt bad, and it’s definitely not going to the ground for long if it does at all, jbj is a extremely talented fighter but he has never fought anyone close to DC. If he beats him he should definitely move to hw because DC is a top tier fighter

  7. Xaninho says:

    Nope, the Spider is still the GOAT

  8. g Rod says:

    It’s all no point cause Dana Whiteboy don’t want a black man as heavyweight champ.
    He has no choice now due to Jones being the BEST, so he has to deal with it but we know he would like to see poster boy for the white media Sonnen beat Jones ass. Sonnen and Dana can both Suck a dick cause the champ aint going anywhere! Dana’s already pissed he has a black CHAMPION who wont kiss his ass like house nigger Rashad so he sure as hell don’t want Cormier. Why you think that bitch Lesnar got so much money from Lorenzo?? He would pay anything to have a white face represent the Racist company but too bad cause Jones ain’t going nowhere faggot!!! Dos Santos is the closest he’s got to white so Dana’s gotta hope he beats Overeem to keep the white mainstreem media licking his balls. Jones going nowhere and Overeem wont be your bitch like Rashad bowing and licking Lorenzo’s ass. F**k you UFC!!!

    • Pkq says:

      Lol wtf are you talking about!!! Nothing you said makes any sense

    • Oh my word says:

      Ur an actual fucking idiot arent you. Like u dont even try to hide it. Here i am world im a moron. Please shut up and go away. Far away. U total and complete retard. I arent even going to waste time telling u all the ways ur wrong just know that ur a terrible person and altho everyones entitled to an opinion in ur case we can make an exception. Absolute tit.

    • Bitch ass Greg J says:

      gRod needs to talk to Rev. Jesse Jackson, I think he’s got issues with his own race. You need serious help son.

    • Tryst says:

      LOL! The most ridiculous comment I have seen. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Simple.

    • Sean Duda says:

      You make youtube videos don’t you… you should just stop being on the internet.

    • Wow! And to think... says:

      you’re walking in public amongst everyday people and blending in, while the hurricane of rage inside of you spins out of control.


    • D_double9 says:

      Why are you bringing race into this? You just sound foolish. Anderson Silva is a black man, Albeit Brazilian but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still a Black man.. Anderson is the Champ and He definitely doesn’t kiss Dana Whites ass. Stop perpetuating stereotypes by talking about how much society hates Black people. Its simply not true. Look at how many champions are ethnic non whites over the history of the UFC. You can name some great ones i’m sure. I.E. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velazquez, Jose Aldo, Demetrious Johnson, The Noguiera’s, Wanderlei, Alistair Overeem, The list goes on and on. Stop acting like its the world versus ethnicities and grow the hell up.

    • It is official… I have read the dumbest s**t ever written for the publix to read

  9. Reg says:

    Forrest Griffin cuts more weight than JBJ to fight a lhw.. Should he move up to hw too?

    • Shonan says:

      I have been screaming this weight thing about jbj forever. These people talk like he walks into a 205 fight at Overeems size……

      • Reg says:

        He doesn’t look unhealthy at the weigh ins either. It’s not like he’s Anthony Johnson and missing weight or something. Fact is guys like Shogun, Machida, Evans and obv Belfort are more suited for 185. When JBJ faces Gusty or DC he won’t look soo much bigger. probly just lankier

    • +1
      Most every fighter drops extreme amounts of weight to figh in their division. Thiagi Alves walks around at 220? Should he move up to heavy weight?

  10. Rasrells says:

    Stupid fucking comment you talk about the UFC being racists against blacks really that is just plain fucking stupid then you go and show us all that you are really the racists scum calling rashad a house nigger really it’s 2012 my ninja get a grip and throw that bullshit out

  11. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    @GRod- and you’re the ignorant person that needs to wake the fuk up. Dude, the only white fighter that currently holds a belt in the UFC is GSP. Top to bottom, all champs are either black or brazilians. This is an MMA site, just so you know.

    • g Rod says:

      Your comment shows you are blind to the situation. Everyone being Black except GSP don’t mean shit cause Dana’s not in charge of who wins. He is in charge of who he HELPS and who he DISRESPECTS. He puts down Jones and acts like somehow he isn’t as good as poster boy for the white media GSP. Why cause he wont suck a dick or wear a suit and bend over for Lorenzo. JONES IS THE MAN and what he got he got by himself. No extra help like bitch ass Lesnar or GSP got. You dont see that your f**king blind or ignorant.Why the f**k you think Fitch is around so long? You wwhiteboys say he sucks and f*** Fitch, but WHY??? He is kept around cause Dana don’t want GSP knocked off by someone with dark skin so he gives them to Fitch. When a man is good he can’t be stopped. Like Silva and Jones.
      Even though Dana does whatever shit he can to make things bad for them. Calling Jones a liar cause the man looks after his rights?? Dana didn’t say shit about Sonnen cause of the drugs, but you so ignorant you don’t think color has anything to do with it? Wake up!!!! F**k the UFC!!

      • g Rod says:

        You think Rumble gonna get another shot? Of course not, buy WHY? He can’t control his weight OK but a criminal racist like Sonnen keeps getting title shots?? Why you think Faber keeps on getting shots? You think he deserves them or maybe the media likes his white -girl looks. Don’t be calling me the racist when I’m trying to speak up about a f**skiing problem. You want to protect Dana go suck a dick!

      • Kingsforge says:

        A white kid pissed in your food and you ate it, didn’t you?

        Take your ignorant, inbred, backwater opinion and get the fuck out.

        It’s not cos you’re black, it’s cos you’re fucking stupid.

      • Tryst says:

        I love your humor, too hilarious. The advanced level of sarcasm is too amazing lol.

  12. Shonan says:

    Now can we stop with the “jbj is beating up smaller fighters” nonsense?!

  13. mahs says:

    Cut da weight first then u can talk, other than that STFU!

  14. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Seriously gRod, you need to stop smoking that bad sh!t. You’re just making a fool of yourself every time you make a comment. I really don’t think anyone who knows MMA would agree with what you’re saying. You’re in the wrong site with your race issue.

    • g Rod says:

      The wrong site?????The wrong motherf**king site?? I guess Rosa Parks was on the wrong motherf**king bus back in the 1960’s. She spoke out against the racist TRUTH and I’m a do the same shit!! You actually so ignorant to believe that racism exists everywhere in the world EXCEPT the UFC? You can F yourself cause someone needs to speak on this sh*t. You and Dana Whiteboy can go bend over for your special favoritism bitch Faber.

      • Jujitsu says:

        Lmao ur too funny. This militant black man routine is old hat. U bring our race down. And by that i mean the human race. Ur obviously trolling but i cant help it. Faber gets shots cos the lower weight classes r shallow. Rumble wont get another shot cos hes a lazy cunt who cant make weight with 3 months notice. Oh and benson got teo shakey judges nods over the white boy. N hes black. So pipe down. God love ya ya lil weirdo

  15. DMAC says:

    Man you guys are true idiots! Jones fighting out of his weight class wtf do you want the guy to do put on a shit load of weight to make you happy? He’s never had a issue making weight and never missed weight. He’s a thin built dude with twigs for legs, all natural I should add. He’d have to do at least 1 year pure leg training to be able to handle more weight effectively, why would he do that instead of working on being a better martial artist? People want to see him lose so bad that their logic of a world class athlete goes out the door, if you even had any to begin
    with. Hey Bones don’t cut weight and fight at HW so your at a disadvantage, ahhhhh not really!!! The fans are mad because of your god given size Lmfao what a batch of hatin ass bums!

    • Pkq says:

      If you not missing wieght, there’s not a problem. It’s just people who want to find another reason to bash jones for(I’m not a jones fan at all) but bashing him for fighting Lhw instead of hw is ridiculous.

  16. Dominick Cruz is white says:

    Last time I checked.

  17. ryan says:

    All u people talking bout how dc is a heavyweight should stop talking. He is 6ft 1 nd losing his fat unlike Roy nelson who also could easily fight at 205. Dc will go down to 205 easily he is to short for heavy weight. That said he has beat two tall guys in Barnett and Silva but no one has reach like love to see that fight though

  18. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Hahaha, now Rosa Parks gets mentioned in an MMA site. It’s probably such a conspitacy to you that the most powerful person in the world right now is BLACK. Or is President Obama also a house nigger? And it’s probably killing you that Dana’s last name is White hahaha

  19. v says:

    silva’s way better than jones……

  20. Jason says:

    Funny thing is jones walks around as a heavy weight, every ones said it. Why argue able how he is a lhw. Machita is taking the title the you tools
    Can get off off the jones wagon

  21. Sugar says:

    He had a great point up until he said Jones was the P4P Fighter in the world. 10 title defense > 4. Jon Jones will strip the Greatest Fighter in the World title when he can beat Silvas records. As for Bones vs. Cormier, I know for a fact Bones could easily move up a weight class, if Cormier is willing to move down we got ourselves a fight. Should be an easy sell to, probably the best fight for Jones at this point.

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